Lexus LF-FC Hydrogen Fuel Cell Car Shown At 2016 NAIAS

JAN 13 2016 BY MARK KANE 20

Lexus LF-FC at 2016 NAIAS

Lexus LF-FC at 2016 NAIAS

If you liked the look of Lexus LF-FC Flagship Concept from the Tokyo Motor Show, then the 2016 NAIAS brings us the opportunity to see the car in the U.S.

This is likely the only opportunity though, as the all-wheel-drive, hydrogen fuel cell, majestic flagship will not go into production.  However, according to Akio Toyoda, Lexus will indeed introduce a FCV… sometime around 2020.

For now though, the design style will be implemented in the production petrol model – the LC 500.

Lexus LF-FC is equipped with two in-wheel motors in the front and a single motor for the rear axle.

Lexus LF-FC at 2016 NAIAS

Lexus LF-FC at 2016 NAIAS

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I saw my first Toyota Mirai FC car commuting home in my eGolf yesterday – nice lights!

I saw one in DC 3 months ago and is the perfect definition of Fugly.

Will Not Go Into Production….Nicest Words Ever Heard! keep This Rolling BOMB 0ff the streets & any one Stupid Enough To buy One!

That grill is simply cartoonish.
But, with the “look at me!” mentality that seems to get more popular every year, I can see why automaker are designing cars this way.

Why show crap you’re not going to sell?!?!?!?!?

The rest of the auto-industry thanks the world’s largest automaker, Toyota, for bumbling down the wrong technology path so that they can catch up to Toyota.

No kidding. 2020? Wake me up when Toyota gets serious about even FCEVs.

Toyota is losing ground, they will be late in electric vehicles when they finally realize their mistake and like Kodak for digital cameras, a last minute sprint to catch up won’t find salute with customers that will see that as a last minute move by a company on the decline. Akio Toyoda has not been up to the level of Eiji Toyoda but is rather sending the company down spiraling like his grandfather Kiichiro Toyoda in 1948. Akio Toyoda is not an engineer and in times of disruptive technology changes it is clearly something missing.

Akio Toyoda is looking at the low sales of BEVs worldwide 1%..which is pitiful. We need more demand for current BEV models or else Toyota will not jump on the BEV bandwagon.

That is because he doesn’t perceive the exponential nature of things. He thinks linear instead of exponential.

“…according to Akio Toyoda, Lexus will indeed introduce a FCV… sometime around 2020.”

Well then, the Lexus division has four years to find a way to avoid following its parent Toyota Motor Corp. down the road to hydrogen-fueled madness.

Good luck to them.

Is it a general rule of fuel cell vehicles that they have to be ugly?

They don’t really want to sell them.
They’re ugly on purpose.
Just sucking up California CARB credits.
CARB is run by suckers.

Well, apparently they do need large air scoops on the front. But I agree; it does seem that for some reason, car designers are unable to design a “fool cell” car which most people find attractive. (Or even one that wouldn’t send the average car buyer screaming and running away. 😉 )

Maybe they should look at the Lotus Exige?

Desperation on Toyota’s part to have SOMETHING to roll out, as they watch the steady parade of BEV and PHEV concept and production-ready vehicles rolled out by their competitors? when will it dawn on them they hitched to the wrong wagon….

Or are they just “playing dumb” on purpose, with some sort of secret plan to reveal a “surprise” complete line of production-ready super-BEV’s at the 2017 or 2018 show?

Japan really isn’t an “innovative” culture.
Even the Prius was based on a US government funded project.

Not exactly since actually the Prius was the result of Toyota being angry after being left out of a US government funded project. This despite having US based plants. That got them so mad that they decided to make their own project which was eventually the only one out of US corporate control and subsequently the only one effectively accomplished and sold for real to customers instead of only prototype vaporware.

More good money down the drain
Hydrogen is DOA

The show car was probably just an EV, and nothing more, just to drive it on stage. Mission accomplished.

There have been some attempts with in-wheel motors, but the unsprung weight is a bit of a problem for general comfort and handling over bumps.

“Lexus will indeed introduce a FCV… sometime around 2020.”

Yeah… they will -introduce it- to the collection of other failed fool cell ideas before then.

Tesla and the world’s other automakers thank you for being a bunch of idiots on this issue.