Like Volvo, Cadillac Plans Massive Electric Initiative. Someday…A Long Time From Now.

JUL 29 2017 BY MARK KANE 33

Cadillac CT6 Plug-In

Cadillac is considering changes to it’s lineup to deal with decreasing sedan sales, increasing demand on SUVs, and the need for electrification.

Cadillac CT6 Plug-In Hybrid

Overall Cadillac sales increased by 27% globally in the first six months of 2017 to 164,174. However, in the U.S. the number decreased by 1.6% to 72,073 – with passenger cars weighing down the results.

“That has forced GM to order layoffs at two Michigan factories that build Cadillac cars, and raised questions about the long term future of the plants.

“We have to rebalance our sedan portfolio,” Cadillac President Johan de Nysschen told Reuters in interview, offering new details about the strategy.”

The answer for further growth is to be introduction of new CT5 sedan, as a replacement for the three existing sedans: XTS, CTS and ATS – that end their life cycles in 2019. The CT5 will be offered between $35,000 to $45,000.

The CT6 (which is offered also in a plug-in hybrid version) starts at $50,000.

Two SUVs (Escalade, XT5) will be joined by compact SUV XT4 and large three-row SUV (of Volvo XC90 size) by 2019.

The Cadillac CT6 PHEV Cutaway – literally (seen here from Shanghai)

There a big chance that all of the new offerings will get a plug-in versions, which probably is driving known EV suppressor/hater de Nysschen crazy.

In reference to Volvo’s announcement about only HEV/PHEV/BEV from 2019, the Cadillac boss said:

“Cadillac has plans “not dissimilar to what Volvo has announced,” with more electrified vehicles launching in the second half of the next decade, de Nysschen said.”

Second half of next decade?  Woof, Johan.  Woof.

source: Reuters

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” “Cadillac has plans “not dissimilar to what Volvo has announced,” with more electrified vehicles launching in the second half of the next decade, de Nysschen said. ”

Second half of the next decade?

I do not like it when none-quote statements are given. Especially considering the general media doesn’t seem to use the word electrified in any specific or correct way… why did Reuters not give us the entire quote?

XT4 is to be unveiled next year and that is expected to launch with a PHEV variant.

Would there really be no new PHEVs between then and 2025? Cadillac had already stated in the past year that they will be adding PHEVs to their existing lineup… I have to wonder if this is the reporter substituting electric and electrified. Or Johan de Nysschen being unclear.

I actually like Cadillac styling. I like the ELR. It’s a nice car. The Cadillac SUV is nice also although I don’t really like the Escalade so much. Problem is the Cadillac crowd isn’t big on electrified cars so if you put a plug on one I’m not sure if they would plug it in anyway.

….and the old gas head in my likes the CTS-V with the supercharged motor.

Kind of OT but what the heck.

I agree I think Cadillac has a very distinct styling. The ELR was a beautiful car.

The CT6 and XT4 Plug-Ins will probably more practical for most people. Even so, I doubt either one of them sells much more than 100 a month in the US anytime soon.

But Buick and Cadillac growth is better in China than the US. So I highly doubt there is not at *least* other Cadillac plug-in launches in China between 2018 and 2025. Especially considering the country’s goals.

Cadillac Plug-ins should come standard with the Wireless Charging that has been demonstrated up to 6.6 kW & Higher, if I remember right, on various cars! The Home portions should be included and dealer installed! So Cadillac owners Don’t have to ‘Remember’ to plug in at home!

Robert Weekley:

That’s all fine except the vast majority of Caddy dealers selling the ct6 phev (3.6 kw charging facility, 18.4 kwh battery – only type of configuration available supposedly) are in California. Where I am, in WNY, the nearest certified dealer is in Michigan, 380 miles away.

That is less than useless. Companies such as PLUGLESS made wireless chargers for high-volume vehicles such as the Leaf, VOLT, and “S”. The CT6 PHEV is currently topping the charts at 6 or 7 sales. I don’t think it is even worth PLUGLESS’s time to bother with it.

That’s good prescription for suicide..way to go GM You’re at it again.Much Success!

So the dying brand that is Cadillac wil die even faster.

Ship of Fools!

CT6 made in China, remains to be seen if U.S. buyers accept this.

The CT-6 sales are growing quite fast. It accounts for about 8% of US Cadillac sales.

8% of a small base is a small number.

I really hope that statement is erroneous. It would indeed be far too late. It would be late even if it meant EVs instead of all electrified vehicles (plug-ins).


If GM is a competitive car company, then why hasn’t GM done a Model S competitor years ago? A 200 to 300 mi pure electric performance sedan. With the Cadillac badge, of course.

Right now GM’s annual profits are billions $$$ / year. Imagine if GM took just $2bn and did what Tesla is doing. Build pure electric Cadillacs with 200+ miles of range, build a super charger network, and build their own battery Gigafactory. Think that might double the value of GM’s stock, or close to it? If so, then that’s a great return on the investment.

By the way, I saw an Cadillac ELR in person and thought it looked just fantastic. Beautiful. GM’s mistake with the ELR was to put a Voltec power train in it, when a Cadillac should always have a better power train than a Chevy.

Why would they? People would just whine they have to buy them from a dealership 🙂

Well, GM had the ‘Saturn’ brand for selling the EV1 via, why not start a ‘Arms Length’ EV Company, “Mars Automotive”, and compete via that brand, and, get to ‘Mars’ before Elin?!

Same reason Audi didn’t. BMW didn’t. Mercedes didn’t.

Because it takes time to make a car and if you backtrack that amount of time (say 3 years) no one except Tesla thought there was any money in it.

3 years from now there will be a couple out there and a couple on the way. Hopefully Cadillac isn’t really a decade away like de Nysschen indicated.

No, I don’t think that a supercharger network would double GM’s stock. And note that increase in GM’s stock value are not profits to them.

ELR was a waste of a great exterior design. Making it cost that much and be worse than a Volt was a huge mistake. It maybe could have succeeded if it cost less and was Volt-equivalent on performance/range. Or maybe it still would have failed.

What would be the real shocker in this, is if Toyota announced Lexus will have a 350 Mile Range EV, that is partnering with Tesla for use of, and expansion of, the Supercharging Network, and it will be unveiled in 3 months!

“If GM is a competitive car company, then why hasn’t GM done a Model S competitor years ago?” Because that would compete with its own gasmobiles more than it would compete with the Tesla Models S/X, and because they don’t make as much per-unit profit off selling PEVs (Plug-in EVs) as they do selling their gasmobiles. “By the way, I saw an Cadillac ELR in person and thought it looked just fantastic. Beautiful. GM’s mistake with the ELR was to put a Voltec power train in it, when a Cadillac should always have a better power train than a Chevy.” Yeah, if you’re gonna buy a car just to sit in the driveway and look pretty, it’s hard to top an ELR. But it wasn’t very practical, not to mention initially being wildly overpriced. I don’t know that they needed a “better” powertrain; Voltec has gotten all sorts of high praise. Of course, what a larger and heavier car needs is an upgraded Voltec powertrain, one with enough power to give good performance to a heavier car. The ELR got dissed by reviewers (and the general public) for having a back seat too small for practical use. A longer wheelbase… Read more »

Hmmm, I shouldn’t have said “upgraded” Voltec powertrain; I should have said scaled-up, or larger and more robust. Voltec 1.0 already had superior quality.

Cadillac will have more PHEV crossovers staring with these XT4 crossover, then these XT3/XT5/XT6/XT2. 2019 Cadillac CT6 with a dedicated chassis BEV plug in will come, and then more BEV plug in’s will follow.

NEXT’s two years, for Cadillac:: PHEV Crossovers/vehicles, BEV Plug in’s vehicles will follow.

CT6 PHEV is a joke. AutoWeek got under 23 miles all electric range, when the Summer 2015 (!!!) Cadillac Magazine said it would get 70 miles. What a pig! I bought my ELR for only a few thousand more than I bought my initial 2011 VOLT for – I never considered the car overpriced. The car also continues to turn as many heads as my 2011 Roadster convertible did. Beautiful visually, and beautiful handling car, due to the expensive tires and Watts-Link passive suspension. Magpies will Crow that the car is lousy 0-60. Who cares? Car and Driver (of all magazines – since all they care about is PERFORMANCE) said that overall, the car SEEMS faster than it is, and for anyone who cares about OVERALL performance should seriously consider the car. That’s ’nuff said for me. The car was $10,000 – 18,0000 cheaper than a loaded Model 3, which would never be described as overpriced, so I sense a huge double-standard here. In good weather, my plain jane 2014 ELR gets 46-54 miles all electric range, depending on who is driving it. And other than a seat belt warning alarm circuit board trouble (trivial), the car has been exceedingly… Read more »

“I bought my ELR for only a few thousand more than I bought my initial 2011 VOLT for – I never considered the car overpriced.”

C’mon, Bill, you’ve bragged about what a great deal you made on your ELR. So don’t turn around now and tell us it wasn’t initially very overpriced. Isn’t the reason you got such a great deal that it was a closeout sale, after Cadillac had given up on the model?

You are continuing your nonsense. I purchased a 2014 since there was not a 2015 model run, but it was not a close out since the 2016 model year ran for 4 months, and most of the changes were an improvement such as more power, and longer range.

The difference is I’m posting factual information.

Also, you just want to pick fights all the time with the various commenters… You who will never ever purchase an electrified vehicle, so no offense – it really doesn’t matter what you say, and most of the time I ignore you since you show you are so misinformed.

Now other people here who have ‘skin in the game’ by purchasing an EV, I’m interested in hearing their experiences – and most of them are far more polite than you.

I love my 2016 ELR. This is the most misunderstood car ever, and Cadillac followed the press by dumping it. Gen 2 or even a Gen 3 driveteain would have kept it alive. Hopefully, Cadillac will offer an aftermarket battery for 100 mile performance

I’m with you 100% on the ’16 ELR.
Would love to see my range double from 50 to 100, however.

Absolutely, I am also a 2014 ELR Owner I get a firm 35mpg outta my ELR and OMG The Head Turning attention,the pure thrill of the highway drive, swift excellerated to the touch. This mess about affordiblity, if you can buy one it matters not, look at the source of negative reviews which come from frugal folks period. So imply put the ELR WAS AHEAD OF ITS TIME IN DESIGN LACKING ONLY IN ELECTRIC CAPACITY OH BY DEFINITION IT WAS A PROTOTYPE IN ITS INFANCY NEEDED MORE R&D FOR FUTURE GROWTH, TO ALL CRITICS SHUT UP.

Yeah, that guy thinks 2014 was the last year when it ran 4 months in 2016. Clueless about Caddy pricing, since he will never buy ANY vehicle, and he doesn’t drive anyway. No skin in the game.

ELR still sells for $35,000 three years later.

Great to see such positive reviews by people who actually own and drive ELRs. I absolutely love my 2016. Enhanced range, power, Cue system and a lowered price make for an outstanding daily driver and great highway car. Every time I drive this car I receive compliments. People are also surprised when I tell them it is a PHEV.
Love Cadillac but they blew it on this fantastic ride.

I have a CTS-V and a 2014 ELR the ELR gets more attention its the perfect around town and out on town car i have ever it.

Yeah, all the positive comments regarding the ELR are from people who actually know what they are talking about. I would love to eventually get a used 2016 ELR if and when I have to exchange my 2014 – although the main benefit will be 2 or 3 more miles range – but an improvement is an improvement. I’m frustrated that Cadillac (and that GM would trust DeNysschen) would discontinue the In-Production 2016 ELR since obviously they still had VOLTEC GEN1 powertrains available for warranty repairs, and it would have been trivially easy to merely continue with them, then in future years just migrate into the GEN2 powertrain since the car’s forte is in the ‘Sports Coupe Handling Arena’, not the silly drag-racing stuff which voids the warranty on Teslas anyway. That Ct6 PHEV, with its overly complex, and inefficient drive train (e.g. 3 hp electric oil pump to run all the clutches), which was supposed to go 70 electric miles AutoWeek got something like 22.6, is just a joke, and while on paper beats a Mercedes Hybrid, to my mind both cars are someone’s Wet-Dream and I’d never buy either. Except effectively, there are no new Cadillac Plug-ins for… Read more »

Re: DeNysschen taking Cadillac in the wrong direction – in the first place he killed the LOGO by getting rid of the wreath around the Shield, and to me, the new LOGO just looks queer. (My 2014 had its software done before he was hired, therefore I still get the Wreath and Shield at turn-on).

You can tell something is seriously wrong when going to a Cadillac Dealership and looking at the Brouchures:

The first HALF of all of them are just ‘Mood Pictures’ of a bunch of Dumpy Manhattan buildings (DeNysschen’s new stomping grounds – he insisting on moving the HQ from Detroit).

If the reader isn’t totally depressed by then, the second half of the Brouchure actually talks a bit about the product they have for sale, but not much.

Why did they ever hire this genius?

Supposedly he’s a great Salesman.. Yeah right!

Just as a note the CT5 is NOT the replacement for the ATS or XTS. Technically the CT6 replaces the XTS. The XTS lives on for a couple years because it sells well in the limo fleet service. The CT5 is the replacement for the CTS only. There will be a CT3 or 4 to replace the ATS. DeNysschen made it clear there will be three sedans in Cadillac’s lineup going forward.