Lexus LF-FC At The 2016 Geneva Motor Show (Photos, Videos)

MAR 4 2016 BY MARK KANE 19

Lexus LF-FC

Lexus LF-FC

After Tokyo Motor Show, and NAIAS, Lexus presents its LF-FC Flagship Concept also at the Geneva Motor Show.

LF-FC gives us not only glimpses of the design trend for Lexus, but more importantly that the Japanese company still sees at least part of its long-term future in hydrogen fuel cell technology.

“LF-FC is a visionary new vehicle that offers a peek into the design and technology direction of Lexus’ future flagship sedan. Initially revealed at the 2015 Tokyo Motor Show, the LF-FC is powered by a high output fuel cell system. It also features an advanced touchless human machine interface as well as automated driving technologies.”


Lexus LF-FC

Lexus LF-FC

Lexus LF-FC

Lexus LF-FC

Lexus LF-FC

Lexus LF-FC

Lexus LF-FC

Lexus LF-FC

Lexus LF-FC

Lexus LF-FC

Lexus Geneva Motorshow Press Conference (Lexus LF-FC from 4:30):

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So, Lexus is out of business by what, 2045?

Sounds about right.

Actually, what I suspect that could happen is given virtually unlimited power provided by something like nuclear fusion, fuel cell cars might start to make some sense and be clean vehicles.

We however don’t have fusion power right now. And if we would get it in the next ten years, it definitely won’t be infinite because it’ll very expensive to build the plants.

So if Toyota and Lexus make it alive and kicking till 2045, they might just stand a chance with their fuel cell stuff. But that’s 30 years in the future.

Right now these cars are useless.

That front grill gives me the hives! Yech!

Are fuel cell cars required to have ugly grilles?

I think Toyota’s designers have a fascination with filter-feeding whales. 🙁

Krill are rich in hydrogen.

Boy, they have gone off the deep end with their designs. Somebody should be fired!

Angry kitchen appliances. 🙂


Did Toyota lose their design team or did the Prius team take over Toyota?

Dont see this as mainstream.

Congratulation Toyota on selling 20 something FC cars in the US last month. I’m amazed that you were able to find that many suckers all at once!

Give Toyo time Fool Cells are the future. All they need is a little bigger battery and a plug. Maybe a little infrastructure to fuel up. Wait a second come to think of it my Volt does that now

Actually, Toyota sold 30 Mirais in February. Sales are really taking off! 😉

By the end of the year, their total sales might equal an average day of EV sales…

They are really flying off the shelves, as they said…

The fossil fuel industry is pushing fool cells on consumers no matter what