Top 10 Most Popular Electric Car Stories Of 2018

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Sales figures are always #1 at InsideEVs, but a rather wide assortment of stories made our Top 10 most popular this year.

There’s a newcomer on the scene. One that really shook the electric car segment up with a vehicle debut that was hotter than hot.

And a long-range electric CUV that’s already gaining quite the following overseas.

Though the front-runner on this list is the vehicle that really made it sales mark this year in the U.S. We all know which car that is, right? Starts with a “T” and ends with a “3.”

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10. These 5 Electric Cars Have The Worst Reliability, Says Consumer Reports

Reliability seems to always be a hot topic. And this particular story includes mentions of some major makes, including Tesla, Chevy & Ford.

Check out the original article here

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9. Tesla Model 3 Range Down 42% In Cold Weather?

Cold weather and electric cars don't mix well together. These particular articles always garner a lot of interest. Why? Because it's real-world sort of stuff that matters to owners.

Check out the original article here

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8. Tesla Model 3 Pulled Over By Police For “Computer” On Dash

Just a silly little mistaken identity issue here. That's not a computer. Regardless, viral it went.

Check out the original article here

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7. Hyundai Exec Talks Up Kona EV – Says Range & CUV Will Draw Buyers In

Of course, we all love lots of range and that CUV/SUV-ish body style is hot right now in the U.S., so this is big, welcome news to us all.

Check out the original article here

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6. Elon Musk Assumes New Role Of “Nothing Of Tesla”

Musk & comedy. Match made in heaven. Is he joking or trying to be truthful here? Made us all chuckle a bit. That's for sure.

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5. Tesla Model 3 Outsold All BMW Passenger Cars In US

It's the image that drew everyone in. Oh, perhaps it's the fact that sales of the Tesla Model 3 skyrocketed that month too. No, it's the image.

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4. People Will Pay More For A Tesla Model 3 Due To The ‘Tesla Stretch’

A Twitter term penned by a buddy of InsideEVs who loves puppies in Tesla frunks, this "stretch" is real and it sure did makes waves.

Check out the original article here

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3. Compare EVs

This resides at the top of our homepage and it considered the industry's go-to source for specs, data, pricing and so on. If you haven't seen it, well...

Check out our Compare EVs page here

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2. Rivian R1T Electric Pickup Truck Shocks World In LA Debut

Trucks! Everyone loves trucks. This Rivian R1T delivers on all fronts. Now, we eagerly await its launch along with the rest of the world.

Check out the original article here

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1. Plug In Electric Car Sales Scorecard

Our bread & butter. We take tremendous pride in delivering the U.S.' only full EV sales breakdown month after month. And oh boy do those Tesla numbers continue to excite.

Check out our Plug-In Sales Scorecard here

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I love this graphic!

The BIG Tesla numbers make the others all look like they are just compliance makers, and they are. Even the PLUGIN hybrid numbers are very weak. We are so lucky to have an US based company like Tesla setting the bar and really changing the world. It’s too bad the Federal incentive actually works against the best company since they have done the most and in the shortest time.
It’s also telling by the companies that are not on the top sellers list like Honda and Subaru among others. They should actually get punished instead of still have the full $7,500 incentives per car. It’s another subsidy that really doesn’t hit the heart of what it was intended. It’s a shame.

For all the commentary about absurdness of “Tesla killer” vernacular, nobody seems to have a problem with a Tesla Death star destroying BMW. Let’s be consistent, people.

The absurdness of “Tesla killer” is that BMW isn’t doing squat to harm Tesla.

BMW, on the other hand, has been suffering major declines in sales this year, some of which is attributable to the Model 3. If they don’t do something to stop the rate they’re falling at, I expect they to have at least one quarter where they announce losses next year, followed by 2020 being all losses with bankruptcy before the end of 2021.

At this point, it seems unlikely BMW is going to pull out of their tailspin – they’d need Tesla to miraculously disappear. Maybe the German government will bail them out, like the US government did for GM (who is also heading for bankruptcy again… I don’t think GM will be getting bailed out again this time.)

On cars but doing very well in SUVs

BMW executives must be counting their lucky stars that Tesla is limiting themselves to the Model 3 and will never be making an SUV…

“…nobody seems to have a problem with a Tesla Death star destroying BMW. Let’s be consistent, people.”

I assumed the “Tesla Death Star” graphic was intended to be playful and/or a joke. I still do. Nothing wrong with using humor to illustrate a point. Contrariwise, when a writer or an editor puts the term “Tesla Killer” in a headline, it is almost always meant to be taken seriously, despite the absurd overuse of the term.

“A foolish consistency is the hobgoblin of little minds. — Ralph Waldo Emerson

The #1 Electric Car story in 2018 was SpaceX launching Musk’s Roadster out past Mars.

No other story even came close.

And yet it didn’t chart here… perhaps because it was a mainstream story that people consumed via bigger, more general, news sources.

But you may be right. Probably the second most talked about EV story in my office this year, after the story that my Model 3 was finally delivered. Somehow that story didn’t even get written.

That latter was a very local news story. 🙂

I never noticed the compare EVs tab somehow. The one metric that I often find myself comparing is missing though: efficiency. like MPGe and kWh/100 miles.