LEVC (London Taxi) Unveils Final Design Of Its New Electric TX Taxi

JUL 28 2017 BY MARK KANE 16

The London Taxi Company has unveiled the final design of its new range-extended electric taxi, which also now gets a name – the TX.

Also to note, the company has changed its name to the London EV Company (LEVT), perhaps thinking about branching out past e-transportation services in the future.

LEVC TX electric taxi

The LEVC TX electric taxi will have more than 400 miles of total range, including some 70 miles in all-electric mode. The range-extender is a small petrol generator.

According to the company, the plug-in capabilities will bring an average savings of £100 on fuel every week.

The TX has already attracted its first volume order outside the UK – RMC in the Netherlands has ordered 225 vehicles, that are scheduled for delivery in 2018.

“London Taxi Company (LTC) has relaunched as LEVC, marking the next stage in the company’s transformation. Underpinned by an investment totalling £325m, LEVC, a wholly-owned subsidiary of Geely, has the single-minded ambition to be the urban commercial vehicle provider of choice for cities around the world.”

“Alongside the unveiling of the new name and brand logo, LEVC also revealed the final version of the new London Taxi – the TX – and its eCity technology comprising of an advanced battery electric powertrain with a small petrol generator. Applied to the all-new electric TX, the technology allows for a range of over 400 miles including well over 70 miles range with zero emissions.”

LEVC TX electric taxi

“Due to launch in London later this year, LEVC is finalising its quality and testing regime for the TX which has taken it to the extreme heat of the Arizona desert and freezing temperatures in the Arctic Circle. LEVC expects strong demand from its launch market in London once the order book opens on the 1st August 2017.”

“A key consideration for the company’s new name and brand positioning is its international strategy, which has been boosted by the news that LEVC has received its first major international order from RMC in the Netherlands for an initial 225 vehicles to be delivered in 2018. RMC, one of the Netherlands’ largest taxi operators, has been appointed as the importer and operator.”

LEVC TX electric taxi

LEVC TX electric taxi

Chris Gubbey, CEO, LEVC said:

LEVC TX electric taxi

“Today is an incredibly exciting day for the company, for the world’s cities, for the air we breathe and for the drivers of commercial vehicles. The launch of LEVC marks Britain’s leadership as a first mover in creating the world’s only dedicated electric vehicle company for the urban commercial market.”

“From our heritage as the manufacturer of the iconic London Taxi, we have unparalleled insight into the needs of commercial operators. Drawing on the best of British design and engineering as well as technical expertise from our sister company Volvo, our products will help transform city living and provide taxi drivers with an average weekly fuel saving of £100 compared with our outgoing diesel model.”

“London has led the way in setting out tough measures to reduce taxi and van emissions and in just a few short years we expect EVs for the commercial operator will not just become commonplace, but mandatory in cities around the world creating huge opportunities for LEVC globally.”

LEVC TX electric taxi

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This drive train on a light van or scaled up a little to a transit sized van would sell a lot, if and this is a big if we can get a decent fast charge network setup in the UK. They are installing 300+ fast chargers for taxi’s in London which will probably be enough but if people are generally going to need to charge overnight at home and then once during the day it’s going to need a lot more.

Geely have allready developed a van version it is called emerald T-001.
Auto car ran an article about it last year.
It will be built in the same factory. Plug in hybrid 25kwh battery, composite body panels.
Apparently there were planning to build 30.000 a year Vs 6000 taxis.
Haven’t heard anything about it since. Here is hoping that they haven’t shelved it.

Another car based on the Volt. Looks roomy.

Please explain. Its gasoline engine can’t provide direct propulsion but only charges the battery pack. It is rear-wheel drive. It seems quite different from the Volt and more like the BMW i3.

The i3 was also based on the Volt. Back in 2007 there was this idea, of a plug-in EV, but with a gas engine range extender to prevent range anxiety. Thus the PHEV concept was born.

Renault was doing it 4 years before then

There was a GM concept car in the 1960s too.

Where did you get that idea?

The i3 was based on a BMW concept that dated back as far as 2001… it’s in no way based on the volt.

Good for London. Birmingham… Euro five diesel will do apparently.

Love the look

Interesting that they are already making use of the Geely parts bin. The driver screens and wheel are straight from a SPA Volvo product.

It looks like they forgot to take the gas engine out.

I read the average mileage of a London taxi was around 150 miles. If this is true then it would have been nicer to have the battery pack so it covered at least the average mileage and then the range extender to cover those who did more.

A quick web search shows black cab average daily mileage varies depending on who you ask – just what I would expect from this dodgy lot. But if you take the average of the averages, it’s more like 130 miles. The odd thing is that London’s average traffic speed is about 8mph. Well, 130/8 = 16 hours… doesn’t quite add up, does it. In any event, without a change in the law (if you hail a black cab and it stops to speak to you, the driver is lawfully bound to take you anywhere within the city boundary – pretty much inside the M25) so it could mean a going from one side of London to the other. Going through the centre would not make sense (using the M25 ‘ring road’ would) and so you are up to potentially 100 miles to do that cross-London journey. Upshot is, a workable system would mean either changing the law (to allow cab drivers to refuse a fare on the basis that they didn’t have enough range), have a range extender or get a considerably bigger battery. No mention of price, yet, something that has black cab drivers very worried, if this thing… Read more »

Let’s get one thing straight: This is not an “electric taxi.” It is mostly powered by a gas engine. At most, it is a plug-in hybrid.

Let’s get one thing straight: This is not an “electric taxi.” It is mostly powered by a gas engine. At most, it is a plug-in hybrid.It is confusing to call this car electric.

Should have been named TXe, not just TX