Lexus Sees Possible Need For Electric Car In Lineup


Note Lexus' Slogan For Its Hybrids

Note Lexus’ Slogan For Its Hybrids

Hell hath frozen over…

Lexus and plug-in vehicles? Yupe, a long history there.

Lexus and plug-in vehicles? Yupe, a long history there.

Long-time electric car hater Lexus seems to be warming up to the notion that it needs a plug-in car in its lineup.

In Detroit, at NAIAS 2017, Lexus General Manager Jeff Bracken stated:

“We do think there’s room to fill some gaps that still exist for Lexus.”

One of those gaps that needs fillin’ is apparently the luxury electric car gap.

Lexus began to examine the electric car segment rather intensively following the 2016 Paris Motor Show where plug-ins from rivals were the stars. Quoting Bracken:

“It [the Paris Motor Show] was amazingly focused.”

“Subsequent to that show, from my standpoint, we began [electric car] conversations with our product planners.”

While Lexus still has no concrete/announced plans to offer a plug-in car, Bracken did pull out the emissions card and basically admitted that Lexus will have to seriously look into EVs:

“I think we’d have our head buried in the sand if we didn’t thoroughly study all electric. You definitely have to do that.”

It’s probably time for Lexus to stop ripping on plug-ins and to start developing one of its own.

Source: Automotive News, hat tip to sven!

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Sadly that plugin will likely come with an 8 kWh battery offering a useless 12 mile range.

12 useless miles range = 5 actual useless miles range.

In warm or moderate climates!

Colorado in Winter = 3 actual useless Miles range!

Not completely useless, it’s designed to hog up all the public L2 charging spots.

Sure Lexus go and thoroughly study all electric. It’s such an incredibly more complicated technology than ICE. So far no one has managed to build one after all.

First make a good looking car. So far all I have seen is ugly.There new designs stick ,.

The 2018 BMW 530e coming in the next few months, will lure some would be Lexus shoppers into an approximately 250 hp / 4cyc-turbo BMW with all the trimmings. The Lexus Brand better study the heck out of the BMW lineup, or sales will start to lag further.

Bmw really has the lead here even though they do not have a fully electric luxury model. Lexus is so capable of creating an all electric car but , be ing capable and having the will to do it is to different things. My bet is we see a very small Lexus CUV with the prius Prime powertrain, it will be the UX.

They may just do what they did with the CT hybrid which is a conversion of the Prius.

Just convert a Prius Prime to a slow Lexus and call it a day.

Certainly an option, but a bad one. They really need to beef up the power significantly before they put a Lexus nameplate on another Prius.

A Prime with a beefed up battery and a 150 hp electric motor would do the trick, though it would lose cargo space. To offset that, raise the roof-line to give both better head-room and more cargo area.

From a marketing standpoint I find Lexus and Infiniti buyers to be fairly conservative, generally speaking so their timing might about be right. But I’m so disgusted with Lexus (andToyota) the last few years I think they might just run into the “Buick/Olds problem” in that Lexus owners are gonna age out and the brand is gonna whither. After all, they still run non-lithium batteries in their 2017 vehicles. Smh. And when you look at Toyotas plug in market share the last 5 years.. it’s dropped.. It started at over 30% and now they are at less than 1%.

Haha, they admitted they’ve had their head in the sand. It’s sad how far Toyota/Lexus has fallen out of the leadership position on innovation.

Toyota and Lexus, I laugh at your folly. Yes, you are the laughing stock of the EV movement.