Lightning LS218 – Fastest Production Motorcycle? Still?


Lightning’s claim of “Fastest Production Motorcycle” may be about ready to fall, regardless of arguments about the claim of being a “Production” motorcycle at all.  Though we’re not in the business of promoting gas-burners, we are in the business of separating fact from fiction, and it looks to us like the Kawasaki H2, triple, supercharged, insane monster, may well hip-check Lightning into the cheap seats.

Here’s one highly speculative video, but worth it for the history alone.

That, along with some complete reviews of the bike hitting over 200mph on a closed circuit in Qatar by several riders?  And beyond dispute a production motorcycle?  Time for Lightning to re-think their marketing claims, or re-tool their bikes, perhaps.


Kawasaki H2 Ninja

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Check this out.

I think I would be a little worried about my tires going 240 mph. In any case, production gas bikes have had 120 years of development to reach that speed. While electric motorcycles have only had a few years of engineering and technology to get to 218 mph. Keep your eye on the future and the Bonneville Salt Flats.

So if you put a question mark after unsupported speculation that makes it ok?


WHo really cares about top speed? Nobody ever goes much faster than 130mph on a regular basis for any length of time, and that only in Germany. Electric bikes are bought for the smooth driving characteristics, no gears and crazy torque, not top speed.

I’m interested in this bike, but I don’t care about it.


I’d rather see an EBike that gets 100+miles per charge while carrying a passenger at highway speeds, and recharges in under three hours.

Costing less than $20,000 is important too.

0-60 is a whole lot more important to me in a vehicle than top speed. Coming out of a corner, or passing, and having 100% instant torque is huge.