LG Chem Power Gets New CEO, Denise Gray Of GM Battery Systems Fame

OCT 16 2015 BY MARK KANE 23

Prabhakar Patil, former CEO of LG Chem Power Inc.

Prabhakar Patil, former CEO of LG Chem Power Inc.

LG Chem Power Inc. (LGCPI), theNorth American lithium-ion cell manufacturing arm of LG Chem, got a new CEO.

Prabhakar Patil, LG Chem Power CEO since 2005, retiree. Denise Gray took the helm on October 1.

Prabhakar Patil said:

“It has been an incredible privilege to lead this great team over the past 10 years. I’m very proud of what we have accomplished in achieving our vision of becoming the North American center of excellence and supplier/partner of choice in providing lithium-ion battery solutions to our customers. The company is well positioned to move forward under Denise’s leadership.”

Prabhakar conducted LG Chem Power through turbulent times a few years ago when demand for batteries for EVs not necessarily justified installing production capacity.

Hopefully, current demand will continue to rise, both for cars and for energy storage systems, but now much of that will depend on Denise Gray.  Who many EV enthusiasts we instantly recognize from here work as engineering boss with General Motors on the launch of the first generation Chevrolet Volt.

Denise Gray, new CEO of LG Chem Power Inc.

Denise Gray, new CEO of LG Chem Power Inc.

“Gray most recently served as Vice President of Electrification Powertrain Engineering at AVL List, GmbH, where she was responsible for AVL’s Electrification Business Unit. She is well remembered and respected in the industry as the Director of Global Battery Systems Engineering at General Motors, where her team successfully developed and launched the lithium-ion battery system used in the Chevrolet Volt, working closely with the LG Chem team. The Volt uses LG Chem battery cells produced at the company’s plant in Holland, Michigan.”

Denise Gray said:

Prabhakar has been a friend and colleague for many years and the global vehicle electrification industry is better off due to his vision and wisdom. I am thrilled to have the opportunity to continue LG Chem Power’s leadership, and look forward to advancing its reputation and mission.”

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23 Comments on "LG Chem Power Gets New CEO, Denise Gray Of GM Battery Systems Fame"

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From GM? Bad news… sit and watch the absence of competition to come.

Denise Gray don’t be a LUTZ.

Lets hope the chemists and engineers are distant enough from the CEO to carry on with their battery development work.

GM execs are dunces of the automotive world except for those who brought you SparkEV (and EV1). They are the geniuses of automotive world for making the best car for the money, EV or otherwise.


Not sure if she was responsible for SparkEV, but it sounds like it. If so, CONGRATS! LG Chem will go far with her at the helm.

Pretty sure former GM employee developed the BMW I3. Frank Weber.

Additionally former GM employee developed Harley Davidson’s Livewire. Jim Federico

Denise Gray left GM for a Battery Startup in 2009. So really, all of the previous posts about this article appear to be off base.

Not to mention Franz von Holzhausen, Chief Designer of Tesla, was a design director at GM.

Thx Taser,

GM has some great engineering talent for sure.

Why can’t I test drive or buy a spark ev in Central Florida?


Because Florida is not a CARB/Section 177 state. Florida does not require the sales of Zero Emission Vehicles (ZEVs).


I think SparkEV isn’t in wider rollout because GM execs (other than EV execs) are dunces! Even in CA, they are constantly sold out, and they didn’t even bring to drive electric event.

If they mass produce SparkEV, they could have EV like that of the original VW beetle, and it’s quick to boot. Economy of scale could bring the price down (~$15K) even without subsidy.

Not sure how Bolt will fare in the long run due to potential for expensive battery (2.5X SparkEV?) But if past is any indication of GM EV, Bolt will be fantastic.

Can LG Chem still act as an objective supplier after this GM appointment?

I don’t think that will be an issue. As much as people swirl around in the auto-industry (and other industries), most have the ability to act as professionals. Especially to get to the levels they are at.

Denise Gray played a key role in the battery development for the Chevy Volt. We are just beginning to see the fruits of her efforts where gen 1 Volts are approaching five years of use with virtually no problems. I can’t think of a better person to take over.

Way to go Denise! Glad to see you at the helm of a major battery supplier.

Is it a requirement of this site to always bash GM as the first response? Can’t some of you see past some of their negative history and also look at some of the wonderful work they have done? (Gen1 & Gen2 Volts, upcoming Bolt, well acclaimed Spark EV)? Many on this site accuse others of being closed minded, but don’t seem interested in considering the person in the mirror.

No, just few tyical GM haters like Anon, Lustucc, Mister G, RexxSee and few others.

After all, you would kind of miss them if they don’t say something negative on GM related articles…

I can’t test drive, buy, or lease a Spark EV in Central Florida…once Government Motors gets serious about BEVs I will stop bashing.

OK, and once Florida gets serious about air pollution, then we can stop bashing that state.

Florida.. don’t be a LUTZ.



So, unless Florida forces them to, GM won’t sell their EV there.

Yup – not serious enough about BEVs yet.

When is good old Florida going to become a CARB state?

Are you going to stop hating after Bolt comes out?