Lexus Hoverboard Is For Reals – Video


…um. Not.  But we knew that, right?  Because: Physics?

Here’s the video that caused all the buzz:

…and here’s the explanation. “The content marketing game…”

…gotta love the “vapor” effects on the clip. Is that irony, or is it sarcasm? If you have to explain it’s ironic, is it still irony? These are the things we think about…

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Yay, for making something using Quantum Levitation, into a product. 🙂

I was amazed to read, perhaps a year ago, an online comment from somone claiming that the hoverboard is real.

I guess people like that are why perpetual motion scammers can always make money.

No, Doug actually linked. It’s real enough, but only if you have good pavement.

People like you are why I have to keep posting.


Seeing as how Lexus built an actual working hoverboard for a measly content media video, do you still think Lexus used CGI and not an actual car and giant gimbal for its 1992 ball bearing commercial? Just sayin’. 😉

but then there is the real thing(ish)…


And if you want a little more lift…