LG Chem Obtains Patent For Safety-Reinforced Separator in Lithium-Ion Batteries


It’s been reported by Yonhap News that LG Chem “obtained a patent for its safety-reinforced separator (SRS), a key component of lithium-ion polymer batteries, in Europe and Japan.”

LG Chem Says Its SRS Technology is a Major Reason Why OEMs Choose to USE LG Chem Cells

LG Chem Says Its SRS Technology is a Major Reason Why OEMs Choose to USE LG Chem Cells

LG Chem now holds patent rights to SRS in South Korea, the United States, Europe, Japan and China.

What’s the big deal with SRS?  According to LG Chem, this SRS technology was a determining factor in getting General Motors, Ford, Volvo, Hyundai and Kia to sign deals with the battery maker.

Yonhap News states:

“SRS serves a crucial process by using a thin coating of ceramic materials to increase the safety of batteries in electric vehicles by separating the negative and positive poles.”

With SRS patents held in 4 countries and one continent, LG Chem has basically secured exclusive use of this technology.

Source: Yonhap News

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How much does this new coating inhibit ion exchange inside their batteries?

Makes you wonder if this has anything to do with the lack of desire to push the Spark EV. Maybe they aren’t happy with the batteries from A123?

Maybe this is how the 2014 Ford Focus Electric just earned a perfect five-star score in all federal crash tests.

Which is great as the 2014 Focus Electric is about to get a sales boost, since it just got a $6,000 price drop with Bonus Cash, bringing it down to $29,995 or $22,495 after federal tax credit, or just $19,995 after the CA incentive.

Now a loaded Focus Electric with Thermal Battery Protection and SRS, is just $345 more than the base Leaf S with 3.3kWh charger and no navigation, and $2,855 less than the comparably equipped Leaf SV.

Car and Driver just tested 6 compact EVs in the March print issue, and had this to say about the 2014 Focus Electric.

“The Benz S-class of lower priced electronics, comfortable, quiet and suave-looking. The EV to get if you ache for a Tesla and can’t afford it.”

Still no usabke rear cargo space or CCS capability. :p

Really? That should be a news story by itself. I haven’t seen any mention of this price-drop!

Ford just kicked in $6,000 cash back + 0% financing on the 2014 Focus Electric at the Ford website on 1/31/2014. But it must have quietly been in effect at dealerships, which explains the slight sales increase from Oct – Nov – Dec.

But at this new price, sales should start moving, even without a national advertising campain.