What’s Linkin Park Got To Do With A Mercedes-AMG Electric Car?



Mercedes-AMG GT Concept

Mercedes-AMG GT Concept (Image Credit: Mercedes-Benz)

Who knew artificially produced EV sounds could become such an inspiring topic? It appears Mercedes-AMG is already making big plans.

Electric cars barely make a sound. Some regulators are concerned that pedestrians may not hear them coming, which could lead to accidents. For this reason, in some places there are rules in place that insist these cars must make some kind of “noise,” especially at slow speeds, to keep people aware.


Linkin Park (Image Credit: tswindoll8 via flickr)

Many of today’s rock bands have moved to adding “artificial” electric sounds to their music to come up with a cutting-edge product. Essentially, aside from playing guitar, bass, keyboards, and drums, they are using computers and software sounds to enhance the music. One such group is Linkin Park.

Mercedes-AMG recently revealed that it’s relying on groups like Linkin Park and others as “partners in performance” to bring unique sounds to their future EV lineup. Mercedes-AMG CEO, Tobias Moers, told Wheels:

“I started to talk with these guys [Linkin Park] about what is their interpretation of electrified sound. We sell emotions and sound is really a crucial part of emotion, so what we do is work on artificial sounds because you have to.”

Apparently, years ago the automaker began recruiting audio experts and video game music designers to begin the process. Moers continued:

“We started off years ago. We established a team doing artificial sound, and we worked together with games specialists, we worked together with film artists doing sound for films.”

Sadly, it will be years before we get to hear the result of their creative process. Mercedes-AMG doesn’t plan to bring EVs to market until the mid-2020s, and we’re not talking about the upcoming Mercedes EQ, which should arrive in 2019. Moers concluded:

“If you want an idea of what is in store, look at the crazy, 805-horsepower rear-axle hybrid AMG GT Concept that was first revealed in Geneva earlier this year. [That] is more or less our understanding of how we are going to electrify powertrains in performance cars.”

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I absolutely hate the fake noise generator in my VW eGolf and I will be so happy when I trade it in for a model 3 on Monday that doesn’t have this crap.

You will be sadly disappointed, then. The Model 3 is required by law to be equipped with a noise generator…like every other EV on the road. It will come on only at speeds <19mph…again, like every other EV on the road. It's not the end of the world and it improves pedestrian safety in urban environments.

The Model S is silent as the grave at slow speeds.

This is not the case for the Model 3?

This is the NHTSA press release when the regulation was issued that will require noise generators going forward.


“…have until Sept. 1, 2019…”

Ahhh. Better get your Tesla before September 1st if you want to avoid this asinine requirement.

Interesting. Fossil cars made so much notice they had to put something on it to make it quite.

Electric cars makes no noise and now they want put something in it to make noise



I propose new legislation with this language:

“… upon chance encounters with pedestrians blind or otherwise to (1) immediately stop the vehicle, (2) “immediately and as rapidly as possible … disassemble the automobile”, and (3) “conceal the various components out of sight, behind nearby bushes” until the pedestrian is sufficiently pacified”

One major takeaway from this article is that it outs Mercedes as preparing for the inevitable EV Revolution (or evolution) for quite a few years back. “Years ago”, they state. How many Years? Who knows. Was it when LEAF and Volt appeared, or was it earlier? Aftermarket specialist Brabus equipped a Tesla Roadster with a sophisticated gas engine noise generator replete with big amp and two speakers under the front bonnet. I laughed loudly, as the Germans seem to think we drivers just can’t live without the polluting sounds of a gas burner. I like smoothness and the woosh of my machine piercing the air. I like to hear all of my music. I’m fascinated at a cheetah or a hawk racing along at breakneck speed, evolution and God giving them the gift of silent swiftness to surprise their prey. In the case of a Tesla and a Ferrari or AMG, the Ferrari and AMG just might be that prey! Artificial engine noise is piped into the BMW i8 now. Several automakers pump artificial vroom sounds into their sport models through the stereo systems to “add to the emotional experience”. So funny and sad at the same time, how caveman… Read more »

Also of note is that several ICEmakers also pump white noise tbrough their stereo speakers to mask the gas engine sounds for more of a silent, luxury experience.

So electric cars need fake gas vroom sounds to garner emotion and gas cars need fake sound for silence to incur a feeling of goodness….


My advice to OEMs:

Get real.

LINKiN PARK doesn’t have a clue what my ears want or expect go hear. Are the guys at AMG-Daimler crazy?!

EV supercars like the NIO and Rimac sound like a jet fighter when streaking down a track at 150+. Sounds cool to me!

Reread this article after cueing up Simon and Garfunkel’s timeless hit: The Sounds of Silence.

Perhaps AMG needs to pull their heads out of LINKIN PARK and Ramstein for a sec and experience the goodness of quietness.