LEGO Tesla Logo & Supercharger – Videos


"Very simply built"… No. No it's not!

“Very simply built”… No it’s not!

Growing up with LEGOs, I almost started drooling watching the video above & the one below.

The video above is Adrian Drake’s Tesla Motors logo creation. He is a Model S owner!

As you can see, it gets extremely narrow at the bottom. As he has stated, people get nervous just looking at it.

The video below is Robert Turner’s creation of a Tesla Supercharger.

I gotta be honest, I am super jealous of this (the one above too).

The time and thought that actually goes into builds like these is phenomenal. We all can absolutely appreciate both builds!

…. Whoa.

…. Whoa.

Now, if someone made an actual sized Tesla Model S out of LEGOs, I think I might lose it…

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Ironic – building something related to Tesla at “Brickworld”. Hopefully, no actual Model S’s were “bricked” in the making of these models.


I was recently at Legoland Florida, and they have a Lego Ford Explorer (next to the Octan gas pumps). A Lego Model S and Lego supercharger would indeed go very well there. It would be a great way to get EV’s in front of kids, and their curious parents.

Nice! Lot of work!

LEGO my Tesla!



Both builds are neat…

“Now, if someone made an actual sized Tesla Model S out of LEGOs, I think I might lose it…”

Hmmm… I’m pretty sure that if Lego were to come out with a licensed Model S Technic model (appropriately for a model of an EV, it would of course have an actual electric motor…), it would sell very well. Both to owners, as well as to would-be owners who can’t afford the car.
I think it’s also likely that Tesla would approve it — it’s yet more publicity, and would be flattering to the company.