Leviton Launches New Mini Level 2 EVSE

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Leviton Mini EVSE

Leviton Mini EVSE

There’s now yet one more available product in the residential EVSE category.

This product, from Leviton, is what we’d classify as a mini, level 2 EVSE.

It’s called Evr-Geen Mini, Level 2 EV Charger and it’s highly portable, but perhaps a bit too expensive to make a big splash. The price is $589.99. The unit can be bought here.

Here are the product details:

Product Details

Introducing the next generation of the Evr-Green line of Electric Vehicle Supply Equipment (EVSE), the Evr-Green Mini electric vehicle charging station. Our new charging station delivers nearly 5 kW of power and offers a more compact, affordable, easy to use – easy to install solution to electric vehicle charging. The Evr-Green Mini was designed to be the smallest wall-mounted EV charging station available in North America and delivers a maximum of 20 electric vehicle miles per hour.

Features and Benefits

*Charging station can use an existing dryer circuit commonly found in residential garages, perfect for a do-it-yourself installation

*Compact design, enclosure weights about 2 pounds and can easily fit in the palm of your hand

*Included mounting bracket provides convenient docking location and is complaint with UL requirements – removable without any tools

*12′ and 18′ charging cable options available(12′ option coming soon)

*Provides thermal, over and under current, overvoltage and short circuit protection

*Enclosure is rated NEMA Type 6 for temporary submersion

*Automatic de-energization of the cable in case of rupture or separation of the cable

*”Auto-Reclosure” feature enables charging to restart following a minor power faults, thereby reducing the chance of having an undercharged battery

*Continuously monitors/supervises the ground connection between the AC Supply and EV to ensure safe and reliable charging

*Compatible with all Electric Vehicle Supply Equipment (EVSE) Standards and Recommended Practices, including SAE J1772TM, NEC 625, UL 2231 and UL 2594

For California residents, click here for Proposition 65 Warning.

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A few years later to market than the similarly rated Clipper Creek’s LCS-25P, and also $100 or so more expensive.


In addition, Leviton only has 18 ft cord vs ClipperCreek has 25 ft

Yeah, I’d take a chance on the clipper creek thingy. I’m old enough to remember when the word “Leviton” equated to “JUNK”. But this is too much cash to part with for just 20 amps – unless they are ‘cashing in’ on the Aerovironment 16 amp “Turbo Cord” market. That Turbo Cord from a user’s point of view semi- justifies the high-cost. Its is SO small that it easily can be thrown into the trunk of the car, and the outlet it easily plugs into can be installed at both the home and the office, so that you only need ONE EVSE in homes where there is only 1 EV, but multiple charging locations are desired. But the new Leviton EVSE’s lately (over the past 5 years) seem to be reasonably substantial, if just greatly overpriced, such as their ridiculously overpriced “Installation kits”. Other manufactures just sell you an EVSE. Leviton almost forces you to buy a lot of ancillary crap, thankfully, not so here. I’ve actually seen neither, but if I was in the market for a new EVSE, I’d buy either a 15 amp clipper creek for $379, or else I’d buy that really ugly looking GE 30… Read more »

I have Leviton in my house for the last 20 years. They work forever. I used a Leviton station at the Toyota dealership in Torrance and it worked great with the RAV4 EV. I think I would rather buy an American EVSE like Leviton than Chinese 1/2 off products you mention.

That may be what you desire, but every picture I see nowadays of the 2016 volt shows it with a chinese bosch docking station, where at least those Lear things were made in North America (probably Mexico).

I was talking about things like lamp holders and snap switches and recepticles, but lately even the very CHEAP 50 cents a piece duplex recepticles seem to be a decent quality. I’m probably getting them essentially at cost since everyone is going to Tamper Resistant.

I’m happy, having made two EVSE’s using Chris Howell’s circuits and Leviton’s J1772 plug and wires. Never a heat problem, up to rated amps, and well priced @130 or so. This whole unit price seems high, though.

The thermal monitoring is unique as far as I know, but I did not see UL 2251? I am sure it is compliant, why not list it?

What’s so *mini* about this solution?

Charge-Amps 6/10/16A EVSE is what i call *MINI*


First of all, that looks to be European Level 1 charger. Second I am a little skeptical of anyone referring to their EVSE car connector as Type1/Type2. Either they are confused about connector type (J1772/SAE) or they confuse “connector” with “charging level” or it’s a bad translation. Not inspiring.

How is this product different(or different enough) from the EVSE Upgrade product? For about $300 many drivers can upgrade their units to Level I/Level II capability. Same question in contrast to the Clipper Creek models that are running under $400? Why would anyone want to spend the additional money?


Manufacturers aren’t going to include EVSEupgrade products for various reasons (UL, insurance, etc.).

This is one more OEM EVSE which can be included with a new vehicle.

Since it’s only 5kW, I’m guessing manufacturers of PHEVs might be really interested, or maybe Leviton anticipated manufacturers wanting to replace the included Level 1 Panasonic units with a Level 2 unit.