Leilani Munter Surprises 16-Year-Old Electric Car Supporter With Ride In Tesla Model S P85D – Video


Munter And Max

Munter And Max

Maxwell Edison Halkenhauser, a 16-year-old student at Morris Hills Academy of Math and Science, has been spearheading a year-long project to get the first charging station installed in the downtown area of Denville, New Jersey.

In this video we see Maxwell (Max) at Town Hall promoting this charging station project when he gets a visit from Leilani Munter, a clean-energy advocate, NASCAR driver and Tesla Model S owner.

Munter says:

“Hey, I’m sorry to interrupt, but I hear there’s an electric-car hero around here named Maxwell.”

“I’m here to take you for a ride in the coolest electric car on the planet.”

“Are you in?”

EV Grin

EV Grin

Max replies:

“Oh yeah.”

As the EV grin emerges.

InsideEVs contributor, Chris Neff, who just so happens to be on the Board Of Directors at the Electric Auto Association, commented:

“When we heard about what Maxwell was doing, that on his own he basically got a public charger to be installed, I came up here to meet him.”

“We talked about (electric vehicles) and he really knows his stuff. He did his homework. He knows where the clean energy is coming from and where the dirty energy is coming from. I got back to some of the people I know and said ‘We really have to support this guy.”

*Editor’s Note: InsideEVs has contacted Chris Neff in regards to this event, which is a 100.org initiative.  Neff will provide us with additional in-depth content, images and more in a future article that will appear on InsideEVs soon. So, stay tuned for more!

Neff was largely responsible for Munter’s surprise appearance, but more importantly, Max was successful in getting approval for the charging station.  As Daily Record reports:

“He’s an outstanding young man,” said Andes, recalling meetings that included Max, Council President Christopher Golinsky and Administrator Steven Ward. “We thought it was a great idea, but of course we had to find a way to pay for it. But within weeks after we met, our township grant writer sent us a blast about this grant that might be available, and we thought this might have some possibilities. Long story short, we got the grant.”

The $10,000 grant from Sustainable Jersey will pay for most of the cost of the two-spot charging station. With Max providing some of the preparation work and support, the utility installation is already underway and hopefully will be completed some time this summer.



Max is prepared to launch fund-raisers to complete whatever final costs are not covered by the grant, and hopes to continue to bring more charging stations to Morris County to support the infrastructure needed to support electric-vehicles.

Max, an inspirational young man, commented:

“You can start with something small and really make an impact on your community, the rest of the state and our country. So I thought we could start this movement with chargers and extend it past Denville.”

Munter hugged Max and left us with this comment:

“I think you will probably be in the first generation of people, when they get a car for the first time, it’s going to be electric. Thank you for doing what you are doing for electric cars. I don’t think you realize how important it is.”

Source: Daily Record

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I’m sure the best part of it for him was getting to put his arms around the cute girl.

Also, I saw a second Tesla there off to the side. Who was driving that one?

That sure help being a good quy!

The other Tesla were friends of mine and friends of friends. Tesla was very short handed with demo cars due to a previously planned event of theirs – no P85Ds which Leilani loves. So I made a few last minute calls to fellow EV peeps for back-up…luckly a P85D driver was free for a few hrs (we only knew 2 hrs before the surprise visit for Maxwell) and he made the trek to come up, loaned his car to Leilani to take Maxwell out in it for some 0-60 launches, before he had to leave for a meeting. An amazing day and just speaks volumes for the EV community. But more to come on who the other drivers were and that day.

Great job. I have a P85D and live in Denville. I’m happy to help for a future event for this cause.

Hi Mark, join us for the opening ceremony of the charger…email me at marketing(at)electricauto(dot)org

Supposed to happen end of July early August.


I bet his mind went wild during the lonely ride with her 😉

Leilani Munter said: “…I think you will probably be in the first generation of people, when they get a car for the first time, it’s going to be electric…”

A profound point…

There were four Teslas at the function, one was a P85D, a P85 and this outrageous dark green Matte finish model S as well as the one donated by Short Hills Tesla. In addition, there was a BMW-i3 and my lowly Nissan Leaf.

“Maxwell Edison”. I wonder if he’ll be majoring in medicine?

I’m guessing his parents were too young to know Maxwell’s Silver Hammer. At least I’m hoping so…

Lucky b******.

He deserves to get laid…:D

She’s kind of cute. How unfortunate that where I live (England) her name (Munter) is slang for ‘ugly’.

I was going to offer a “willy” joke here, but then the moment passed.

In Swedish Munter means cheerful

That’s funny, in German too 🙂

Tripple coincidence here: it has the same meaning in Norwegian as well! 😉

Where I’m from slang for a limp member is a willy.

Should’ve mentioned that this is Maxwell’s Eagle Scout project. Boy do we need Scouting!

Thank you, Eric and Chris, for this very positive story! I wish the news media would do more stories like this.

Great job, Leilani, Chris and all !

Outstanding job, Chris, Leilani, Eric!

Danica who? I’m so over Danica. Does Miss Patrick even know what an electric car is like?

Anyway – H-E-L-L-O Leilani!

Such a cool story. Thanks Chris and Leilani for making it happen.

Impressive on many levels — congrats to everyone who made this happen, especially Max. (From a Model S owner who graduated from Morris Hills and has spent lots of time in Denville.)

He’s not the only young guy promoting EV’s!

I have yet to meet someone other than myself around my age that’s as enthusiastic about EV’s as I am…. i want to meet this guy!

Leilani Munter’s website: 🙂


Hi all, there is a lot more to come about this day – meanwhile please check out http://www.100.org (100% Campaign) which is one of the organizations that made this day happen for Max. Leilani is a key supporter of them and they worked with me to orchestrate this surprise….would not have happened without them. There will be an official HD vid of this day coming from them with in car video of Leilani and Max having a ball, talking EVs and much more. Stay tuned.

Great story! Congratulations to everyone involved in coordinating the surprise and to Maxwell for his accomplishments!