Lewis Hamilton Finally Watches Formula E First Season – Hello 2014


It seems Formula 1 star Lewis Hamilton is so out of touch with the happenings at Formula E that when he took to twitter to oust Formula E driver Nico Prost, he unknowingly made a comment on a race that’s now nearly 4 years old.

Video description:

Lewis Hamilton was a little late watching the crash with Nico Prost and Nick Heidfeld from our first ever race in 2014, so Nick let him know he’s safe and sound!

Below you’ll find video of the crash that Hamilton is referring to:

Hamilton deleted his embarrassing Tweet, but not before Heidfeld caught it and responded:

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How can LH not be watching the race series he will eventually be forced into as F1 dries up?

Perhaps it is time to start Formula 1 racing Classic Car Racing?

It would be brutal for the fans and manufacturers to have to switch so abruptly from tea-spoons of electricity, to all-electric. That would make for a much slower two-hour format (F1), unless battery swaps and pit lane charging are allowed.

Right now, I believe Ferrari are fighting engine homogeneity within the rules. They want to invest for the edge in internal combustion, just as the technology enters its twilight. It’s like Marschionne’s last stand.