These Are The Top 3 Tesla Shareholders

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Individuals, not institutions.

Of course, yesterday’s news caused quite the stir and the future of Tesla may be different than it is today, but let’s explore this in the current, regardless of what the outlook may now be.

Tesla became a public company back in 2010, launching its IPO at $17 a share. Since then its stock has risen to more than $377 per share and with it the fortunes of its shareholders. Some of the largest of those are, of course, financial institutions and among their number T. Rowe Price leads the way with 15,625,798 shares.

But those are faceless corporations. Who are the individuals with the largest slices of $TSLA pie?

Click through the slides above to see who they are.

*Stock holdings accurate through June 12, 2018.

Source: Investopedia

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3. Deepak Ahuja

22,070 shares directly held, 38,989 held through a trust

The third largest number of Tesla shares is owned by the automaker's latest Chief Financial Officer (CFO) Deepak Ahuja. He was also the company's first CFO, originally coming on board in July of 2008 after a 15-year stint at Ford Motor Company. He had retired in 2015, but came back after his replacement, Google’s former VP of Finance Jason Wheeler stepped down in early 2017.

Ahuja's previous work experience, combined with an M.B.A from Carnegie Mellon University, a M.S. degree in Materials Engineering from Northwestern University, and a Bachelor of Technology in Ceramic Engineering from Banaras Hindu University in India makes him an extremely valuable asset to the team and well worth his accumulated holdings. 

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2. J.B. Straubel


Another insider, Jeffrey Brian Straubel — known to the world as J.B. — is considered a co-founder of Tesla. He is the Chief Technology Officer, putting his Stanford University engineering master's degree to good use managing the development and engineering of the company's products.

Before joining the automaker, he co-founded and was CTO of Volcom, a company involved in the development of a high-altitude electric aircraft. He had also built a number of electric vehicles, including a 1984 Porsche 944 with which he set a drag racing world record in its NEDRA class.

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1. Elon Musk


This probably comes as little surprise, but co-founder and CEO Elon Musk is the largest shareholder in Tesla. His holdings are even greater than those of the largest financial institution.

If he can manage to achieve his ambitious goals for the company, and build its market capitalization to $551 billion over the next ten years, that pile of paper will only grow. The board approved a compensation package that will award him 12 tranches of stock options equal to  1 percent of outstanding shares if he can hit the required high notes.

As of August 7, 2018, Musk had an estimated net worth of $21.2 billion.

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To put the individual ownership in perspective, Institutional investors own 62% of TSLA shares, so while individual owners is interesting, it doesn’t really show who owns TSLA shares. The shares owned by institutions collectively dwarfs even Musk’s shares, at 105 Million shares vs. Elon’s 33.7 Million shares.

The top 20 Institutional Investors each have more shares than Straubel and Ahuja.
The top 20 Funds each have more shares than Ahuja, and all but 2 have more shares than Straubel.

When including Funds and Institutional Investors, Musk is the largest single holder, but Straubel would likely barely break into the top 50, and Ahuja would be a distant also-ran far down the list.

Sources: Morningstar and NASDAQ.

I wouldn’t call a 3:1 ratio dwarfing (10:1 would be dwarfing in my opinion). Also Musk owns more than any single institution by a 2:1 ratio. Total Tesla shares outstanding is about 170 Million according to the links below.

More details

Which puts Musk at about 20%.

Yes, Strauble and Ahuja are drops in the bucket.

I agree with your math and conclusion.

I’m not sure there is any standard weights and measures definition for “dwarf” pinning it to any given ratio, so please feel free to insert any adjective you prefer over “dwarf”.


Seems to me dwarf at 3 to 1 is about right. If average height were 6 feet, what would you consider someone 2 feet.

Workers will make them rich.

As they always have and as they always do. I think you can say that Tesla stocks aside, workers have already made these people rich.

Yep, workers along with the personal risk they took. (don’t forget the little ‘risk’ part). Oh, and the risk ended up creating jobs for the workers. (don’t forget that part, too)

The got a $500 million government loan, but the workers will get laid off.

The loan was paid back, YEARS ago. And many if not most of the workers who Tesla employs with a job that finances the workers’ households were brought on board after the loan was paid back. Jesus Christ you haters are relentless.

The phrase is “meet the new boss, same as the old boss”. – The Who

Are you’re suggesting that it would have been better if Tesla had not gotten the loan, so Tesla would have gone out of business rather than make the Model S, and none of those jobs would have been created in the first place?

It’s amazing how some people just stop using rational thought when anything political is involved. 🙁

The loan the gov’t extended to Tesla was some of the best use of taxpayer dollars ever! And in case you don’t know, that loan was paid back in full, early, with interest.

You said that, I did not.
I am recommending that workers get 10% of the company and a seat on the board.

SJC has really broken cover as a long-time serial anti-Tesla troll and possibly shorter and fool cell industry shill who constantly posts misleading FUD against Tesla.

Yes. All wealth derives from labor. That is a basic tenant of Adam Smith’s writings on economics. It is also the reason why Adam Smith states that taxes should be based on Wealth (the accumulation of money derived from Labor over time) instead of Labor itself.

Explain that to Trump supporters they will call you a communist socialist tax and spend liberal lol

Even though you will pay less in taxes and have more in your pocket this year when you file for 2018. Or, you can always send back the difference you saved from 2017 to the IRS.

“Even though you will pay less in taxes and have more in your pocket this year when you file for 2018”

It depends. If one used to have higher property tax and state income tax deduction, and now it is capped for 2018, one could pay higher tax overall in 2018 than 2017.

Nope. All that tax monies they I gain went to gas because I don’t know let’s take Iran out of the oil business buy sanctioning them

the stupid labors in the crowd chants: ” you commie bastards! How dare you tax the wealthy who provides jobs for us?…”


And all the workers get stock options so they will make themselves rich too.

And Tesla is letting their workers in on that wealth by giving everyone of them stock options as well as good paying jobs.

And don’t forget thst every Tesla worker gets stock options!

options? They aren’t stocks.

Those shares are meaningless in grand scheme of shares. Plus, options aren’t shares, they are ONLY options to buy certain number of shares at a given-predetermined price. It doesn’t mean the workers can afford any actual shares.

Let us say Tesla shares are $300 each. workers may get option at $250/share which implies a potential profit of $50/share if exercised. Let us say an engineer gets 1,000 share of options. It doesn’t mean the engineers owns 1,000 shares of stock. It only means that he has a right to purchase 1,000 shares at $250 each. Assume everything works out at the end, the engineer has to put up $250,000 in order to make the $50,000 if the stock is still at $300. Of course, in the real world, nobody spends the $250K. They just sell the option to convert it to cash.

So, options don’t equal stocks…

Get Real already wrote that they get options.
So no need to explain to us that they get options.
Readers decinding to read about stock topics know what options are.
Or don‘t they in america?

Getting options don’t mean they get stocks.

Talking about options in an article about stocks is implying that means something in shares held which is false.

Can’t afford? Maybe read up on how this actually works. Call options have value as soon as the share price is above the strike price. You can cash them in or buy shares with it.

Correlation is NOT Causation.

Do they get options or grants?
As you explained stock options give the option to purchase stock at a predetermined price. Grants, technically Restricted Stock Units (RSUs), are paid to the employee at zero cost. The employee has to pay taxes on the stock grant, but doesn’t have to buy the shares. Stock options are usually limited to executive positions whereas most rank and file employees get stock grants.

Where am I on the list with my 46 shares? 😉

You are right between people who own 45 and 47 shares.


Ah All Tesla board members and head of engr. JB is the best and deserves ever stock he has. Deepak is not familiar to me. I wonder where Franz falls on the list? maybe 5 or 6?