Exclusive: Letter From Child Prompts Musk To Run Tesla Fan-Made Commercial Competition

Elon Musk


A 10-year-old girl from Michigan (my daughter) sent Elon Musk a personal letter, as part of a school project. She was asked to write a letter to a business, with a complaint, request, or suggestion, etc…

The teacher had hoped that some of the students would actually get a response back and that would later be shared in class. The letter was Tweeted to Tesla CEO Elon Musk and almost immediately a response came back:

The idea, as detailed in the letter seen below, is a fan-made Tesla commercial competition.

Letter From Bria To Tesla CEO Elon Musk

Bria decided to send a letter to Tesla CEO Elon Musk because she wants to save the environment and aspires to be a politician someday.

However, we all know that if she simply “snail-mailed” a letter to Palo Alto, the chances of Musk seeing it in person anytime soon would likely be slim. So her dad (myself, the author of this article) contacted one of Tesla’s PR people, to speed up the process.

Within a matter of minutes of posting it on Twitter, Musk read the letter, responded, and plans to initiate the idea.

We have posted several Tesla fan commercials here in the past. Many are surely worthy of being aired nationally. It will be very interesting to see what comes of this.

As busy as Elon Musk is, especially these days, and his communications team, it’s amazing to see how quickly they fielded a letter from a child. It truly shows what an upstanding company Tesla is, and the commitment of Musk and the people that work for him.

Thank you Elon!

*Editor’s note: Oh yea … they are mailing Bria her Tesla t-shirt too!

Some previous Tesla fan-made ad spots:

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Who’s the dad?

Steven Loveday, InsideEVs writer and author of this article.

So Eric, are you Stevens son.. or brother?

We are brothers.

Neat. Thanks for the info.

Didn’t know you guys were also Michiganders.

Yes sir! Lifelong, Detroit area. I figured that you were from Michigan as well, based on past comments. Hello neighbor!

A few of us Michiganders on here.
Congrats to Bria and her resourceful father.

Here’s a link to one of my favorites. I don’t think many have seen it. Kind of appropriate given the subject matter:

Tesla Spec from Rob Perez on Vimeo.

From one Michigander to another!

I have 3 favorites. The one you linked to, the “Modern Spaceship”, and this one

Great video; thanks!

Cool. It would be neat if someone could post links to several of these Tesla fan made commercials.

By request, I just added 4 or so into this story for you to get things started, (=

Thanks Jay. You’re the best!!

Not me, but the team is definitely the best, proud of all of them…4 of us working (if you can call talking about EVs all day work) at what the heck time is it here atm? 10:30 PM (EST)

Wow, just watched them, they’re all good. I only have to say that the third one in quite long.

I tried to send you a bunch of Tesla commercials earlier. Didn’t work. Hmmm … Well there are a lot at that link and it takes you to more as you click them.

This isn’t all of them, but here’s the commercials that caught my attention:

Tesla Spec – https://player.vimeo.com/video/104135581

Not A Dream – https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=sZ0ypbd8EbM

Modern spaceship – https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=KKbRAazkiWc

All CGI (Fireflies) – https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=udZeqCyrAE4

Gallons of Light – https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=QweNsLesMrM

Tesla: Step into the Future – https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=3pndnueOCrw

User: Industry American – https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=Q0hQXbYhTLM

Reevaluate your life – https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=VoRoSx6x64Y

Hope – https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=BCcfiwQZIQg

Capable of Greatness – https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=-DndUqALw7U

So… why is it that Tesla doesn’t advertise?

My pov is that Tesla for one really does need to advertise. They have back logs of demand, as long as they have existed.
The M3 has between 400k to 500k registrations.

In addition on you tube and elsewhere you can find multiple channels partially or fully dedicated to Tesla.

Advertising costs money and you advertise to get people to buy your product. Tesla has indicated by words and their actions that they believe the car will sell itself and that monies spent on ads are more well spent elsewhere.

I read recently that Ford spend US$2.5k for every car they sell…



$4.4b advertising / 6.6m vehicles = $600/vehicle (note this is all vehicles, not just cars so the $2.5k/*car* may still be true. Also the ‘accounting’ periods are probably not the same for both stats.

Good info and research as usual.

..does not need. I forgot the not.

Also on twitter I find it hard to believe that a few people are questioning that the letter was written by a child. Sad.

If you look at the circumstances like her dad is a writer, probably talks about Tesla at the dinner table.
So his daughter takes an interest in both evs plus she loves to write, like her dad, and composes a letter to Elon, sort of like writing to Santa… and Yes, Bria, there is an Elon Musk.

On the other hand, there is no question in my mind that you indeed wrote your own Tweet that was liked by President Trump. Kudos and congratulations!

If Tesla doesn’t need advertisement, why does Tesla waste 1000$ referral bonus for each advertised car.

The purpose of advertising is to increase demand for a product. If the demand already exceeds supply, then paid advertising is a waste of money. For most of Tesla’s history, demand has exceeded supply. Not always, but by far the majority of the time, at least until very recently. Tesla’s strategy has been to carefully manage media attention to increase demand when needed, to avoid having to use paid mass advertising. Now, it’s an exaggeration to say that Tesla doesn’t advertise. For example, Tesla offers an incentive to someone who buys a Tesla car on the recommendation of another Tesla owner. In the past, Tesla also offered a cash prize to the person recommending that, but they had to stop because some States have laws prohibiting that. Tesla does advertise, it just doesn’t use paid mass advertising. Or at least, it hasn’t yet. That may change in the future, if demand lags behind supply. But even then, I wouldn’t necessarily expect Tesla to use TV ads, which are the most high profile, but usually generate the least return for the very high cost. Tesla would likely be better off investing in Internet banner ads. Targeted ads always have a better… Read more »

Here in Victoria British Columbia, the Victoria Electric Vehicle Club does just that several times a year, but is not focussed solely on Tesla, but all EVs.

For sure it’s a good idea from a bright girl. It makes a good story too. I would be curious to see the level of attention from Tesla/M. Musk to an “ordinary” child. An insideevs.com writer dad help to get attention from a CEO.

Hat tip Bria!!!

bunches and bunches…like a rocket hit a firecracker factory. I predict lots more free commercials for Tesla.

Cool! Also related to Tesla. Solar City cuts 20% of it’s workforce in 2016:

Once the kids and puppies start to shine the light on Tesla EVs, through truthful adverts, the legacy ICE manufactures will have to come up with something competitive to make this battle a fair fight!

It’s surprising that Tesla hadn’t already done this. Some of the fan-made Tesla commercials are better than most ads you’ll see on TV!

So true!

Elon for President!

Bria for président (after Elon)

This is one of the best proposals I have seen those days. Imagine a world where kids would be in charge to decide for their very own future. Kids wouldn’t start any wars for example. Really often the simple plain logic of children would provide an easy solution where we grown ups get lost in confusion, because we are hindered due too many dogmatic paradigms which we are not able (or willing) to put in question. We always think that we have to teach our children, while in fact we could learn so much by just listening to what they say. We (society) accept that our children take methylphenidat (Ritalin) in order to cope with the unnatural and unhealthy environment (classrooms), yet we try to explain to them that they may not drink coffee which we ourselves do in order to cope with the unnatural and unhealthy environments which we created for ourselves. When children are young they are mostly fearless, they often learn how to become afraid of everyone and everything from their parents. I myself for example would not take the “risk” of posting anything to Elon Musk. While rational thinking would tell me that I have nothing… Read more »

No thanks. We already have a ‘Child” as President…

Not anymore. Barry and his playmate Joey had to leave.

Barry huh? I think you ought to let the adults do this.

Do what? ¯\_(ツ)_/¯

Are you saying we should never send a boy to do a man’s job? Is there a floydman that can help us out?

Now now, let’s not let the behavior of 45 ruin this good story!

..ooh ouch. Precise and to the point.


I’d rather vote for Bria than Elon. Mr. Loveday, any plans to have her as a candidate in 2018 after Dump gets impeached out?

Wonderfull idea from a wonderfull girl! My congratulations!

Great idea!! Some fan-made comercials worth the reward. Nice idea to put one on TV.

I love it.

Steven, your service to this website and Tesla are not complete until there are follow up pictures of a 5th grader in a Tesla t-shirt.

I’m sure you’re proud you were able to complete the brain washing process so young and so successfully.

The letter reads like it’s from the dad and not from the daughter…:)

No, because if Steve had wrote it, it would have had typos. BURN!.. LOL j/k Steve 😀

Oh an Elvis…side BURN!


I’m her teacher and Bria is an amazing writer. She has a true passion for it. We discussed using our voice and expressing our ideas in class. We discussed the potential businesses that we could write to.

Thanks for the hard work, cheers !


Great story, I’m glad younger generations will be less addicted to ICE.

Great job Bria! It really is a grand idea. This will be a memorable moment for you and your very very proud dad. Good on ya Steven!

Does anyone know what is usually the biggest cost associated with a TV advert is? Is it producing the advert or airing it?

I know there will be variation in the answer, but I wonder what the typical case is.

I’m guessing costs more to air. apparently 30 second ad slots for the highest rated comedies (can’t remember if this applied to the big bang theory #1 or modern family #2) are $200k.

other examples of ad-time expense being 5+ million for superbowl, $500k for world series and 2 million for oscars.

that’s not to say I think that commercials are by any means cheap, just simply by comparison.

and upon looking it up average national spots produced by ad agencies are $342k and I imagine there are probably royalties, though maybe not given that number maybe they’re factored in. but again, that’s a one time cost with potential royalties compared to what probably has to be at least 10s of thousands each time an episode airs nationally regardless of the time slot and network.

anyway a quick google search might tell you for sure.

It’s a scary time right now with Trump’s views on the environment, but with kids like this one willing to enter politics I think our future will be bright.

My 8yr old is a huge Elon fan, I can’t wait to show him this letter, well done Bria. He said he wants to be Elon’s business partner when he grows up.

this is sweet

Pretty cool stuff Steven. Grats on the proud moment.

Haha. Thank you all for the support. It’s been a pretty crazy day. News teams are at her school now.

Wow, this is amazing! I’m surprised he actually responded! Gotta love Elon Musk.

Yea … pretty cool for sure!

This little girl sounds smarter than 99% of the posters on the internet.

I guess we do have a “brighter future” after all.

My favorite commercial linked in the article was the modern spaceship. It was touching, interesting, and short enough to fit in a 60 second spot.

Wow bizarre timing for us. My Son is an aspiring videographer and he just got some new video equipment including a drone and filmed this Tesla Short last weekend and uploaded the first version on Wednesday. That might explain why he had over 900 views in one day before he moved it to a new YouTube channel.

Very nice!