30 GWh Battery Gigafactory In India Under Consideration

JAN 23 2019 BY MARK KANE 9

The plan is for 30 GWh . Tech would come from Charge CCCV(C4V)

India badly would like to catch onto the electric car revolution. The visions and ambitions includes millions of EVs and a lithium-ion battery industry in the country.

According to the latest news, there is a plan for a 30 GWh battery gigafactory (initially it would start at 1 GWh annually). The project is currently being discussed by government and industry partners.

Gigafactory – the name clearly refers to Tesla’s massive battery factory – could be created by Bharat Heavy Electricals Limited (BHEL), which 63% of its equity is controlled by the government, and the consortium LIBCOIN, which consist:

The question is whether there are buyers for batteries from a new, unknown manufacturer?

“Magnis Energy Technologies Limited announced that the Government of India, Ministry of Heavy Industries and Public Enterprises advises that Bharat Heavy Electricals Limited (BHEL) and LIBCOIN (20% owned by Magnis) are in discussions to build India’s first Li-ion battery gigafactory. BHEL is India’s largest power generation equipment manufacturer; the government holds 63% of its equity.”

“Australia-based and AXS-listed Magnis is a vertically integrated group focused on Lithium-ion batteries. The company has developed and has patent protection on graphite processing techniques that require no downstream chemical or thermal purification treatments, leading to strong green credentials as well as to being the lowest cost producer of spherical graphite above 99.95% total graphitic carbon (TGC) purity.Over the past 5 years Magnis has rapidly moved into Lithium-ion battery technology with a focus on next generation graphite/silicon composite anode materials.”

Source: Green Car Congress

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The more the merrier!

I am looking forward to seeing Tata EVs. Pajeets, you can do it!

Desperately needed. Switch over the fleet of Tuk-Tuks to evs. Spend a couple billion and every legitimate driver who turns in an old working gas powered one, gets an ev Tuk-Tuk, 1 per customer, for a nominal fee withdrawn from future earnings. Some billionaire should run a pilot program. I don’t know the best things to do but, we really have to start trying to stop, or at least slow, the coming horror.
I sorrow for the world of tomorrow.

“Friends, it’s never too late to work towards a better future.” (or words to that effect)
Tommy Douglas

While the automakers Suzuki (Japan) and Hyundai (Korea) are dragging their heels, the local automakers have already sold 1.5 million electric rickshaws.
Mahindra & Tata are getting in to electric vehicles.
Hope the batteries from this GF will help those companies sell EVs soon.
Indian government will certainly follow Chinese government in electric direction.

E-two wheeler manufacturers are in the race too. Many are just beginning to give dealerships in smaller towns where they are more useful.

Do you mean 30GWh per year? i.e. “30GWh/yr”

Yes, just like Tesla has 105GWh/yr

Batteries are the key to the transition to clean energy and “The Electric Society.”