Lexus Builds Cardboard Electric Car – Video

OCT 23 2015 BY MARK KANE 11

Lexus cardboard electric car

Lexus cardboard electric car

Lexus and electric car? That can’t be true after Lexus’ shots at EVs, but maybe times are changing.

The Japanese luxury brand just released a cool project with origami inspired cardboard and electric drive! (yeah… engine rattle would blow the whole thing apart).

Quality of the assembly seems high. A lot of work with cardboard and laser cutting.

“You can build a lot of things out of cardboard, but Lexus is probably the first to build a working electric car out of it.”

How ’bout a real electric car now Lexus?

Lexus cardboard electric car

Lexus cardboard electric car

Lexus cardboard electric car

Lexus cardboard electric car

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Obviously liquid Nitrogen doesn’t mix too well with cardboard !

Coming up next: Toyota builds an electric car made out of Bullshit! Electricity generated by move in spinning wheels!

Move is mice

These Guys R Sooooo Smart.

Mildly amusing, but even more Lexugly in cardboard with the stupid “Predator mouth” grille.

Looks only slightly better than the Mirai.

put an ice in it and we can roast marshmallows

Seems like a cost effective way to prototype a concept actually….

But… note that it’s just riding on a “skateboard” with another set of (small) wheels carrying the weight. Is that really “functional”?

order it on Amazon and save Shipping & Handling.

OK. This seems ridiculous at first sight, but: Cardboard can be far more stable than most people imagine. There are certain types of cardboard that are REALLY stable, and with so many layers there is no concern regarding stability from my point of view… with somehow clever combination of layer height and wavelenght it would even be more stable. (Cool amplitude and wavelength determine the stability of the car… That’s a funny thing to think about…) Cardboard would absorb a WHOLE LOT OF ENERGY in the event of a crash. Simply spoken: The whole thing is a “Knautschzone” sry, can’t remember the english word and too lazy… Cardboard would be ultra-lightweight, one of the most important parameters when it comes to range&performance is weight. Cardboard is GODDAM cheap. Compare price to carbon and you’ll see why Cardboard is only a weird idea at first sight. Cardboard is versatile. There are so many types of coatings that I will not go into detail here. While most people think that water would be a huge problem, there are already solutions to that… There are applications for cardboard which include temperatures close to 200°C so it might actually not even be an unsolvable… Read more »

…However a completely laser-sintered frame would also be cool and have some of the abovementioned advantages as a similar structure could also be produced that way while beeing more expensive and maybe heavier if not using titanium or something…