Lincoln MKZ Turns To Be Faraday Future Test Mule

AUG 18 2016 BY MARK KANE 7

Not long after Faraday Future was granted permission to test autonomous driving technology in California, the first prototypes have surfaced. just released gallery of a Lincoln MKZ with bunch of sensorsĀ attached all over the place to gather data for Faraday on autonomous driving.

As of now there is no more details about Faraday Future production car – this is about as close as we have ever seen, but we can be sure that autonomous driving (or self-driving) is part of the plan.

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Either FF got a great deal on a pre-owned MKZ or there’s huge implications here. Just sayin’.

Fordaday Future?

Maybe it’s just an old guy and he wants to really protect the bumpers.

These vehicles are sold by autonomoustuff, it’s a fairly standard software-testing platform

Shouldn’t Faraday Future be more concerned with developing an actual platform and car first before worrying about its autonomous capabilities?

Indeed, this is just bizarre. Perhaps it’s yet another indication that whoever is in charge of FF hasn’t a clue about how to run an automotive startup, like the previous claim that Faraway Faraday Future will start selling its cars less than two years in the same press release as announcing the newly formed startup.

They don’t need to waste time designing a car if they are sub contracted to supply the ev substructure and an established auto company drops a body on top.