Like Tesla, Cadillac Schedules Series Of Upcoming ELR Public Test Drive Events


Cadillac ELR Test Drive Tour

Cadillac ELR Test Drive Tour

Like Tesla Motors does with its Tesla Model S, the Cadillac ELR will begin a series of public test drive events, starting with “major California commercial and entertainment districts and festivals.”

This, of course, is to drum up interest in the low-volume Cadillac ELR.

According to Cadillac, the “tour visits hotbeds of luxury, design and technology, and includes an outdoor lounge with mobile charging stations, beverages and the ELR display and test drives.”

Upcoming dates and locations for the Cadillac ELR tour include:

Los Angeles

  • May 3-4 The Grove
  • May 9-10 Americana at Brand
  • June 20 – 21 Dwell on Design
Cadillac ELR Test Drive Tour

Cadillac ELR Test Drive Tour

San Francisco Bay Area

  • May 15 Google Campus
  • May 17-18 Santana Row
  • May 24-25 Village at Corte Madera
  • June 7-8 Union Street Festival

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Lipstick… meet Ms. Piggy.

Beautiful 2 door VOLT with Caddy logos. should cost about 55k… instead 75… why? what could possibly justify the price delta?

The thing that sucks about this car is that you look like a fool by people that know electric cars because you could have bought a Model S instead but on the other hand its a gorgeous car that stands out from everything else… except a Tesla.

If it was in the 50’s then it would be very reasonable but its price tag is just ridiculous.

The CLR acronym must mean Cimarron Logic Repeated.

The Cimarron was a mid-1980s Cadillac that was a Chevy Cavalier with a 3.0 litre engine and upgraded trip – for more than double the price. A brainchild of the notorious Roger Smith.

They should have come up with a totally new brand, smth like Cesla.

“Cadillac” is a ridiculous fossil marquee for septagenerians.

Fossil marquee… hahaha. Oh, that was good.

We are familiar with the car, Caddy. We just don’t like it for that price.

Maybe they could sell some $25.00 hot dogs at these events, just to get people used to gross overpricing.

Yeah! And maybe invite famous internet stars, like “Nozzie”, who still gets to dispense premium gasoline for it… 😉

I’m sure the Caddy ELR will appeal to grandpas that live in senior/adult communities. They don’t have far to go, they don’t go fast, they already know the Caddy brand well, they don’t need lots of passenger space.

The ELR is like the Venus de Milo, beautiful to look at, but not much in the way of joy for real traveling around.