The “Lemon King” Comes For Tesla Model S – video


After watching the “lemon king’s” video we can say a couple things.

We do feel bad for the owner of the Tesla Model S, who has had more than his share of problems with his car since purchased in March 2013 and has been “in the shop 66 days in the first 6 months”, but the self-proclaimed lemon law king of Wisconson really rubs us the wrong way.

The "Lemon King" Puts On Quite A Show In His Video Complaint Against Tesla

The “Lemon King” Puts On Quite A Show In His Video Complaint Against Tesla

We won’t explain why, just watch attorney Vince Megna’s video and we think you’ll understand.

As for the car, the lawsuit states several problems including;  failure to start, inoperable door handles, failure to charge at the plaintiff’s house, malfunctioning defrost setting and paint defects.

In Wisconsin, the state’s lemon law requires a timely refund or replacement after a warranty-covered defect is attempted to be repaired 4 times in a year.  The lawsuit also claims the car’s owner has asked Tesla to refund his money several times, but Tesla has not acknowledged or responded to any of his requests, which also violates the law.

Ironically (or maybe not), Shanna Hendricks, a spokeswoman for Palo Alto, Calif.-based Tesla, declined to comment.

Video Below:  Check out a past hit from the “Lemon King” against Fisker.  How did that one turn out you say?  Megna got Fisker to return $103,000 to that client; and also refused the company’s request to keep quiet about it – as this video clearly attests to.

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Anyone who is called “The Lemon King” must clearly be milking companies for as much as possible.

While it’s clear there were at least some things wrong with the Tesla, I question the individual’s moral character and motive given his title.

Indeed.. You can be sure this is all done for monetary gain..

Indeed, yet he appears to be a saint when you stand him next to the “class-action kings” those trolls are the worst.

Well, overall I’m satisfied with my Tesla Roadster, but I have to admit the car has been in the shop more days than any other car I’ve ever owned. Its in the shop now, specifically since I’ve had trouble with the TPS since day one, and they constantly fiddle with it but never actually fix it. I’ve convinced the service manager, that the main module needs to be changed due to a bad memory chip. Up till now they just change sensors at the tires, but the 7 previous times haven’t corrected the problem. This car’s basic problem is that it is Lotus based.. Therefore, in the wintertime everything freezes, and in very cold weather you can’t open the doors, trunk, charge the battery, etc. The car was advertised by Tesla at the time as a “Cold Weather SuperCar!!!”. But Roadster owners in cold climates I’m sure know to keep a 1500 watt hair dryer in the garage handy. The model S, you would have thought they would have made somewhat more of an attempt to get things right, although I know that the door handles have been a big systemic problem initially. As far as morals go, in general… Read more »

I also feel bad for the owner of the Tesla Model S, who has problems with his car. But get a real lawyer and not this second rate twit.

He did win a million dollar judgement….

How many million dollar judgements have you won?

THe point is, please don’t call someone a “Second Rate Twit”,without delinating the reason for it, since if placed against this guy in court, you couldn’t say anything that he has said is either misleading, or incorrect.

Twits can still get lucky. Maybe he is an Ok lawyer but anyone who would produce such low quality and low IQ videos looks like a twit. I believe he a Michael Moore wannabe. Ambulance chasers can win big settlements but that does not necessarily make them great lawyers.
I would be curious what percentage of the settlements his clients receive.

Michael Moore is a hypocrite bigtime. This guy, at least from the few vids I’ve seen of him, seems NOT to be.

THe funniest was the Mercedes video, where He had a huge 3 point star around his neck that he bought from a dealership parts dept.

I love the look on the dealer’s face when he said that “Mercedes has refused payment of $618,000 of this court judgement. ” (Defying a court order never turns out well). So then he calls the county Sheriff and starts picking new Mercedes off the Lot to sell them at auction until the judgement (plus expenses, no doubt) is satisfied. He did say “It’s much easier for everyone concerned for Mercedes to just cut us a check”

I thought the video of the fire was a low blow.
Sure statistical probability goes with the fact that there will be lemons. Howsoever the claims made by the the plaintiff, while possibly correct, are unsubstantiated. Also the whole George Clooney thing is just, typical grandstanding showmanship, and guilt by association. Needless to say it was different car. Of course how Clooney was treated by Tesla could be a basis for their overall treatment of their customers, but in general they have received the highest customer satisfaction ratings.
Yes the moniker “The Lemon King” does seem a little suspicious, but it can merely looked at as specialization and we do need people that practice this sort of law, since there are plenty of lemons out there.


Sure, we need a lemon law specialist but does he need to be a smartass twit?

It’s no wonder why Lawyers have a bad wrap. On par with Car Salespeople. Consumer protection, sure but over-the-top BS is pretty bad and I don’t have the time to list all the jokes that come to mind just looking and listening to this clown.

This article is below Inside Evs standards.

Tesla? A lemon? I want to hear what he has to say about the other car companies!

Oh wait, I don’t.

Why do you talk through your nose? You and George make good company. His car wouldn’t go because he forgot to charge it fully. Stop whining and get on the phone with the service center!

Just a guess but…. has anyone checked the grounding on that Tesla’s electrical systems?

Only thing I can say about the driveability of the Roadster Kosh, is that, if you do the $790 yearly ‘routine maintenance’ on the vehicle, to date I haven’t had any of those types of problems that would leave me stranded, as apparently happened to George Clooney. Apparently later versions of the main drive ‘module’ are more reliable, which happens to be the model I have. That is, if the doors and locks don’t freeze and you can actually get INTO the car in freezing weather.

At some point in the future when I hope to experience more financial gain, I’d like to take that Roadster off your hands Bill, if you haven’t mucked it up by fiddling with it. You’re regularly smarmy and critical of Tesla and sometimes I doubt you even own a Roadster. For one, if you know Tesla’s history you wouldn’t compare a Roadster to the mass-produced Model S. You are talking about a company that has literally – miraculously – soared to prominence in the most extremely high-risk, and difficult-to-navigate industry on earth. Name the new American car companies that have prospered in the last 50 years. OK, Bill? Look at the timeline, Bill! Next – Mr. Howland, whilst bitching and backhandedly moaning weekly about your Roadster – note that this piece of junk you bought very well likely, due to supply and demand, become a future Cobra. So all your fussing and nitpicking is about a car that may garner yourself or your heirs over a million dollars one fine day. The historical importance of such a car that was produced in the number of a bit over 2,000 units is one fine investment. Instead of bitching about it and… Read more »

Haha, You have to be able to afford a used Tesla, in pristine, unmodified condition other than as authorized by Tesla Motors, Inc.

I would doubt you could afford it. If you can, you are just lucky in your finances.

Ad hominem attacks are probably against the policy here, but I couldn’t resist.

There was no end. So was this video trying to force Tesla into the answer they want faster, instead of going through due process then advertising the results at the end?

It’s ironic that this D-bag is attacking a company like Tesla that is (mostly) loved by the left. I say that because he’s an über-liberal. In his other videos, he uses the same tactics to target conservatives like Rush Limbaugh and Governor Scott Walker. It must be his hobby.

Why won’t Tesla do a buy-back of the car?

With franchised dealers, the dealer will advocate on behalf of the customer with the factory when problems like this arise.

When the dealer and the factory are one and the same, who will advocate for the customer?

Given the well publicized problems with Edmunds Model S, and given that the Model S earned a spot on Consumer Reports 2013 Cars to Avoid list, I’m not surprised to see this happen.

Who’s paying you to troll, CherylIG? One of the big 3? Or a dealer org in Texas, NJ, etc?

And I think your consumer reports claim is 180 degrees off?

Who is paying you to be a non-thinking fanboy? Big EV? Big Utility? Big Coal?

Sad but true, the 2013 Model S made Consumer Reports list of cars to avoid due to low reliability.

Edmunds dismal experience with their own Model S would seem to confirm Consumer Reports findings.

CherylG: One question regarding the point you made:

If CR said the 2013 S is a ‘not recommended’, then why is the 2014 S listed by them as their overall best pick?

I was under the impression that the 2013 and 2014 models’ S were essentially the same car… Care to explain?

Personal note Cheryl, I am only speaking for myself, but I always find your posts well-reasoned, even though I might disagree with any particular point. Please ignore the ignorant attacks, since the postings on Inside EV’s are usually much more HighBrow. Maybe we’ve gotten some people infesting over here from Plug in cars and lowering the quality of the posts.


Is Bill Howland

“The Lemon King” ?

We don’t know, do we?

P.S. – Don’t call me out for the “BREAKING NEWS” tag, because, if we use CNN for our example – speculations for 4 weeks of 24/7 Flight 370 fluff and time-fillers rehashing tiny tidbits of information for days and weeks using every known video trick, “expert” and model known to mankind equals “BREAKING NEWS” ! – replete with the little red and white font telling us so!

Brian, a young Syracuse Engineer, has driven my roadster. Confirm your suspicions with him.

My Roadster is not a piece of junk. It is a highly desired automobile, being the first convertible to go 0-60 mph in under 4 seconds which it still does with 33,000 miles under its belt.

Your IQ is showing.