LEVC TX Electric Taxi Arrive On London’s Roads Today For The Final Tests – Videos

OCT 26 2017 BY MARK KANE 14

LEVC TX electric taxi

The range-extended TX taxi has entered the final phase of its tests on the streets of London, just ahead of the January 2018 deadline for all newly licensed taxis to be zero emission capable.

LEVC TX electric taxi

Overall we feel the design looks fairly iconic, and reminds us of the old black cabs; but in this case also offers way better comfort, space, fuel economy and of course lower emissions.

Below videos:  Enjoy a ton of video media on the TX

According to the London Electric Vehicle Company, the all-electric range of TX PHEV (using an undisclosed battery pack capacity) is up to 70 miles (112 km), a hefty number for a plug-in hybrid of its size.

The price, or perhaps rather the total costs for operators, is promised to be affordable, but the £55,599 pricetag (roughly $73,600) OTR (on the road) is a lot no matter how you slice it.

“New features include six seats, contactless card machines, onboard wi-fi, laptop and USB charging, a panoramic roof, and an aluminum body that is stronger and will better protect the passenger. In addition, London’s passengers should expect an unrivalled ride quality, class leading wheelchair accessibility, air-conditioning, phone charging and a much more spacious cabin.

The black cab trade has a global reputation for safety and this remains top of the agenda. World class active and passive safety systems will help to protect both the vehicle and other road users. These include forward collision warnings, autonomous emergency breaking and emergency brake assistance. All of which will act to reinforce the black cab trade’s global reputation for safety.

LEVC is working with drivers and other organisations to ensure that TX drivers will be the world’s most connected cabbies. The new vehicle includes an on-board sat-nav to help drivers identify congestion and plan alternative routes, access to online charge-point maps and hailing apps for taking bookings.”

Chris Gubbey, CEO of the LEVC, said:

“We are incredibly excited to deliver our 6 test vehicles to the streets of London today. Made in the UK, this is set to be the best taxi in the world for the best taxi service in the world.”

We will now be able to accurately quantify the significant improvements these vehicles will make to London’s air quality which will benefit all Londoners regardless of whether you use taxis or not. For those that do, the experience will be transformational.”

LEVC TX electric taxi

LEVC TX electric taxi

LEVC TX electric taxi

LEVC TX electric taxi

LEVC TX electric taxi

And now…the videos! Enjoy!

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Will the London taxi drivers still have to memorize all the streets, or can they just use the Nav system now? The Nav system would have more up-to-date info and real-time traffic conditions.

I hate to say that that’s pretty naive to say.
It’s like someone asking if they still have to charge a normal prius.

Ha, anyways. Yeah man, their test is incredibly rigorous which is unfair given Uber’s way of doing things. AVOIDING all that, it should be mentioned that the TX is also reasonably priced. Previous cabs do start to cost from around £38,000. They also averaged 18mpg or less so it’s a no brainer for the better, less prejudicial taxi driver. No matter how few and Dar between there are

While the company would not disclose the pricing for the TX, Filsell said: “They’re talking to us about *£50,000 [for the new car]. These are about £43,000,” he said of the TX4 he was driving.

* approx £59,000 announced?

1) A £50 million Plug-in Taxi Grant programme accessible throughout the UK. This will give taxi drivers up to £7,500 off the price of a new electric vehicle. http://www.theelectrictaxi.co.uk/2017/04/07/government-announces-new-grants-for-taxi-drivers/
SO, not much in it; far cheaper with lower ‘fuel’ costs, servicing, on-road time/reliability plus a host of passenger +driver extras…

Omitted the link to Guardian article–https://www.theguardian.com/business/2017/jul/11/black-cab-turns-green-new-electric-london-taxi-levc-tx


“The Knowledge” is a point of great pride amongst London cab drivers, so likely will persist unless Gov’t scraps it.
Sort of Ph.D for the cabbies!

Super cool car.

New London taxis already cost 40K+ pounds. This one is a steal.

But taxi drivers are woefully misinformed if their various ‘opinions’ are looked at.

Mmm, I’d love to see a video on that “autonomous emergency breaking” in action. lol

Will there be more wear on front brakes than the typical FWD design due to regen only being applied to the rear?

I like the look. Also, great feeling that there are no emissions other than from the tires (tyres) kicking stuff up in the air. It will be wonderful when all cities are free from ICE cars.

Also on Tour de France, I always thought that it was horrible that lead cars were spewing emissions into the high performance lungs of top conditioned cyclists. Those cars and motorcycles should all be 100% EV.

Nice set of pictures Mark Kane!

Agree with that. Cyclist race’s support cars are perfect for electric vehicles. Hopefully will see them soon.

BTW notice how the GB euro symbol has been removed in the new plates… Brexit?

I thought the Hackney Carriage was about the most obvious way to go electric, and move on from ICE. In my mind, that seemed likely to be a Hackney Carriage fitted with swappable battery packs (in these early, relatively low energy density days). They’re not precluded from this better option, despite being fitted with ICE for now.