Leilani Munter Surprises 16-Year-Old Electric Car Enthusiast Maxwell – Video


Leilani and Maxwell

Leilani and Maxwell

Race car driver, environmentalist and Tesla Model S owner Leilani Münter rewards 16-year-old Maxwell for getting an electric vehicle charging station installed in Denville, New Jersey

For background on this professional quality video (produced by 100.org, an organization with a goal of making new clean energy affordable and accessible to all) see our previous behind-the-scenes post authored by Chris Neff, Electric Auto Association board member.

Interested in learning more about 100.org?  Click here to check out the organization’s website.  In the upper right corner of the site you’ll find the “Join Us” tab.

Here’s a brief summary of the goals of 100.org:

We started this campaign because we believe that we can change the culture around new clean energy by recognizing today’s leaders and inspiring tomorrow’s. Together, sparking new conversation about what is possible and igniting the human spirit to achieve it.

100% for 100%. Our goal is for everyone to have access to affordable clean energy. We help you imagine and do what’s possible.  Join us and you will be recognized as a leader who is achieving it.   With you, we have the power.

You can donate to 100.org by clicking here.

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That was from a local reporter in the area, this is the official vid from 100.org

Yes, Chris is a contributor here at InsideEVs and is on the Board Of Directors at the Electric Auto Association.

He gave us the inside scoop when the event first went down (in the first story) and was one of the main people behind the event/and Munter’s appearance. What you are seeing now, is the end/finished and polished product released Monday surrounding the event.

Great video!

Great Eagle Scout project! Hope others can duplicate this throughout the country! It’s a great contribution, teaching them so much in the process! Well done, Maxwell!

Love this, well done for getting the charger in his town. The test drive looked pretty fun indeed, not bad for 16.