Limited Production Toyota i-Road Now A 1 Seater

OCT 14 2013 BY JAY COLE 2

Like This...But Less A Seat In Production

Like This…But Less A Seat In Production

Not long ago we reported that Toyota had announced limited production of their quirky, city-car concept i-Road.  A car/trike that was first seen in person at the Geneva Motor Show this past March. (video below)

However, in so doing, it was widely assumed that it would be build pretty much ‘as is’ compared to the concept, while noting the specs of interest on the concept car Toyota debuted in Geneva:

  • seating for two – a driver and passenger in tandem
  • i-Road has three wheels – two up front and one out back.
  • There’s a single cyclops-like headlight.
  • Driving range is 31 miles
  • Max speed is 28 mph
  • Curb weight is 661 pounds
  • Horsepower maxes out at 5.4
Toyota I-Road Made Its Debut In March, Complete With Over-The-Top Dancing (video below)

Toyota I-Road Made Its Debut In March, Complete With Over-The-Top Dancing (video below)

And while most of that is still true, we felt we had to update the status of the retail version as to note that it will lose a seat in production.  So in essence, Toyota’s future concept of urban mobility and car sharing focuses a lot more on the single, adult of age driver, as opposed to couples.

“TMC will further develop the Toyota i-Road personal mobility concept car as a one-seater electric vehicle and introduce it for use in the Ha:mo system in around early 2014.  With an ultra-compact package offering the convenience of a motorcycle and a new type of driving pleasure, the Toyota i-Road is expected to fulfill a wide range of user needs.”

Below:  Video of the Toyota I-Road in action in Geneva – complete with the fantastical dance routines we have come to expect from Japanese auto makers (which is something we live for here at InsideEVs)

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Interesting vehicle but I still maintain it has some fatal flaws and it will never be a success or endure as a vehicle type. There is only a tiny window for it if they can bring the price down under 3000$ and preferably under 2000$ but with that weight and Toyota’s poor attitude that seems like a foregone impossibility.
I’m amazed that they are able to make such a small vehicle weigh 300kg. And not in a good way.
The program as a whole is a huge mistake.

It would be cheaper to buy a Golf Cart then this thing in that I know a lot of golf carts that can go a lot faster and a lot farther then this thing and have more room in them.