LG Chem’s Michigan Plant Comes Back Online, Will Ship Chevy Volt Batteries Out November

OCT 25 2013 BY JAY COLE 12

LG Chem Says Domestic Battery Shipments To GM Will Start In November For Use In The Chevrolet Volt

LG Chem Says Domestic Battery Shipments To GM Will Start In November For Use In The Chevrolet Volt

Hopefully closing the book on issues bringing domestic battery production to the Chevrolet Volt, LG Chem reported that their plant in Holland Michigan will return to production Monday (October 28th) after having some initial start-up problems.

This Guy At LG Chem's South Korean Battery Facility Now Gets To Take The Weekends Off As Demand Moves Back To Michigan

These Guys At LG Chem’s South Korean Battery Facility Now Get To Take Weekends Off As Demand Moves Back To Michigan

After some long initial delays opening the facility, the plant was voluntarily shuttered 7 weeks ago as the Korean battery maker run into issues with EPA.

Specifically, LG Chem received a subpoena on from the government agency (that’s not good) to learn what chemicals LG Chem was using in the production of lithium cells for the Chevrolet Volt, as (assumedly) not all the chemicals used in South Korea-based production had been approved as of yet for use in the US.

LG Chem now expects to make its first shipment to GM next month:

“We appreciate the patience and professionalism of our team members and the  support from the community during the review process,” said LG Chem Michigan  spokesman Jeremy Hagemeyer in a news release. “Now we are looking  forward to the first shipments of product to our customer, which we expect will  take place in November.” 

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Good to hear. I wonder when the Ford Focus EV will receive batteries from this factory?

My understanding (but don’t quote me) of what is happening is that only Chevrolet Volt batteries will initially be shipped out from Holland, that Ford is ‘all good’ for inventory right now, and they will make any decisions on FFE production next year.

…and of course the ELR will receive it’s batteries from the LG plant in Michigan too.
Has production begun on the ELR yet? We know they were and are running pre-pro units down the line, but what about vin#0001?

I read something to the effect that it takes several weeks for batteries to “season” after being produced and that even a month after the plant opened the batteries would only just then be starting to be used at Hamtramck. I had never heard this before, but I read it twice about this current shutdown.

After cells are built the next process is called “formation.” Formation may take hours or days while the cell is charged and discharged on a specific cycle. This cycle is a closely held secret, as it can provide significant competitive advantage.


It will be interesting to see what the window stickers say on the Volts in November. The “17% Korean content” should disappear.

So when do they do this calc, Jan 2014? Also interesting that they break down where the pieces to make the cells comes from even though the cells are made in TN. How far do they take this? The ore to make the steel? The oil to make the plastic?

I think a really good place to get the big picture on domestic content is the Kogod Car index, (google it). It is much, much more comprehensive then the Gov’t. content list is by a mile. Although, I think the Kogod list is only updated once a year too.

perhaps these are the 17kwh batteries and the ones from Korea are the older 16.5?

Well, the ELR is coming out soon but where are MORE models? Use the Voltec platform for a pick-up, an SUV, and a mini-van!

I think the Volt will catch on at this lower price. Especially if gas prices rise.

The new models are dependent on the new D2xx platform. Unfortunately, it appears to be delayed to 2015/16.