Limited Edition Morgan EV3s Enters Production (video)

AUG 4 2016 BY MARK KANE 20

Morgan and Selfridges, together with nine other luxury British brands, are launching a special Morgan UK 1909 Edition EV3.

The Morgan EV3

The Morgan EV3

The limited edition Morgan EV3 (see videos from Geneva) will officially debut at the 2016 Salon Privé on September 1-3.

In total, just 19 units will be sold off, for £52,500 each (nearly $69,000).

The range of the EV3 on a 20 kWh battery is said to be up to 150 miles (240 km).

“Leading British luxury event, Salon Privé, is delighted to announce that the Morgan 1909 Edition EV3 will make its global public debut at the event, which takes place once again at Blenheim Palace from 1st to 3rd September.

Launched in conjunction with Selfridges, alongside nine other iconic British brands, just 19 bespoke, handmade Morgan UK 1909 Edition EV3s will be available for sale. The car, which comes with a bespoke driving kit from British design talents such as Alexander McQueen, Dents and Belstaff, is priced at £52,500.

The name signifies both Morgan and Selfridges’ birth years, 1909, with 19 signifying the number of cars due to be created by the two iconic British brands. Designed to be a collector’s item, the limited edition EV3 blends Morgan’s engineering know-how and iconic design with Selfridges’ famous flair for fashion. The retro-futuristic sports car combines British style and elegance in a handcrafted body with zero-emission technology.”

“With a top speed of 90mph and a range of 120-150 miles, the dramatically-styled three-wheel sports car is sure to draw a crowd. The zero-emission, all-electric, three-wheel car will be unveiled to the public at Salon Privé and available to view at Morgan’s stand, which also includes an Aero 8 and a 4/4 80th anniversary edition.

After the global public debut at Salon Privé, the car will be launched in Selfridge’s Birmingham store on 1st October and London Oxford Street location on 1st November.”

Morgan UK 1909 Edition EV3

Morgan UK 1909 Edition EV3

Morgan Motor Company’s head of design Jon Wells said:

“Great British design, technology and engineering is what the UK 1909 Edition EV3 is all about. We’re delighted to be able to show the car to the world’s press and publicly unveil at Salon Privé in September. Salon Privé combines style, luxury lifestyle and cars in one event, just like the UK 1909 Edition EV3 does, too!”

Event co-founder David Bagley said:

“Hosting the global public unveil of the UK 1909 Edition EV3 further underlines our place and importance within the international luxury automotive events arena. The combination of engineering, style and design seen with the UK 1909 Edition EV3 lends itself to be unveiled at Salon Privé, an event that combines cars, glamour and fashion at one of Britain’s most glamourous locations.”


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This looks SOOOO much better than the freaky Asymmetrical Prototype they showed earlier this year.

Absolutely Love:

The spider-eye headlamps filling in the empty grill intake. Brilliant idea.

Love the solid metal hub for the front wheels, instead of spoked. Helps give it a reto-racy feel.

Love the clean fenders and large split windshield.

Love the colors and material choices. Very tasteful, very classy.

If you scroll down to the bottom of their page, you can see the Kid’s scale Go-Cart Version of this three wheeler!!!

Anon said:

“This looks SOOOO much better than the freaky Asymmetrical Prototype they showed earlier this year.”

Totally agree!

It also makes a lot more sense to make this as a two-seater; the prototype had only one off-center seat. I mean, what’s the point in owning this car if you can’t use it to pick up girls? 😉

OK. Let me jump right in here. Yes, it only has three wheels, no roof, and it would be horribly crushed by a two ton truck with cup holders. But it is a car, and could work for most commuters, most of the time. A canvas roof, and appropriate clothing are all that would be required…no battery breakthroughs necessary. The claim of 150 miles, about 107 Wh/mile is totally doable with this car. The price is just what you’d expect for a hand-built collector’s car, just like the VW XL1. In volumes that Tesla is hoping to sell, it could be dirt cheap, using a fraction of the resources.

The world is big enough, that Tesla does not have to build every EV for every market.

Morgan’s got a great little car there. If they tweaked it a bit (lowered cost, increased production efficiency (mass produced it), improved safety, improved driving comfort (real cabin, weatherized, etc.), it would be a great seller…

Currently, there are a few autocycles already on or coming soon, to market:

Polaris, Elio, Campagna, Can-Am, Tanon, as well as Morgan.

Tesla does not need to enter that low end market.

Tesla could not enter the low-end market. There is no low-end market. Uber is the low-end market. The rest of us have bought into trickle-down transportation, just as we bought into trickle-down economics.

Multiple companies making autocyles, prove there is indeed, a low end market…

And I never voted for Reagan. That Conservative Profit also said Ketchup was a vegetable and Acid Rain wasn’t real. Pppft.

Elio, the only one at an affordable price, does not exist. The Polaris is a motorcycle, with no body at all, for $21-24K. Polaris is next cheapest at $22-28.5K. Campagna is $58-64K. Tanon is $55-72.5K. These are not affordable vehicles. The most expensive vehicle we ever bought was my wife’s Corolla for $16K. Most Americans now BORROW twice that amount to rent a ride, with no prospect of ever actually owning it…trickle down.

Should have said Can-Am is a motorcycle.

How about this one, Warren? Just to cheer you up. 🙂

A three wheeled, affordable BEV that goes on sale in US and Canada in September.

This is a single seater, like the old Corbin Sparrow. A second seat would make it much more acceptable for those who have a life.

But again, like dozens before it, “coming soon!”

Speaking of Can-Am…How did you guys miss this?

”improved driving comfort”… um, not *quite* sure that you know what Morgan is all about… especially as far as their 3-wheelers go. And *do* bear in mind they have been building them for over 100 years…

Where is the cabin heater? Window defroster or wipers? How about a roof to keep the rain and snow out? Thats what I mean in terms of driving comfort.

It is a Morgan. Morgan’s do not have such kind of modern technology features. They are handcrafted, often using wooden parts, which makes them unique.
They also do not attempt modern scale mass production of their products. As far as I know Morgan has built less than 80000 vehicles in over a century of company history.

What this is, is a cool show car, not a daily commuter!

What the hell, man?

If you can afford it, then it is NOT your only car 😉
Big boy toy, and great at it!

But it is a car, and could work for most commuters, most of the time. A canvas roof…

Using such a beautiful roadster for commuting? Heresy! That would be like putting a champion racehorse in harness to pull a wagon.

And putting a rag top on this open-cockpit roadster? Even worse heresy!

It certainly wouldn’t be a good car “most of the time” for commuting where I live. Even if you put a convertible top on, I think the car still has no heater or air conditioner. Nor should it have! Clearly this is a car meant to be driven only in fair weather. So, no driving on hot summer days nor cold winter ones. Perhaps you live in California or some other “Mediterranean” climate, where it rarely if ever gets very cold or very hot, but not everyone is so lucky.

Like an SUV is a sane commuting vehicle. People drive what others drive, for the most part, logic never enters into it.

Hot, humid summers, cold icy winters. No AC or power anything in my commuters for my entire working life. Worked just fine.