Leonardo DiCaprio Promotes Electric Vehicles For BYD As New Brand Ambassador

DEC 16 2016 BY JAY COLE 37

BYD and Leonardo DiCaprio announced today that the Academy Award-winning actor has signed on to promote electric vehicles in China as the brand’s new ambassador.

Tesla CEO Elon Musk talks to Leonardo DiCaprio about climate change in actor's recent documentary "Before the Flood"

Tesla CEO Elon Musk talks to Leonardo DiCaprio about climate change in actor’s recent documentary “Before the Flood”

DiCaprio is known for his environmental activism, having recently met with President-Elect Trump on the subject, and by taking a leading roll in the climate-change documentary “Before the Flood”, and also serving as the UN Messenger of Peace on the subject.

For 2016, BYD is the largest manufacturer of plug-in vehicles (or New Energy Vehicles as it is termed locally in China), of which BYD says is part of its “Cool the Earth by 1°C” campaign for the creation of a “Zero Emissions Energy Ecosystem”.  

That commitment includes not only plug-in cars, but utility vehicles, buses, solar PV, renewable storage and light electric monorail systems (note the model held by DiCaprio in the above photo).

“All over the world people are realizing that cars that run on fossil fuels are inefficient and a major threat to the planet. I am very pleased to be joining an effort to increase the number of clean vehicles on the road in China and beyond.” – DiCaprio on joining the BYD team

BYD plug-in electric car sales in China – November 2016

BYD plug-in electric car sales in China – November 2016

Through the first 6 months of the year In China, BYD held a 65% share of the plug-in market, and more than 11% of the global market, with a year-over-year growth rate of more than 100%.

“Mr. Leonardo DiCaprio has greatly inspired the world with his outstanding dedication to saving the planet’s ecological environment. As our brand ambassador in China, we are pleased to work with him in promoting public awareness of climate change through the use of new energy vehicles.” – BYD Brand and Public Relations General Manager Sherry Li

Details are still scarce on what the actor will be doing for BYD, but a statement from the company says that “DiCaprio will work closely with BYD throughout 2017 to highlight new developments and announcements in China regarding the company’s line of new energy vehicles.”

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Maybe he will do a line of ads for BYD, like his Orico Card ones in Japan. 🙂

Whatever happened to him being a “Fisker Automotive” ambasador? ;oP

Even if Fisker Automotive was still around, switching to BYD would definitely be trading up!

That “went up in smoke”… 😛

It would’ve been more interesting if they had some anti-climate change nut job. I mean the really nutty ones who think there’s no change at all. That would show the world that EVs are more than just about climate change.

I wonder if Senator Inhofe is available for such work. 🙂

I get the appeal of doing that. 🙂 But something tells me that specific pairing wouldn’t be a great partnership.

It would only send a message to a few very specific set of people who live in OK and follow politics or who would be willing to google the phrase “who on earth is Jim Inhofe.”

Maybe a well known conservative actor or singer? Chuck Norris or Clint Eastwood?

It’s not about conservative, but view on climate change. I don’t know of anyone more fit for ridicule than “it snowed today, so there’s no climate change” Inhofe. I just about burst out laughing. There are plenty of people promoting EV from climate change angle, and even if total nut job (or comedian) like Inhofe can get behind EV, that sends a powerful message.

I agree it would be better to have more “popular” climate change denier, but it’s hard to top Inhofe.

Warren Buffet and Leo DeCap for the WIn! Maybe the BYD showroom in downtown LA, next to The Mercedes Benz dealer, won’t be a hollowed out ghost town, like it has been for the last few years.

Leonardo DiCaprio thinks that Alberta’s Chinooks was related to climate change. Just google his name, and chinook if you want to find out about it.

Flies around in a private jet!

Just what the world needs. A Hollywood liberal elitist living his hypocritical life, telling us how we have to lower our carbon footprint!

Someone give him a Noble prize! I’m sure it’s coming.

The guy has a huge heart and what he is doing iis nothing short of great.

Your comments not so much. Maybe spoil yourself today and lose the bad attitude.

AlphaEdge “knows” it’s true because he read it on Breitbart. No, seriously.

From your own post the other day:
“Dude, you really need to get help with your mental disorder, your addiction to online stalking.”

What people like Elon Musk is doing is great. He’s making a difference. He puts his money where his mouth is.

I doubt they will ever give him the Noble prize though.

Nobel Peace prize is garbage. When Tesla is selling more cars than some big name makers like Ford, Musk should win the Nobel prize in economics, award that actually mean something.

> Nobel Peace prize is garbage.

Of course, after they gave it to Obama for doing nothing. He even questioned it.

That’s what happens if you let your neighbor do your job. It is time for Sweden to stop letting Norwegians decide who gets that award and bring the award back home where it belongs.

The economics prize is not a Nobel price by the way. its only in the memory of Alfred Nobel.

😉 On all points of a political spectrum, we as humans we are full of contradictions. To say anything otherwise would be hypocritical.

In any case, I would think most people don’t know Leo for his environmental activism.

But they do know who he is and he is well loved – especially by women. My mother is a moderate conservative and she adores DiCaprio.

I am guessing he is a very popular actor in China also considering American films do quite well there. Most likely his job is just to bring excitement and press to announcements and product unveilings.

The Reverent was an awesome movie.

He takes private jets to avoid people like yourself…

I wish he would promote American made EVs like the Chevy Bolt, Volt, and Spark instead of an adversary’s products.

Maybe Chevy is not that smart.

More like leo is not that bright.
He keeps trying to talk ppl into changing when it is gov and businesses that need to change.

Worse, leo picked a loser with fiskar and he does it again with BYD.
If he had any brains, he would be backing Tesla.

BYD is second in EV commitment only to Tesla so it is good but if GM wanted to make comericals for their EVs I would imagine he would have signed up in a heartbeat…

Totally agree with you.
The idea of his promoting BYD is disgusting to me, esp. since BYD produces a fairly lousy car. Most are hybrids and all in all, very high price for a low-end car.

are we going to add 25% import tax to BYD cars made in china like they do on US and EU cars?

Hmmm, maybe DiCaprio will now ditch that gas guzzlin’ Range Rover SUV he was driving only a few months ago? The guy can more than afford electric drive transportation, yet chooses not to.

The work he does for the environment offsets a million times the CO² from one car.

What environment work has he done? Plant a tree? Or are you talking about flying around and polluting when Skype would’ve done just as well.

My inner Grammar Nazi says:

“…taking a leading roll in the climate-change documentary…”

That should be “role”, not “roll”.

Maybe Leo was doing gymnastics for BYD.

Maybe BYD could “Borrow” the Smithsonian operational EV1, fully reverse engineer it, and make EV1 ‘Clones’ for sale?

Just use a screen and software to replicate the old displays for shows, but have a modern screen there for normal driving selection!

Even using Lithium Iron Phosphate Cells (LiFePO4) and Batteries in it could bring it up to 150-220 miles range (Winter-Summer), or more! (3X the Energy Density of Lead Acid, so could possibly get 240 miles range! If they used Tesla’s choice of 3.4 Ah Panasonic 18650 cells, could maybe even deliver 300+ miles range!)

Leo has done various public appearances/endorsements for Fisker, Tesla, and now BYD. I like the fact that he is help pushing EVs.

BYD just hired Wolfgang Egger as a designer (Alfa Romeo 8c). Future cars might be junk, but good-looking. If Leo could find a way to make jet fuel from hemp, it might burnish his image.

BYD maybe a Chinese company but they make their buses in Southern California. They have a very long battery warranty too. They even have V2G.

Let’s all work together to stop OIL imports, Fracking and air pollution.

BYD assembles Chinese parts in SoCal. If that’s “make their buses”, OK, if you say so. But anyone who knows buses and looks closely sees a Chinese bus…batteries, motors, steel, drivetrain, interiors. Read BYD’s own reporting, it’s a Chinese battery company.

The EV market has a problem. It is that they are being used as a tool to “fix” man made climate change.

This labels ICE drivers as “the problem” and calls out 99.5% lf all of today’s drivers.

EV advocacy must turn. It has to be about cars that last longer, are cheaper to operate long term, are safer, more fun to drive and more. The Leo angle and cutting global temperatures is not exactly a uniform selling point and in some ways, could backfire if there comes a year or tow of temperature decline which isn’t expected.

For 10 years, Prius owners had some levels of indignation and many called them full of hubris and aloofness. Now, with 35 to 50 plug on models, we need to try to push the EV as one which makes sense on all angles and not just global temperature issues.

It is definitely a great improvement for BYD’s brand image.Leo’s contribution to protecting the environment is highly aligned with BYD’s green vision. Congratulations!