Leonardo DiCaprio Meets With President Elect Trump To Discuss Climate Change


Leonardo DiCaprio discussing climate change with Elon Musk for the filming of "Before the Flood"

Leonardo DiCaprio discussing climate change with Elon Musk for the filming of “Before the Flood”

Recently, we mentioned the new TV special, Before the Flood, with Leonardo DiCaprio providing an insightful look into the global warming/climate change epidemic. Of course, it featured Tesla CEO Elon Musk. Leo is on a roll, using his celebrity status to push the issue. This week he met with President-elect Donald Trump to attempt to make some headway.

Trump has Tweeted numerous times sharing his opinions about climate change

Trump has Tweeted numerous times sharing his opinions about climate change

As if Trump didn’t have enough information to sort out regarding the subject and his official views, he has been inundated as of late. Aside from Leo’s visit, Trump met with Al Gore, concerning the same subject matter. Gore is a leading environmental activist himself. Ironically, this all happened during the same time frame that it was reported that Trump chose Oklahoma attorney general, Scott Pruitt, to lead the EPA. Pruitt is a known advocate against climate change, and has actually sued the EPA several times in the past.

Leo’s organization provided Trump with a 90-minute presentation about global warming, showcasing government opportunities for economic growth through jobs related to the subject. Terry Tamminen, CEO of the Leonardo DiCaprio foundation explained:

“We presented the President-elect and his advisors with a framework … that details how to unleash a major economic revival across the United States that is centered on investments in sustainable infrastructure. Our conversation focused on how to create millions of secure, American jobs in the construction and operation of commercial and residential clean, renewable energy generation.”

Trump has sort of a reputation for denouncing climate change, mostly in the form of multiple negative Tweets in the past. However, it is hard to know whether it was from a lack of information, an attempt to be “funny”, following party/popular opinion of those in his circle, or his genuine beliefs. Now, with the myriad of information in his lap, he can hopefully make an informed judgement.

The future Commander-in-chief may not be completely against hearing what Leo and organization have to share. Tamminen said:

“The President-elect expressed his desire for a follow up meeting in January, and we look forward to continuing the conversation with the incoming administration as we work to stop the dangerous march of climate change, while putting millions of people to work at the same time.”

On a side note, if Ivanka has the ability to make any impact, it was reported that Leo gave Trump’s daughter a personal copy of Before the Flood.

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I don’t know why anyone cares what Leonardo thinks about climate change.

It is not about his personal views, but about the facts. If he can get some face-time with Trump talking about climate change, then he has accomplished more than anyone else.

What does it matter? Trump has already made his pick for the guy who will be in charge of the EPA; the guy who clearly will gut it and neuter its power as far as he can.

The fact that Trump himself has no real agenda other than getting media attention (in that, he’s by far the most successful person in history) and enriching himself, doesn’t really matter. What really matters is the people he’s picking to run his administration: The hard-right, pro-big-business, pro-big-oil, super-rich guys he’s picked will certainly push their half-reactionary, half-fascist, kleptocrat, anti-environmental agenda as far as they can.

If you like how the very rich have rigged the banking system, the stock market, and the tax system to keep more and more of all wealth for themselves over the past 35 years or so, then you’re gonna simply love the next four years!

I find the CEO of Hardes running the labor department a joke like a Trex taking over the job of watching a heard of sheep.

But what is interesting is now will the Second Generation of EV’s be able to with stand the attacks from these oil electives in office.

I’m also wounder what type of taxes and add on the oil executives in office will try.

What makes this really ironic is how it’s just another FU to Small Business Republicans, from Republicans, to Republicans. Because, we’ve had a public experiment about the minimum wage in Seattle. And your Rush Limbaugh Repub was heavily invested in that the wage increase in Seattle was going to be a Disaster. And it was not. The result of the experiment was increased economic activity, growth and JOBS. What? In Increase in the minimum wage created MORE JOBS??? How is that possible? The Velocity of Money. When you give Alan a raise, he spends his money in Betty’s barber shop. Betty has more money, and spends it to get her nails done in Cathy’s Salon. Cathy is doing more business and buys a Dell Computer. More money in the economy means More Transactions in the economy. So, why would a person from a Large Corporate Franchise not know about this. Because they’re incentivized by Wall Street, to produce greater growth Year-over-Year. What have they done to achieve that growth? Well, lets look at that McD’s Bacon-Egg-Cheese Bagel. -The bagel now looks smaller, it gets smaller every year. -It doesn’t smell like bread anymore. -The Egg is a Corporate Farm egg-something… Read more »

“…The fact that Trump himself has no real agenda other than getting media attention…”

Through his arm-twisting of the head of United Technologies – saving 950 jobs, and just had a commitment from the head of Japan’s SOFBANK to create 50,000 (!!!!) jobs in the U.S. shows, as usual, you just broadcast slime. Your comments are borderline slanderous.

Webster Tarpley, a ‘Self-Important’ FDR style liberal who I enjoy listening to because he is admittedly the foremost historian this country, and occassionally has a intelligent take on certain subjects – He Loves Nuclear Power, but thinks man-mind global warming is nonsense, so I can agree with 1/2 of that; anyway he has stupidly claimed Trump’s wife is a whore. Trump is suing him for slander – so if people want to say things, they better be damn sure they are saying truthful statements.
And it certainly has shut Tarpley up about making unprovable statements.

A rank and file auto worker at a Chrysler plant it was reported was having an argument with his Union Steward about voting for Trump.

“Trump has done more for me already than all the democrats combined”.

Which 1/2?

LOL, Bill is again showing us his Alt-Right propaganda influenced opinions:


About WND.com, a peddler of the Alt-Right nutter conspiracy theories like der Fuhrer Trump’s Obama Birther B.S. and other outright rascist lies:


Its no wonder this country is a s screwed up as it is with the cognitive dissonance on display here with Bill and the other EV owning Alt Righters.

People who support a psychopath who will be shortly be in control of the worlds most powerful nuclear arsenal and has shown to be fascinated with the idea of using it:



Bill also worries about “chemtrails”…..so….yeah….

So that is a chemtrails, nothing to see here, rejoinder! Good looking out for “those folks”!

Yeah, Bill is so Bad and Bill is so Dumb.

Meanwhile you guys, who laughed it up so much and cackled at the thought of anyone remotely voting for Trump (I’m just a reluctant supporter – I mainly didn’t want more of the Bush/Clinton crime families), now have CRYING SESSIONS at the local college, Consoling Sessions, and Teddy Bears that they borrowed from the local Nursuries.

BTW, I don’t listen to any of those websites, but I do occassionally turn on RUSH, but only for a few minutes since he is so SELF ABSORBED.

Anyway, so be it. At least Jay Cole and Clarkson Cote still like me – (and Brian too otherwise he wouldn’t go to lunch with me every few months).

I guess this rank and file autoworker forgot when Obama saved his company from going bankrupt. There would be no job to save without Democrats. Some people have short memories.

These guys listen to retard Limbaugh, and BELIEVE. Limbaugh is so old and senile now he can’t even form complete sentences. He’s just a stream of retarded off the cuff tangent, and tangent, and tangent and tangent and tangent….

You can’t fact check morons who have destroyed logic processors.

I say the same about much of the left. Especially telling is when it comes to gun control. Oooh, black plastic bad gun, wooden handle good gun.

I’ve got an iWatch and a smart phone, and I have to listen to Great Grand Dad till me they can’t make a smart gun.

So, I understand the lack of logic on both sides.

But, the left has a point here. You rural folk forget that there’s nothing to hunt in cities. And these guns, in cities are vastly more deadly. Really this should be the demarcation. You live in the country sure, you can play with deadly force and likely not kill anyone. That logic is illogic in cities.

You mean like Obama saying “you didn’t build that”? How do you think US became a nation after independence and became so successful since then? It’s not by having 50% tax rate (tax in almost all aspects of life) and having the government tell you what you can eat like we do today.

Some people don’t know history or simply choose to ignore it and repeat the mistakes of the past. There’s a reason why Bolsheviks are no longer in power, and it’s not because “you didn’t build that”.

You might want to remember that United Technologies did not make any promises as to how long those “saved” jobs would last.

And personally, I don’t consider 800 jobs out of 2000 a victory.
Maybe you do, but I bet those 1300 displaced workers don’t.

The 1,300 job loss, was still not a win at the end of the day.

Carrier jobs are 800, and they’re still going to lay off and move jobs to Mexico. The remaining jobs require a Tax Payer Bailout. Do you think it will be affordable for the tax payer to have to pay to keep jobs in America. Once this starts, ALL American companies will threaten to leave to get a tax payer bailout. Secondly, You’d better start reading the MSM again. Trump is going to F you over Big Time. Social Security going to get destroyed, this is the first step. http://www.latimes.com/business/hiltzik/la-fi-hiltzik-social-security-gop-20161209-story.html Or, are you going to kiss his Rear, and tell us Social Security was dying anyway. Because it wasn’t dying under Clinton/Sanders. Only now with the aholes in power, and Republicans cutting Working Class Benefit Programs is it dying. Trump going to give you 1% of something and take 99% of it. This is CLASS WAR. By the way, Solar now employs more people than the oil and coal industry. What the Democrats do is Push Corporations to the next place Jobs Will Be, and that way avoid Massive Layoffs. Either you do it the Democratic way and incentivize industry to move into Solar and Wind, slowly and predictably. Or you… Read more »

Oh, and I forgot MEDICARE.
Lier Trump also destroying that.
How do you feel now Bill, with Lier Trump Destroying all the thinks that kept Working Class White People able to get to retirement and be health in it?

Oh, and Lier Trump Kissing Goldman Sachs ***.


Yeah, you working class Repubs got F’d.

@mx +10 right on!

62,793,872 Republican voters drank the Kool-Aid!

They F’d us Democrats over big time.
Team Republican WON.

And as we warned them Repubs were going to F their base. I brings tears to my eyes, like an old Reagan speech.

But, I remember Reagan: “Trust but Verify”.
I trusted and then verified that Repub leaders would rob us of a decent life, and they have.

Now, we’re all going to have to retire later, 69, and many of us aren’t going to EVER make it to 69.

So, I sad that Hillary was vilified and lied about by Russian Trolls, but, I’m more sad my rural Repub “True Believers” are now going to live like Russian Serfs.

+1 Well said…

Rather than meet with climate scientists, Rump meets with Leo..guess he can not understand big words.

Most everybody care about what people think about it, why would it be different with Leo?
Beside, he have more capability and team ressource than most, so who is agains’t fact?

Be it him or Joe Blow, the fact matter best if the narrator have exposure.

United Nations Secretary-General Ban Ki-moon has designated Leonardo DiCaprio as a UN Messenger of Peace with a special focus on climate change.

For that matter why does anyone care what anonomouys people post on an EV website comment section??
But in my world the only opions more worthless than actors are athletes…
DiCaprio is one of my exceptions though as he has a brain and is not afraid to use it…

Brains used, in the service of creating positive change– are always worth caring about. 😉

Dicaprio did not even graduate from high school, has no advanced education after that and particular expertise in anything even remotely related to climate science, energy, pollution, engineering, science or a related field. His job, and one he’s very good at, is to convince people that he’s something he is not (i.e. acting), pretty much the same as Trump (i.e. con man) so in that respect I guess they are made for each other.

So what?

I’m not picking on DiCaprio for that, nor that I have much more Physics schooling (and higher grades) than both AL Gore, and his mentor Maurice strong.

I guess the big difference is that I’m not a major (or even a minor) player in Oxydental Petroleum, or Dome Petroleum, respectively.

Check out “The Age of Stupid” he has been looking at the big picture for over 10 years now and has work with leaders from around the world on climate change. That’s why.

“…if Ivanka has the ability to make any impact,…”
I don’t think Ivanka has any influence. She may be another fake actor in Trumps bizzare game of “I am The Ruler”. After meeting with Gore, he named Pruitt to head the EPA.
Then this today:


Ivanka influence?, I think not.

I think this work-together approach will bear more fruit than working against each other. When they fight against each other it becomes a battle over whose method won rather than finding a good route.


Q. What’s the #1 factor that influences “EV uptake”?
A. Oil price

Q. What entity has had the primary role in keeping oil prices down over the last 70+ years?
A. The united states military.

Q. Who will control the US military for the next 4 years.
A. Donald Trump (more or less)

Considering that the president elect has been very clear about not wanting the US to continue keeping the oil lanes open without “getting paid” for said service , ….. Donald Trump could end up doing more for EV sales than Obama did for gun sales, ….and that would be quite a lot.

Well, as they said, “Only Nixon could go to China,” so perhaps there is some hope there.

On the other hand, I don’t see that getting our Mideast allies to pay for some or all of the military support we’re giving them will in any way affect the price at the pump for gasoline and diesel, and that is what has a real impact on EV sales… as our European friends are demonstrating in ever greater numbers.

There has been no connection between the price at the pump, and the amount of tax money that goes to support the U.S. Military being used to support Mideast allies and protect our supply line of oil from the Mideast. I don’t see the Trumpians making any effort to change that situation. A higher pump price would be bad for Big Oil, which would be contrary to the Trumpian pro-Big-Oil agenda.

Higher prices are bad for Big Oil? Seriously???

Higher prices mean massive profits, rapid expansion of drilling programs, larger fiefdoms, unimaginable stock option appreciation, etc., etc.

Of course prices that are “too high” will encourage alternatives in the long run. But as Keynes said, in the long run we are all dead. Certainly Trump, Tillerson, etc. will be dead before EVs damage oil company profits enough to offset the cash tsunami created by a few years of $100 oil.

The “cash tsunami” is really pronounced, when oil approaches its last top reached in the last decade. When oil nears $150.00 US a barrel, then some things are really going to change, just like the last time around. Let’s hope more people will be ready when it hits again.

Between Rex Tillerson, Pruitt, and Putin, Trump clearly has several people around him that will push for policies that will raise oil priced.

Well, I certainly won’t mind that policy as it will help EVs. And I don’t use gas since I have an EV. And I’ll get to laugh at the Trumpkins that got conned.

Add Rick Perry to that list.

Haha, Exxon Mobile ceo is sec of state. Yeah, the ev market is going to tank as long as Trump is prez. It was a nice run but it is over for the us. They will probably charge extra taxes now if you buy a ev. Hope Tesla can survive with foreign sales alone if Solar City doesn’t bankrupt the comapny.

What kind of taxes the oil executives add to EV’s is going to make or break EV’s.

They will most likely repeal the $7500 tax credit first or at the worse they add a federal yearly EV tax. Or a tax on cars that get higher then 25 miles a gallon.

If we are lucky the Trump Administration might care about EV’s and might not do anything.If Trump does nothing for EV’s that in itself would be good.

Don’t be so sure. Tillerson, Pruitt, and Putin all want higher oil prices and higher oil prices will help EVs.

A meeting of the minds?

Meeting of one mind, at least.

I think the fact that FCA is planning a BEV Pacifica based something even after Trump was elected shows which way the auto industry is turning regardless of who is Pres in the US…

Current products that are almost finished will be produced. What will be on the chopping block are product that have not been devolved.

Good point.

GM has already spent the money to develop the Bolt; they are gonna want to make a profit on it. And obviously Tesla is not gonna slack of on pushing the schedule for the Model ≡.

But legacy auto makers are likely to put on hold their development of EVs for the American market; ones for which they have not already spent money tooling up to make.

But altho the Trumpian administration, and the States controlled by the GOP, will likely slow the EV revolution in our country, it’s not going to slow down in Europe, China, and elsewhere. The market for EVs in the USA may well grow slower or even be suppressed, but there will still be a growing international market.

GM might want to re-think its decision to not ship many units of the Bolt/Ampera-e over to Europe.

That project was in development before he got the nomination.

Don’t think for a minute that legacy automakers will continue to ease into electrification at the same rate, once the regulatory pressure to do so, is eliminated.

True but if it was money losing as Sergio claims the 500 is it would be canceled…

If CAFE is killed I have no doubt that the BEV program I’m working on will go poof. And maybe my job too. I’ll just be biting my nails over here in the corner, don’t mind me.

…well if its a BEV program you are probably ok for now, at least as long as CARB is a thing.

The EPA, as we know it today, being dismantled and 2022-2025 regs torn down threatens further development (past what is well into the pipeline currently) of a domestically produced, US-specific strong hybrid/PHEV program…like a say, a future Voltec anything for example.

Right now CARB saves BEVs, and the EU saves global PHEV/strong hybrid platforms.

The EPA, as it has always been, is a very small piece of the plug-in mandate…which is why we don’t want the EPA “harmonizing” with anything, lol

Anon said:

“If CAFE is killed I have no doubt that the BEV program I’m working on will go poof. And maybe my job too.”


Thanks for that reminder, Anon, that for some, this change is far more important than just an academic interest or political agenda.

I hope very much, for your sake as well as the sake of the environment and the EV industry, that our concerns about the fate of CARB turn out to be quite overblown.

Well….modern human civilization is at stake. We could really screw up the climate such that we get famines from heat waves that kill crops, floods, droughts, and saltwater intrusion into rich Delta farmlands.

Miami is a gonner in 100+ years.

And think about the hundreds of millions in India alone that will be displaced in less than a century.

It’s like telling the entire population of Japan that they have 50-100 years to pick up and move somewhere else.

That will have repercussions that effects all of us not just those local pooulations.

Uh, populations.

Modern civilization is at stake for what? If you mean EV, that’s just delusional. No matter what you do, or even the entire US does, convincing other countries to take on same burden in cost isn’t going to work.

Accept the fact that there’s no way to fight climate change and live life “normally”. If you really wanted to fight climate change, come up with something that will be cheaper than fossil fuel. Until then, there’s no point in moaning about climate change.

Uh, that’s why every Nation signed the Paris Climate change Agreement. China is doing FAR MORE than us on climate change despite the misinformation that GOPers spew.

Or, How Trump will Cause a Recession.

No matter what stupid moves are made by Americans and their leaders the rest of the world will still move ahead with EV adoption.

And America will fall behind in Ev/ clean-tech competitiveness as the Trumpians loot the treasury to subsidize last centuries tech at the expense of the inevitable future.

Pretty much this. The Chinese are already the biggest EV market and given enough time – say 4 years – will surely be very provenient in building safe quality BEVs for themselves and the global market.
Just look at what they did with Solar, Wind and High Speed Rail over the last decade.

High speed rail (or any passenger rail) is huge waste of money. Putting that into same bin as EV is nonsense. EV is the future, passenger rail is dead tech from past. For all the money wasted on high speed rail, they could’ve funded better EV. But nope, Tesla and GM still kick butt of all Chinese EV.

By the way, how many DCFC can you install in CA with $10B? That’s how much money is spent, and another $70B is going to be spent. That much money could buy 4 million SparkEV to give out for free!

“EV is the future, passenger rail is dead tech from past.”
Spoken from a true American car-centric mindset. Europe laughs at us because rail DOES work, and very efficiently. China laughs at us because with a population density as high as they have, there isn’t enough room for roads big enough to handle that many cars. Rail is the most efficient (per person cost, per person emissions, and space density) system out there. EV’s can’t touch that. High speed rail may be over the top on cost and that needs to be improved, but rail is not “dead”.

Well, in the States we have the ignominious distinction of having the “OLD” powerful pre-bankrupcy General Motors of single handedly, by the 1950’s, through ‘front’ companies of destroying all the quite useable and popular street car companies which at the end were almost 100% electricity powered, by doing things like shutting down popular routes, restricting operations, and basically forcing municipalities to rely on GM’s Smelly Diesel Busses – as well as having a totally phoney Advertising Campaign stating how much people LOVED the new smelly busses. The city of buffalo in the 1970’s started putting in a 6 mile long Light-Rail-Rapid-Transit Train, (its just a trolley car system basically – except even during low traffic they always run at least 2 cars since that way they can call it a train, but usage is so low that only during sporting events do they need 3 or 4 cars)- since other than this, it doesn’t go where most people need it to, and it was unbelievably expensive – and basically demolished Main Street along its route, and only took almost 20 years to build – at like 1 mile every 3 years. But, Buffalo during my lifetime seems to do silly… Read more »

Leo wasted his time. Trump is a con man. He probably just took the meeting so his daughter could meet Leo.

I don’t know why Trump is meeting with these hypocrites like Gore and DiCaprio.

He should meet with Musk and hear what he has to say. He certainly is smarter that Gore and DiCaprio combined.

The more Trump knows about what is really going on with the environment the better. He may even start to act upon it and turn against the fossil fuel companies that destroy the environment. Or at least not give in on all their wishes and require breathing room for ev and renewable energy.

Leo was smart to take the approach of talking about global warming _and_ economic stimulus and job creation in the transition from fossil to renewable energy. More leaders need to realize that converting to renewable energy is good for our health and our wallets.

Whenever I am discussing the benefits of EVs, I try to minimize attention to the “red herring” of global warming. Instead, I focus on reducing air pollution and conserving energy, plus the performance and maintenance advantages of EVs.

Climate change is not a red herring (distracting or misleading statement). It is THE existential threat humanity is facing, whether people are ready to admit it or not. There are other, perhaps more acute crisis, but those will slowly become irrelevant in the next few decades, as more and more of human energy and activities are focused towards addressing the erosion of life systems, the degradation of our infrastructure, and societal disruptions. This is really no joke, and people are way too passive in the face of this slowly but inexorably unfolding calamity.

@ Dan Hue: You’re right… “red herring” wasn’t the term I was really looking for. Many people, probably of average or conservative political persuasion, find global warming to be a controversial and divisive topic. Avoiding the the global warming topic often seems make what I’m saying about EVs a better received.

Climate change is NOT existential threat to humanity. That’s pure nonsense propaganda. All the problems from climate change are due to human greed to help other human beings (ie, restricted migration).

Even if it is certain gloom and doom, there’s nothing you can do about it. As you drive to work, count how many people drive in giant SUV alone vs small car. I counted about 75% in large car, and less than a percent in EV. If you can’t even convince people in wealthy US (and even wealthier CA and even wealthier neighborhood I drive through) to reduce CO2 emissions, there’s no hope in convincing 7 billion people. Climate change is a global problem that you can’t solve by yourself or even with 300 million people.

We know (from paleoclimatology) what the climate was like some 3 million years ago, when CO2 was this high (400ppm), and it was very different (much warmer). We also know that rapid climate change is associated with mass extinction events. Long established physics principles (like the greenhouse effect of CO2) can help us model the future of earth’s climate.

I don’t know where you get your level of comfort from, but I assure you it is not warranted. There is a lot of inertia in the climate system, due to the size of the earth and the heat capacity of the oceans, but we are priming the pump, and the dominos are starting to fall. Witness what is happening in the Arctic. Also witness the rate of species extinctions, which biologists are warning us about, but nobody seems to care. Things are bad, and slowly getting worse.

LOL, well since you live in an alt-right fantasy echo chamber this will probably come as a surprise to your warped ideology Sparky but the many negative effects of rapid and accelerating climate change are real and will be devastating to our children and the planet:


Of course you probably won’t read it and instead go back to Faux News/alt right propaganda.

In any case, virtually every national security organization and insurance company in the world accept these negative changes are planning to try and cope as best they can.

If you’re worried about anything environmental (CO2 included) , … then there is one problem above all others — population growth.

The real irony here is that Clinton’s policies (to include essentially open borders) would promote unlimited population growth, while Trump’s does the opposite.

Clinton/Obama always profess to be so “green”, yet the effects of their policies run in the opposite direction. Just like his gun control stance,… NOBODY in the history of the world has sold more guns than Barack Obama.

And, did you buy a few carcus?