Let’s Take A Look Inside A Bulletproof Tesla


Check out this Armormax bulletproof Tesla Model S P100D that’s heading to the Middle East soon.

What’s Inside? Family got a call from Armormax letting them know that they could partake in a unique opportunity. The company had just finished prepping an armored Tesla for a buyer in the Middle East. Before the Model S ships, the family gets an opportunity to see it up close and go out for a ride.

Bulletproofing is a major process that involves much more than just adding thicker glass. It adds a significant amount of weight and structural rigidity to the car and can even void the original warranty. At the bottom of the page, we’ve included another video that shows the armoring process in depth, as well as some actual testing.

How well does the car accelerate after it has been bulletproofed?

Does Autopilot still work?

Check out the video to find out!

Video Description via WHAT’S INSIDE? FAMILY on YouTube:

We Performed a Speed Test on a Bulletproof Tesla.

Pretty cool to see a model S, 3 and X all together! This Modified Model S is going to be shipped to a person in the Middle East. While it is super cool to see, it is also kinda sad that people around the world have to bulletproof their cars.

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But that’s only the first step! Next comes the twin machine guns installed behind swiveling headlights.

(And for anyone who’s never read Alan Dean Foster’s “Why Johnny Can’t Speed”… you should correct that immediately!)

Dillon Aero could handle that mod…but easier to do a roof mount on a model X.

And rocket launchers in the falcon wing doors, so when you open your falcon doors you can shoot rockets out the ends of the doors!!


Curious what kind range the vehicle would get after those kinds of modifications. Not that it likely matters to the buyer.