Lightning LS-218 Becomes World’s Fastest Production Electric Motorcycle – Full Specs Released

SEP 1 2014 BY MARK KANE 11

The Lightning LS-218

The Lightning LS-218

Lightning Motorcycles recently released specifications on the LS-218, which it calls ” the fastest production motorcycle in the world – gas or electric

With its high speed gear and fairing, it cango up to 218 mph. All thanks to more than 150 kW motor.

The base 12 kWh pack (there is option for 15 and 20 kWh) should be enough to drive for 100-120 miles.

Prices start from $38,888. Lightning Motorcycles is now accepting reservations and we hope that soon it will start deliveries of LS-218 to the first lucky customers.

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I can’t wait for the first comparisons in the bike mags – I hope it will blow the competition away in the same manner the Tesla Model S did and does.

Dou you folks know anything about what’s up with Mission Motorcycles? Somebody in the Teslaforums exchanged emails with the owner on a regular basis, he says the guy isn’t answering emails anymore … perhaps you can look into it, contact some people you know?

Wow, I was just watching a video of how underwhelmed the tester was by an electric motorcycle. He got passed up in the canyons by a 500cc scooter. And it only had 60 miles of range. Wish I could have seen his reaction to this bike. Really want to see what the qtr mile specs are. Does anyone know?

The base Lightning is twice the price the Zero SR 14.2 kWh. The only practical advantage is the fairing to increase efficiency. All the extra complexity and expense of liquid cooling the higher power motor and controller is only useful for hitting that tree two feet higher, when you go off the mountain.

Other than impressing folks at Alices Restaurant, what is the point?

Did you even read the specs? The Lightning is almost 4 times as powerful as the Zero and has a full-on superbike chassis. Do you even ride? Judging by your wet-blanketing you don’t.

Yeah… How long does it run while doing 218 mph?

Does it matter? Have you ever been near 200 MPH? Even Daytona doesn’t give you more than a couple of seconds at that speed.
My TL1000 would do about 170 at Texas Motor Speedway in race gear. This has more torque and HP. With the larger optional batteries it could be a candidate for WERA races assuming they would let you race it in any of the existing classes.

Yes it matters. Seems like a very easy and probably VERY FAST way to deplete your battery; dropping your range to zero.

You will be lucky to get 40 or 50 miles out of a ZX-10 or R-1 at full throttle, and then you are nowhere near 218mph.

Topspeed is petty unimportant anyway. I live in Germany and I have never done more than 110mph on my Suzuki Bandit, even though it would be fully legal. What is much more interesting is that this bike can be ridden where loud ICE racing bikes aren’t allowed, or will be forbidden in the future (thanks to the asshats with their stright pipes)

125 MPH on my bike is an exciting experience, especially since the aerodynamics cause the front end to get really light at that speed.

and let’s not forget June Bugs, but they can be a shocker @ 60

Does your TL1000 have 168ft/lbs of torque at 100% from zero to 10500 rpm? I jacked up the horsepower and torque on my 1999 Hayabusa to 192 hp and 100 ft/lbs of torque but it only reaches that at 7800 rpm which means it’s only usable in first and second gear. By 3rd gear I’d be doing well over 100 mph. When I did 160 mph a few times I was at 8200 rpm and the bike red lined at 11000. That’s why I am VIN002 for the LS-218. Immediate 100% torgue.