Leonardo DiCaprio Tours Tesla Gigafactory With Elon Musk – Video


National Geographic released this video from an upcoming documentary called “Before the Flood.” This clip from the documentary features Leonardo DiCaprio’s tour of the Tesla Gigfactory, where he meets up with Tesla CEO Elon Musk.

Leonardo & Elon

Leonardo & Elon (via National Geographic Doc)

Musk and DiCaprio briefly tour the battery factory while discussing topics such as sustainability, renewable energy, battery costs and more.

But most important to us, the video provides us with one of those rare glimpses behind the factory doors.

The fully documentary “Before the Flood”airs Sunday, October 30th at 9/8c on the National Geographic Channel.

Video description:

“Leonardo DiCaprio visits Tesla’s Gigafactory and discusses with Elon Musk how the world can transition from fossil fuels to renewable energy.”

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Looking forward to the full video.

Spoiler Alert!

The best part of the video is when Leonardo and Elon are standing on the hood of a Model X while it drag races a Lamborghini on an empty highway using Autopilot and with no one in the driver’s seat. As the Model X pulls away from the Lamoborgini for the win, Elon steps behind Leonardo, stretches his arms out to the sides and yells “I’m the king of the world” and then starts hooting and hollering. Leonardo turns around and says: “Hey Elon, that’s my line! Get your own catch phrase.”

It’s just a coincidence that in this scene the hood of the Model X plays the role of the front deck of the Titanic. 😉

DiCaprio, the hypocrite.

how so? Didn’t he drive a Prius for years?

He owned a Prius for years.

Had paparazzi take pictures of him pumping gas into his Prius.

Drove a 750il instead.

Takes private jets to environmentalist conferences.

Because 1st Class in a commercial flight is unacceptable.

Meh, I don’t follow celebrities lives off the screen, but I would have to look at the net result of his actions. If he takes a private jet to make a movie about curbing CO2 that results in 1000 people buying an EV, then how does it all pan out?

I guess that’s who’s buying the ten megawatt utility grade battery storage system for their house.

I remember seeing a story that Al Gore had a mansion that used over 80 houses worth of power and he used personal jets. The funny thing though was George Bush’s house was only a quarter as big and even had solar panels. But Bush was more efferent and a lot smaller.

What also made the story funny was when Al Gore bought a solar system it was able to generate 40 to 80 houses worth of power.

What kind of makes me mad about some of these environmentalists is stop telling me not to drive or to not have kids and live in a straw shake made out of recycled news papers. If your living a house using five times more power then my neighborhood. And driving around in a hummer escorted by ten SUV’s.

“I” don’t follow celebrities lives either.

But the better half insist on TMZ on the boob toob during dinner. There are certain Kardashian trivia I can’t unlearn.

“But the net effect” gives everyone a pass on hypocrisy.

And I don’t know that 1000 people buy EVs as a direct result of Leo showing up somewhere in a private jet.

No.. because having crazed screaming female fans try to rip you apart at the airport is unacceptable.

I hate when that happens.

Because he doesn’t live in a tiny house or ride a bike everywhere? He’s far better than most…

Why not pick on Oprah, she was known during the drought to pay $15K to have water trucked in to secretly water her estate to avoid being drought-shamed…And let’s not forget in the mid 2000s she gave away Pontiac G6’s to every audience member…She put 276 ICE vehicles on the road…

As far as the rich and powerful, Leo is just about as good as it gets…

> Because he doesn’t live in a tiny house or ride a bike everywhere? He’s far better than most…

Nothing so modest. He flies around in his private jet.

If Oprah is having water trucked in then I really can’t get mad at her. If say the water was being trucked in from a local ocean water to freshwater plant then I wouldn’t care.

Wow, I guess Murdoch isn’t dictating editorial decisions after all.

He’s not from Musk.

It would be Elon of Pretoria (place of birth), or Elon of Fremont for example.

Thanks for the input, but similar to James Bond I have a license to kill, though mine is poetical.
In addition like most Americans I have, and fully exercise, the right to murder the Queen’s English.

I fixed a few things that were annoying me on that first draft. (Thanks to the ed for aiding me in my fumbling attempts, to share this).

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link is bad/wrong – 404
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I can see Dicaprio playing Musk in a movie. Who would play Bob dinosaur Lutz?

Musk usually plays himself in movies.

I do find Elon Musk as a real life movie character. Do to all the projects and ideas he is working on at the same time.

..um, an Ovrthillisaurus?

You’re in good form today, ffbj. I love your sense of humour. 🙂


Is see Jim Parsons, (aka Sheldon Cooper on the Big Bang Theory) playing Elon Musk, and Robert De Nero or Will Farell (for comedic effect) playing Bob Lutz.

Nah. For Bob Lutz, cast Clint Eastwood. He can recreate his “Get off my lawn, you dang kid!” rants from “Gran Torino”. 😉

And he can yell at Elon to get off his chair, but Elon will already have left (to innovate). Leaving Clint yelling at an empty chair.