Lincoln Aviator Plug-In Hybrid SUV Spied


Good news: the road-going version should look just like the concept.

The Lincoln Aviator was a welcomed surprise when it made its debut as a prototype at the New York Auto Show back in March. The head-turning, high-riding SUV wielded a biturbo hybrid V6 with a plug-in powertrain, and a rear-wheel-drive platform – but was still far from a road-ready vehicle. Now, new spy photos show the upcoming Aviator with a slightly more production-ready look.

Most of the body is covered in camouflage, of course, but we can still make out some defining cues. For one, the body retains most of the same shape and size of the original New York prototype – if not a bit sharper. Lincoln execs did promise that the production version would be almost identical to the prototype.

Hidden behind camouflage on the front fascia, the signature Lincoln grille found on both the Aviator concept and the larger Navigator appears to carry over. The headlights, too, maintain a similar shape and size to the original prototype. The rear is less revealing, but shows the extended light bar in tow.

In the cabin, Lincoln has attempted to hide the Aviator’s features – but no luck. The same massive tablet-style screen is pictured, showing off features like Bluetooth, Navigation, Sync Connect, Mobile Apps, and more. The rest of the cabin, meanwhile, remains covered up.

It’s unclear exactly when we’ll see the production Aviator in the sheet metal, but don’t expect it anytime before 2019. The production Aviator will show up next year (we’d wager at the Detroit Auto Show), before going on sale late in 2019 as a 2020 model.

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So excited for the whopping 15 miles of All Electric Range. NOT

While nothing has been confirmed as of yet, but this vehicle will be sold here and China (I believe they require PHEVs to have a minimum AER of “30 miles”) and the fact that the President of LMC has said to MotorTrend, “We’re not confirming anything, but where technologies are advancing, I don’t think a 30-mile range would be acceptable to the customer. Especially in a vehicle for a family that’s traveling. So I think they should expect more than that. We’ll look to be competitive. There will also be a performance element to it.”

Here’s the link:

31 miles (50km) is the new minimum in both China and EU for 2020. Expect at least that from the Aviator.

Question is, according to what Chinese standard? IIUC, the existing one is rather optimistic, like NEDC, so 31mi on it would be more like 20mi in EPA terms.
Presumably, the 50km EU standard would be WLTP, which is more reasonable.
I can easily see Ford selling this whale in China and the US, and forgoing Europe — it’s not really suitable for the European market anyway.

I live in Europe and plan to put this on the road here. A beer truck can get anywhere in Europe and this is significantly smaller than that. What is the problem?

That thing looks ugly in pajamas.

But in all seriously, so do all “luxury SUVs”. A utility vehicle can’t be a luxury vehicle.