Lease A Chevrolet Volt For Less Per Month Than A Toyota Prius

JAN 30 2016 BY MARK KANE 19

Under The New CVRP Program, The Unemployed Person In San Francisco Can Now Get A $3,000 Rebate Off The 2016 Chevrolet Volt

2016 Chevrolet Volt

According to the LeaseHackr, a 2016 Chevrolet Volt LT could be leased regionally from $168 a month at $0 down (after deducting the $1,500 rebate in California) for 36 months and 1,000 miles cap.

That’s considerably less than the $299 per month reported by CarsDirect, and also less than a Toyota Prius. This deal should attract those interested in fuel efficient cars.

The 2016 Volt is available only in 11 states (California, Connecticut, Maine, Maryland, Massachusetts, New Hampshire, New Jersey, New York, Oregon, Rhode Island, and Vermont) and as noted, the calculation was done for California specifically to include the $1,500 state rebate as down payment and of course the $7,500 federal tax credit.

LeaseHackr used $31,500 as the lowest dealer price recorded to date (from $33,995 MSRP including destination charge).

The deal also includes $5,800 GM Financial CCR and $1,000 GM Private Offer – “Some have reported getting a $1,000 Private Offer certificate by browsing The offer may pop-up after a few minutes of browsing.

We imagine as this number is best case, you’d have to be the “lease ninja” to come close to the deal as listed by leasehackr, but landing somewhere decently below the advertised $299/month deal (from CarsDirect) is a reasonable destination if you are willing to do your homework first.

You can check out the details and calculate a deal at

2016 Chevrolet Volt deal by LeaseHackr

2016 Chevrolet Volt deal by LeaseHackr

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If Chevrolet could only see clearly to use tactics like this to target Prius directly. I know one of their TV spots run in Volt markets shows a Prius next to a Volt – it’s done in kind of a quick manner…Not a DIRECT manner that shows more than one advantage Volt has over Prius. It’s another “near miss” in a long history of really bad tries and marketing Volt on TV and print. To date, the #1 ad campaign that resonated the most was the first-person Volt owner testimonials. Also the cheapest, as the owners were not paid, and were filmed not knowing they would be in a commercial. My favorite was the, “I save a crapload on gas!” exclamation from the woman with a black Volt. Best case scenario would be a picture of a Prius labeling it “the most popular hybrid”, and then Volt – labeling the bullet points of: – Better Driving – 53 Miles using zero gas – Sporty – More economical over ( blank ) mile round trips – 1000 miles* between fillups for average Volt owners and many Volt owners with several thousand miles between fillups* using reference – #1 owners satisfaction.… Read more »

Very good idea, IMO. GM should squarely target Prius owners, which is by far away the biggest segment of green automobile buyers out there.

I don’t understand why such cheap lease deals exist in the USA but not in Europe. You literally have to pay twice that to lease such a vehicle here. The difference can’t just be in the tax rebate… are we getting screwed in Europe?

Yes, we are. As a motorcyclist I know that a BMW motorcycle that was built in Germany and shipped to the USA costs LESS there in dollars than it costs in Euros in Germany.

VAT…. 1/5 extra on top of niemal price.

But Europe has “free” health care. Sorry to thread jack.

There are a couple of dealers in So Cal that have advertise leases that are very close to the LeaseHackr analysis, namely Rydell and Premier. I think Rydell actually beats it. Links to both ads are here:

Note that the Rydell offer does not include the private offer; applying that $1000 offer should result in a better deal than the leasehackr analysis. As far as the Premier deal, the ad doesn’t say which offers are included.

I love that LeaseHackr site! Data they use is more accurate and timely than CarsDirect. That $299/mo quote made by CardDirect looked like it was from really old data, circa December 2015.

The promo is only available in 11 ZEV states to gain low-emissions credits to balance out the high number of trucks & SUVs that GM is selling.

Note: the 2016 Volt is not available in 37 of the lower-48 U.S. states. FYI: the 2016 Kia Soul EV is now available in 20 states.
ie: the Soul EV could be purchased in almost twice as many states as the 2016 Volt!

In 24 hours the 11 CARB States, Canadian and rumor had it, Mexican, Limited Edition MY2016 Chevrolet #NextGenVolt production in Hamtramck, Michigan officially ends.

On February 1st, 2016, all 50 state, National and Global production of the MY2017 #NextGenVolt_Reloaded begins.

Whoo Hooo!


Thomas J. Thias




Give it a rest!

How many state was Soul EV available in when it was first launched?

Why don’t you bother with 2017 Volt availability then?

Why is Virginia allowed to buy 2016 Volt when it isn’t part of the CARB/ZEV state?

Brian_Henderson made up some stuff: “The promo is only available in 11 ZEV states to gain low-emissions credits to balance out the high number of trucks & SUVs that GM is selling.”

If your accusation is true, then how come Ford and FCA doesn’t need to sell more PEVs to balance out their trucks/SUV sales.

Both FCA and Ford sells more trucks/suvs as % of its fleet sales than GM.

GM sells far more PEVs than either Ford and FCA. So, that doesn’t make sense in your claim.

As far as your last point about Soul EV goes, Soul EV is available in 20 states and Chevy Spark EV is available in only 3 states? (CA/OR/MD), yet it sold more than 2.5x more than the Soul EV.

Maybe Kia just want to sell EVs as serious as Ford want to sell FFEs…

Maybe you should come up with some better logic next time…


$3,000 down

$250 Per Month

15,000 miles a year

3 years

nice car!

congrats, Koenigsegg! I know you’ve had that planned for quite a while, and it turned out well.
I can think of an individual or two here that will -ahem- Appreciate your color choice(s)..

drive that gunner everywhere and get the word out! (visions of sugarplum-64½ Mustangs, dancing in my head)

Whoa, that looks great!

What have you done, go to the dark side? Darth Volt…

While I’m not real fond of leasing a car, I sure wish I leased my volt instead of purchased. My 2013 volt has been in for repairs 19 times and still isn’t fixed.

What is this GM CCR credit where do you get that?