LinkedIn Chooses Tesla #5 Overall On Top Companies List

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Where do people in the U.S. want to work? LinkedIn tells us what they’ve determined, and Tesla makes a worthy showing.

LinkedIn chooses its Top Companies “Where the US Wants To Work Now” entirely based on the actions of its 546+ million members. Of these members, 146 million are from the U.S. The website looks at “interest in the company, engagement with the company’s employees, job demand and employee retention” to come up with its results.


Below is a look at LinkedIn’s methodology behind the list:

How the list was assembled

The methodology is designed to measure interest in a company’s jobs and people, as well as a company’s ability to retain its employees. Some of the metrics include:Tesla Semi

• Job demand: At what rate are people viewing and applying to job postings, including paid listings, unpaid ones and those linked from other sites? All job views and applications are normalized for the total number of job postings.

• Engagement with the company: How many professionals are viewing a company’s career page? How many new followers has the company attracted?

• Interest in its employees: How many non-employees are viewing and asking to connect with a company’s employees?

• Retention: Are employees sticking around for at least a year?

We then normalize all the results to ensure that companies are measured against peers.

Some final points: Our analysis only includes companies with over 500 employees; takes into account actions from the 12 months ending in Elon MuskJanuary; rolls up a company’s wholly-owned subsidiaries into the parent company’s final score and description; and — as with all LinkedIn Lists — excluded LinkedIn and its parent, Microsoft, from consideration.

This year, Tesla made the fifth spot overall on LinkedIn’s list of 50 companies. Only Amazon, Alphabet, Facebook, and Salesforce topped Tesla (in that order). Additionally, there are no other automakers on the list.

What does LinkedIn have to say about Tesla overall?

The company takes big risks. Tesla is building the largest battery factory on the planet, testing electric semis, and touting the fastest production car ever made (the future, second-generation Roadster).

Not to mention the whole solar roof and home/business battery department. Yes, the automaker is struggling to ramp-up Model 3 production to mirror original guidance, but it’s building its team and tech to do so.

Per LinkedIn, the company has a global headcount of 37,000 employees, and 500,000 people applied for a job at Tesla in 2017 (related story above). Every employee gets stock options, and as far as Tesla stock goes, that’s a pretty big deal.

Source: LinkedIn

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What happened to the Model 3 delayed again article?

I was thinking the same thing. Was it wrong, or did InsideEVs get pressured to pull it? I hope we’re not seeing censorship or suppression here.

Sounds like Tesla threatened legal action over the story. An act of desperation to temporarily hide just how bad Model 3 production is going. I had been neutral about Tesla, but if they’re suppressing the truth than I have no sympathy for them.

It’s become very clear that they have no idea how to mass produce a car. They delivered alpha units last summer and called it a launch. Now they’re delivering overpriced semi-handbuilt units with poor build-quality and presumably poor long-term reliability. And still they can’t deliver the $35k car they promised, or even an AWD M3.

In my opinion we’ll never see more than a token number of $35k M3s since they have no chance of producing that config at a profit. A real car company could (and is), but not these jokers.

I think we’ll only see “token” number of all versions of Tesla 3 where “token” is about 400K cars. That could take 10 years by which time, other carmakers might’ve caught up. Less than 2500 Tesla 3 for the entire month of Feb after being in “production” for 8 months is inexcusably incompetent.

If you haven’t canceled Tesla 3 reservation already, do so now.

The threat would be to insideev’s for circumventing a demand by allowing a link like this in their moderated comments section, if that is indeed what is going on.

If a company has facts to protect them, and they alone know the facts, companies have a strong legal position in situations like this.

What IEVs initially reported is confirmed if you browse the TMC and Tesla forums.

Why would Tesla strong arm IEVs into pulling an article about another delay that many owners have already posted about on the forums? This is plain information suppression…the Tesla Iron Curtain. Sad!

And completely not a shock after the Model 3 NDA-gate we all saw unfold on here.

A number of reservation holders that are the same folks who post on those sites you mentioned, tried to help insideevs clarify their original story by offering suggestions in the comments section that would have made the story more accurate.

Those other sites actually confirm that the suggestions offered in the comments would have made the original story much more accurate in both tone and factual basis. So I’m not sure why you are bringing them up as some sort of proof?

Yes, the automaker is struggling to ramp-up Model 3 production to mirror original guidance

Um, Tesla announced that months ago. Not exactly news.

LMAO, so GM shill MadBro wants to post more self-serving, carpet bombing troll/FUD comments on his wet-dream Model 3 “delayed again” thread even though the Model 3 is already outselling the Bolt even though it is in the early stage of its ramp up!

His intent has long clearly been to derail the actual topic of every Tesla story. It is straight up Reddit Violentacrez behavior. (google gawker’s story).

Back to the actual story at hand….

It would be very interesting to see what the breakdowns are by age. My guess is that the numbers would show that Tesla will continue to keep getting stronger as older car buyers with decades old loyalties to old school car companies exit the car buying market.

In other Tesla news, I got my Model 3 invite at 8:23pm last night! Deposit placed and ready for VIN.

Congrats!!! That’s good news.

Of course the obligatory questions:
California resident?
Current Tesla owner?

There would be no way I would be looking to work for Tesla – the job security is too low. Those 2 financial executives who left recently (forgoing all their options) is a massive red flag. As is their ever-increasing debts, massive cash burn and failed Model 3 rollout

After 5 years a chief accountant moving on to become a CFO at another firm is not a red flag. Other companies like poaching Tesla execs. Because they are very good.

The other guy was a specialist in complex solar lease accounting. No longer needed.

Moving to be a CFO, the new company likely bought out his options, or offered more of their own stocks to replace his TSLA options. So Alex’s concerns about walking away from options likely is a non-issue too.

That’s funny, because Tesla’s headcount is actually increasing, not decreasing, and has lower than market average turnover. (that’s part of why linkedin ranked them highly — those are the facts). All factors that bode well for job security for a competent worker.

Ouch, more censorship? You guys deleted my comments from last night, as well as Stephen’s comments confirming that the original article about Tesla slipping AWD deliveries to late 2018 was accurate. Tesla’s lawyers must be busy. Their desperation to hide the truth is very telling…

Sad to see one of the only neutral EV news sites being crushed under Tesla’s boot.

Oh now my comments are back, but not Stephen’s. What’s going on?

Best not to post the cache or historical. It’s a bad idea since we have to moderate comments. Sorry.

It sucks you guys are being silenced.

I can’t understand what Tesla thinks they’re hiding by threatening and silencing you guys. It’s all over the Tesla forums that they’ve pushed back the AWD launch.

Without posting a link, anyone who wants to read the fairly benign article that IEVs posted about Tesla’s latest failure, just enter the following in google and select the cached version: Tesla AWD

Yea, it is a shame that insideev’s couldn’t have made the simple changes suggested by multiple posters in the comments to clarify that a story with a dramatic headline, was actually a benign story about some unknown number of reservation holders seeing their delivery dates changed by an unknown vague amount of time.

Instead it looks like without making the updates suggested by multiple actual reservation holders trying to help insideevs clarify their story, the story is now gone. Seems like silly brinksmanship to me. Sadly, not everybody will accept help when it is offered.

As for posters complaining about having their own posts deleted, welcome to the internet. *shrug*

“It’s all over the Tesla forums that they’ve pushed back the AWD launch. ” Actually, that is the bone of contention right there. All the evidence is to the contrary that Tesla has NOT changed their initial launch date for their first AWD cars getting sold to customers. The evidence to this is the vast number of very Early Reservation Holders who have posted on this site (and other sites) that THEIR timeline for delivery has NOT changed. This is clear evidence that Tesla’s initial AWD launch has indeed NOT changed. Instead, the information we have is that some unknown number of reservation holders have seen their personal delivery estimate change. What we don’t know is why. We know it isn’t because Tesla has delayed the initial launch date of the AWD car, because not ALL delivery estimates have changed. There are a wide number of reasons why an unknown number of individuals would see their personal delivery estimates change THAT HAVE NOTHING TO DO WITH THE INITIAL RELEASE DATE OR PRODUCTION!!!!!! 1) Tesla’s initial delivery estimates were overly broad and were not personalized to every reservation holder. As in giving everybody a mid-2018 date just because that was the… Read more »

Elon just had his new compensation package approved by the shareholders, so he’s doing everything he can to protect the stock price so he can stay on track to collect his billions.

Every CEO has a fiduciary obligation to the stockholders to maintain share value. In fact it is mandated by law. It is called free market capitalism as explained by Adam Smith.

Any CEO that fails to firmly assert the rights of their shareholder’s and defend the value of their shares would be in breech of their fiduciary duty. You know this.

Look, the serial anti-Tesla trolls and their manics, shills, shorters and haters are now reaching for……..CONSPIRACY THEORIES!

Hilarious, a perfect storm of dumb and dumber….

Troll harder you wing nut.

You are ASSuming that which you do not know.

BTW, the Trumpster MalAdministration is looking for people of your caliber.