Lightning Makes Red Carpet At “On Any Sunday” Premier (w/video)


If you’re a biker, you’ve no doubt heard about the release of On Any Sunday: The Next Chapter, directed by the son of the 1971 original film’s director, and coming to theaters on November 7th.

Lightning on (near) the Red Carpet

Lightning leading the way on the Red Carpet

When On Any Sunday premiered in 1971, it wasn’t just any movie. Directed by Bruce Brown – who also helmed surfing classic The Endless Summer – this insider look at motorcycle racing reached a wide audience that was fascinated by the heartfelt stories of real-life riders, earning an Academy Award nomination for Best Documentary Feature. Four decades later, On Any Sunday: The Next Chapter shows that the passion for riding motorcycles is as strong as ever.

Well, apparently a few choice folks were invited to bring their bikes to the red-carpet premier, and Lightning Motorcycles was front-and-center.  The reason behind this honor?  Lightning’s record-breaking assault on Pikes Peak this past year made the cut, and is now an official documented part of popular motorcycle history.

Here’s the clip from the premier, where you can see both directors – son and father.  Look for the Lightning at the very beginning – 0:14 and later on as well.


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Congrats to Lightning!

I think this is the most “super bike” of all the electric bikes at the moment. 216 mph is pretty good.

Despite the self imposed 186 mph limit the old style OEM’s enjoy. It would be interesting to see a top speed war. A bike that can run 225, 250, 275 mph.. No limit. Imagine the travel time going faster then most private airplanes. A lot of airplanes are slow in comparison.

It would also be interesting to see intense competition from the electric bike makers for 0-60 times and 1/4 mile times. Top speed is just one metric. Corners? As fast as you are willing to take them…

Look up a top 10 fastest bike list on Wikipedia. It’s pathetic. Bikes from 2006 being faster than junk being made today.

I was so appalled; I looked it up:

0-60 mph acceleration tests are sadly not standard; there’s enough margin of error to have a hard time claiming a 2006 bike tested variously at 2.35s and 2.80s is faster than “junk” made today (that tested at 2.5s – 2.7s).

Also, the Zero SR belongs on that list.. if it can back up its 0-60 spec of 3.3 seconds. The Mission, Lightning, and eCRP bikes all belong on their as well once they ship.