Lime To Offer Electric Fiat 500e, Renault Twizy In Seattle


Lime will transition from electric bikes and scooters to small EVs.

Tests will begin soon in Seattle on Lime’s new venture to offer urban EVs instead of the electric bikes and scooters it has offered in the past. This means we may have another entrant in the growing ride-sharing business, and one that will specifically feature electric vehicles. We’ve seen plans from Uber and Lyft to promote EVs, but these companies haven’t provided any indication that they’ll go all-electric in the near future. In areas like California, Oregon, and Washington, this new effort by Lime with the Fiat 500e and Renault Twizy could be hugely popular.

Lime is a scooter rental startup company backed by Uber and Alphabet. The company has touted its intention to take cars off the road by providing electric scooter and bike rentals. Now, it has already filed paperwork to up the ante. A recent story from The Information (subscription only) — as reported by Electrek — reveals that Lime will begin this new ride-sharing concept in the near future.

The company’s system won’t really change, aside from the fact that you can now grab up a four-wheel electric city car, instead of an electric scooter. Basically, the vehicles are located in strategic areas throughout select metropolitan areas and users can simply proceed with the necessary steps for rental, jump in, and use the cars how they see fit.

Seattle citizens are already aware of how the system works, since the electric bicycle service has been in place for a time, so it’s a positive market for this pilot program. One major advantage of the new plan is that since these are actual roadworthy cars, renters won’t be stuck tracking down official Lime “spots” to park in during use. These chosen EVs can park anywhere any other car can park.

Thus far, Lime has 500 EVs on hand, all of which are initially either Fiat 500e vehicles or Renault Twizys. The report says that there is no official word on Seattle’s direct approval of the new plan, but we imagine we’ll have more information in the near future.

Source: The Information via Electrek

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I can’t wait for the potential number of youtube videos of people driving the Twizy in weird places.
A guy I know drove it throgh the local mall, into the elevator and up to the first floor, did some shopping and drove home again.

He has also taken it down some really steep stairs, through narrow tunnels made for bicycles and what not.

The Twizy should be on university campuses in warmer climate areas, and a lot of places, so many people have a chance to test it.
It is really fun to drive, you can clean the inside of the vehicle with a garden hose.. it’s just a bit too expensive with those flimsy doors.

If I’m going to live in a warm area again, I will consider buying one of these. I rented one, when I lived closer to the Equator. Really nice experience, quick in and out (it had no doors). Charged it at night.

I personally think you can have more fun showing a tiny EV in extreme places vs some giant SUV or pick up truck doing things.

We once took a very small car up the 400 mile gravel Dalton Highway in Alaska for 800 miles.

The tiny car did very well compared to a lot of big trucks that were breaking down every 50 miles due to the car putting less weight on the road.

The new Smart fortwo electrics would work well too. Still the same length as the original Smart, but wider.

Please don’t call this “ride sharing”, which it isn’t. That’s just a greenwashing term.
It’s straightforward vehicle rental, which is fine.

They should use the new Arcimoto “FUV”. That’s also electric, is designed and built in the NW, and can seat two people.

The Twizy is better by far in handling (very good chassis, four wheels, and steering wheel), safety (hard structure, airbag and four point seatbelts) and can be used by two. If I must to choose one to drive, I go for Twizy.