Leviton Launches 7.7 kW Evr-Green EVSE

AUG 21 2015 BY MARK KANE 12

7.7 kW Leviton Evr-Green 320 Level 2 charging station

7.7 kW Leviton Evr-Green 320 Level 2 charging station

Leviton announced its new generation of its Evr-Green charging station, the 7.7 kW Evr-Green 320.

As there are now more models with higher power on-board chargers, another option (or rather an updated option) is, of course, welcome.

The new Evr-Green 320 is, according to Leviton, designed with an improved installation process to better meet customers’ needs.

The station can deliver up to 32 A at 208-240 V, although the charge connector assembly is rated for 40 A, so no problems with overheating should ever appear.

There are two charging cable versions (18-foot or 25-foot), which cost $759 and $859, respectively, according to website.

Leviton stated that Evr-Green 320 has been used in nearly 3,000 dealerships. The strange thing is that this particular new version was announced a long time before it will hit the market inMay 2016.

Here are some features extracted from press release:

“The Evr-Green® 320 Level 2 Charging Station features a unique charge connector assembly that is rated up to 40 amps and a durable, weatherproof NEMA Type 4 steel enclosure. The device is available in a hard-wired installation, and can be cord-connected and mounted to the Leviton installation kit if required.”

“The charge connector also has an inexpensive lockable secure system to prevent unauthorized use and uses low carbon footprint materials.”

“Leviton’s entire family of Evr-Green® products features carefully selected materials that are environmentally friendly, including lead-free electronics and minimized packaging waste through the use of recycled content.”

“The Evr-Green® 320 Level 2 Charging Station includes a three-year limited warranty and complies with all industry safety and performance standards, including the current National Electrical Code®. The device will be available through Leviton’s distribution channels: e-store, electrical distributors, retail partners and automakers starting in May 2016.”

Manoj Karwa, Senior Director for Leviton’s Commercial & Industrial Business Unit said:

“To better meet our customers’ needs, we designed the Evr-Green® 320 to meet the rigors of home and workplace. The improved design is constructed of durable powder-coated galvanized steel to withstand harsh environmental conditions, and the charging station can easily be installed on a wall or freestanding with our single or dual pedestal system.”

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Don’t they already have this product? http://m.homedepot.com/p/Leviton-32-Amp-Level-2-Indoor-Outdoor-Electric-Vehicle-Home-Charging-Station-with-18-ft-Cord-031-EVB32-M8L/204366717?cm_mmc=Shopping%7cVF&gclid=CPPQ6-SWuscCFQgtaQod8Z4Ijg&gclsrc=aw.ds
And also a higher powered one that will output a full 40 amps? Is this just a redesign of the evr-320 that they’ve been selling for years?

mike w

Yes KEN the picture in this article is exactly the same as the one you referenced at the Home Depot web site. both are 32 amp. The “New” one is also available with a 25 foot cored. I don’t see any difference unless they are including the mounting bracket and adding a few more feet of cable to jack up the price by $300.


Why are these still $800? There are barely any components inside that box. The charger is in the car–this is just a fancy light switch.


32A Clipper Creek costs less than this, and it’s been out for over a year.



Maybe she comes with the charger?


I’d plug her.


If they’re boasting about a higher power charger…why are they plugging it in to a Volt?

Rick Danger

Stay tuned next week for “You Were Supposed to Watch the Girl Not the Car” or, “The Reign of the Clueless Is Far from Over.”


Meh. That is kinda expensive. And no Wi-Fi or smart features? No thanks.


The new one that checks local generation mix is far cooler. Go local!

Bill Howland

People don’t like having to buy a separate ‘installation kit’.

Besides this is overpriced since the GE Durastations (the new ones) are now $399, or around half price.

Too little, too late, too expensive.

Speaking of $$ is the 30 % federal tax credit for chargers and installation still in effect?

Bill Howland

Just checked IRS.gov. Seems the last 30% CREDIT was in 2014. Form says not to use for 2015 unless the benefit is extended retroactively (as it was done before), which as far as I know to date it has not been.

So its a good thing these have in general come down in price 30%, since there doesn’t seem to be any tax credit for ’15.

Still overpriced for what u get, but they do work.