LeEco Unveils Autonomous Electric Car, Will Partner With Faraday Future



LeEco LeSEE, Image Credit: Gizmag

LeEco LeSEE, Image Credit: Gizmag

LeEco (formerly Letv), a China-based automaker, unveiled its LeSEE EV concept car in partnership with Silicon Valley startup Faraday Future’s autonomous driving research center.

LeEco LeSEE Interior, Image Credit: Gizmag

LeEco LeSEE Interior, Image Credit: Gizmag

In Beijing, LeEco showed four new products, including the autonomous LeSEE. Each product covered a different category. The other unveils were not auto-related. A smartphone, a TV, and a VR headset were premiered at the event.

LeEco CEO and company founder, Yueting Jia, along with co-founder Lei Ding revealed the new concepts at the event, showing off the car’s fully autonomous features, along with “machine learning” capabilities.

At the event, LeEco publicized its plans to assist Faraday Future in funding a substantial autonomous driving research center in Silicon Valley. The company said that full disclosure of these new plans will be released at the upcoming Beijing Auto Show next week. Previously, it was reported that the companies had plans to team up to help Aston Martin produce an electric car.

Although the unveiling event was held in Beijing, and not part of a major auto show, it had a viewership of over 10 million people worldwide. Facebook Live showed an audience reach of over 2.3 million.

Sources: Business Wire, Green Car Congress

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25 responses to "LeEco Unveils Autonomous Electric Car, Will Partner With Faraday Future"
  1. Anon says:

    Birds of a feather…

  2. floydboy says:

    I wonder if there’s a Model S under there.

    1. Anon says:

      There is definitely a Model S-esque battery style skateboard under there.

      Hey. I have this idea for a movie, called “Chinatopia”. And the theme song’s main refrain is, “Copy Everything”. 😉

  3. Bob A. says:

    It is hard enough for me to climb in and out of the Model S with the B-pillar in the way. The doors on this thing are tiny. Makes me think about how the astronauts used to climb into capsules in the Apollo days.

    1. evcarnut says:

      Made for the Chinese market

      1. Dan says:

        I guess that would also explain why Teslas have lower range on the US EPA tests. They have to account for the added weight of blobs of lard driving it.

  4. carcus says:

    So we have two “next Steve Jobs”
    1. Elong Musk
    2. Jia Yueting

    and we have two new Gigafactories:

    1. Tesla
    2. Faraday

    Both of which are located next to major Nevada Cities (Reno, Las Vegas) and both are equidistant from Silver Peak NV, (arguably the heart of US lithium mining )

    Looks like a battery battle royale in the making.

    1. carcus says:

      … or perhaps we have (have had) two great American/South African-Canadian-American entrepreneurs, and one great Chinese copy cat.

      1. Jychevyvolt says:

        Copy cat? Both of these guys are hiring US workers and producing their products here. When your a billionaire, you have no nationality.

    2. Michael Will says:

      Definitely interesting if anything will show up – having technology is one thing but productizing it on a mass scale is another. Worst case tesla can buy up their gigafactories when they are done trying, but best case is that they actually come out with something compelling. There will be more demand for electric cars than tesla alone can satisfy. Interesting times…

      I would wait with calling Jia Yueting a steve jobs until he has shown a track record of shipping a compelling product 🙂

      1. carcus says:

        While I agree, the proof will be the product, ….

        When you consider that Yueting has arguably already shipped a better iPhone and that Tesla’s patents are open source, …

  5. Benjamin says:

    They’re not calling it LeCar?!?!

    1. Anon says:

      C’est une blague génial, mais ésotérique.

  6. Kdawg says:

    I think Lady Gaga drove one of these to the Grammys.

    1. Anon says:

      Such navel. Much wow.

    2. carcus says:

      She drove to her Grammy’s …. looking like THAT ?!!

      /kids these days, … no respect for their elders

      1. RexxSee says:

        HAve you ever seen her dressed like normal people? Yesss! for Halloween :

    3. ffbj says:

      A nod to Botticelli. So that would be respect for ones elders as imitation is the sincerest form of flattery.

  7. Daniel says:

    Well I like the looks of it. If it can be produced with “real world sized door openings” and retain the lions share of the look of the concept it could prove to be a compelling offering (assuming it or anything FF does makes it to market)

  8. Speculawyer says:

    Has Tesla ever shown a bulls**t concept car?

    As far as I can remember, they only show real prototypes. That’s probably the engineer in Musk . . . don’t waste your company time and money on stupid abstract art projects. Build prototypes of what you want to make!

    1. Will Davis says:

      I admire the fact Musk is zero bulls**t. He always says things like if you have a working sample of new batteries just send us a sample. Instead people love to brag and postulate about their ‘breakthroughs’ and ‘prototypes’ and it’s all half-baked.

  9. Pushmi-Pullyu says:

    I see from the link to GizMag that the LeSEE EV is an actual, you-can-touch-it concept car, not merely a digital render like the picture at the top of this article. That instantly gives LeEco tons more credibility than Faraday Future.

    But has FF actually agreed to this partnership? Or is LeEco’s announcement here just as premature as its previous announcement about partnering with Aston Martin?

    Inquiring minds want to know! 😉

  10. Zukidrvr says:

    The back seat in the prototype in the other article looks like they skinned Bib, the Michelin man for the seat covering.

  11. Terawatt says:

    How come there’s no link to watch the unveil? Tesla unveils to huge coverage here for weeks before, during, and weeks after the event. Chinese company unveils to three paragraphs of which one is about what non-auto-related products were also on display…

  12. SparkFiatOwner-M3reserved says:

    LeEco is the tech side of the equation. They aren’t interested in building the actual car it seems (hence the partnering with manufacturers and non -car reveal with other tech). This is fine.

    They are offering current (and future Faraday) car companies an opportunity to catch to Apple/Google in that space, which I welcome.

    My hope is that Tesla is equally aggressively testing this in their Autopilot product for eventual rollout or may find themselves suddenly behind the curve–gasp.