Lease a 2014 Chevy Volt For $179 Per Month – Video


Only $179 Per Month

Only $179 Per Month

Looking for a killer deal on a 2014 Chevy Volt?  You need look no further than Rydell Chevrolet’s $179 per month lease.

Rydell Chevrolet is located in California, but the dealership is willing to ship to anywhere in the mainland U.S.

Rydell claims to be the nation’s highest volume Chevy Volt dealer and with deals like this one, why should we doubt that claim.

If interested in leasing or buying a Chevy Volt from Rydell, hit up the dealership’s website here.

Check the fine print below for full details

The Fine Print

The Fine Print

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$7140 due at signing. Not wise. If the car is totaled early in the lease you are out that money.

Dr. Kenneth Noisewater

Unless you have full replacement coverage.

..and ***25***cents/mile over only ***10,000*** miles/year. This is no better than most leases for similar vehicles. Worse, even.

“Consumer Cash” is a dealer discount, and the factory rebate is what it says, so how am I “out that money” in the event of a total wreck?

How you acquire a vehicle and whether or not you insure it are two completely different transactions and unrelated. If you total a vehicle and don’t have insurance you are responsible for the entire value.

If you buy a vehicle on credit or lease it, you will be required to carry comp and collision insurance.

The $7140 is the consumer cash + factory rebate. So, $0 out of pocket if I’m not mistaken. Only 10,000 miles annual mileage, but a fantastic deal for someone who doesn’t drive a whole lot, especially if most of their daily range they can do in the volts electric only range.

Maybe so. Interesting that US Bank is the leasing company, not Ally (GM), so I don’t know why the factory rebate doesn’t match what it is for purchase. I think that is more likely than it being $7k down, because that just seems way high. It sure would be a good deal if it is really $0 out of pocket. It probably wouldn’t be that much more to bump to 12k/ year miles.

Looks like zero down to me as well.

This is an amazing deal. My buddy is leasing the first model year for over $600 a month. Poor guy, getting reamed as an early adopter. Luckily his lease is up soon

I went to the dealer’s website, it’s about $270 a month with zero down. Looks like a good deal, not a screaming great deal.

I read it as $3,390 down (“consumer cash”).

Doesn’t it say $3390 consumer cash?

When you drive off a dealer lot you are usually upside down on your auto loan unless you put a big down payment.

That is why you have GAP insurance.

Leases have gap built in, but if you put money down you are not building equity like you are in a traditionally financed loan.

After comparing total cost (including opportunity cost), if the lease pans out better, its better to put the money down in savings vs paying up front. If your car ends up totaled you will regret having put that money down.

Why is this such a difficult concept? When you acquire a vehicle, through purchasing or leasing, you are responsible for the entire value of the vehicle. The financing company is going to require you to have comp and collision insurance.

Whether you lease or buy and whether you put money down or not is irrelevant to the insurance issue.

How sure are you that this isn’t from Rydell Chevrolet in Northridge CA?

You’re right. Thanks. Fixed

$29,999.00 Volt? GM has finally delivered on the $30K Volt!

$22,500 after tax-credit? What an amazing bargain.

Dr. Kenneth Noisewater

Don’t forget the state subsidies, where applicable.

Colorado offers $6,000. Plus you get access to the carpool lane in states like CA.

I won’t trade in my Corvette but…

I would like to pretend that they have some inside information on Volt 2.0 which will be so much better than the current model that they are scrambling to get rid of as much inventory as possible before the reveal in January.

Well, GM CEO confirmed that Volt 2.0 will be “better in every way”…

That sounds like a good reason to clear inventory…

It would be quite strange to “clear inventory” for an entire model year as they are being built.

Volt 2.0 is going to be a 2016 model and they’ve just now started selling the 2015s, right?

Of course “better is every way could be” one more mile of EV range, 1 mpg better gas efficiency, 1 more cubit foot of interior room, 1 more paint color…you get the drift. Better and “materially better” or “better in the areas you care about” could be two very different things. Indeed, the volt could move downmarket to compete with the Prius…a smart move financially, but not so exciting for most EV enthusiasts.

Yes, this is a sale to clear out existing inventory of 2014’s. But not for the reason you suggest. GM started building 2015 Volts a few months ago, and the 2014’s have got to go.

This is nothing new. It is the same sale that happens every year for most cars from most car manufacturers.

I went tot he website and 2015 models are getting the same offer.

Is “consumer cash” a chevy thing? Ie, money they are giving you (as opposed to money out of your pocket?). What they used to call an instant rebate?

Yep Rydell is the best dealer.

Greg Riggen is one of the coolest guys there.

Rydell is always on the radar when updating my list of lease deals:
Local to the LA area, Bunnin and Mark Christopher offer similar deals on 2014 Volts.

I have three friends that bought from Rydell. They are about three miles from my work. Consumer cash is what the buyer brings to the table. All the leases in my area describe it that way. Rydell sells a lot of volts so when they say they are the largest I believe them

Rydell and Keyes have been posting decent discounts on Volts over on the Buying Leasing and Selling forum for a couple of years now. There always seems to be some sale going.

I am paying under $315/month including all taxes. About $500 due at signing. 15K/year. 45,000 total miles over 3 years

I save about $150/month in fuel even including electricity cost.

The Chevy Volt is a money saving machine.

US Bank is very choosy about their customers. You need “Excellent” credit.

We get great rates from USAA. Dealers hate it when we tell their finance guy to not even bother quoting us because they get paid for directing financing to a particular lender.

Dont buy a Volt until you check your insurance rates! I was close to buying oneuntil my eyes poped out of their sockets when I found out the ins rate. Reason told to me: front end crashes smash motor and electric drive–double the risk for ins co. Ended up buying a Leaf and am happy.

Three possibilities: (1) you enjoy spouting B.S. (2) you are a troll, (3) you are a shill for Nissan. My insurance didn’t change when I switched from a Toyota to a Volt last year.

Everyone should check their insurance rates when evaluating new cars.

$30,000 for a Volt minus $7,500 from the Feds and $6,000 from Colorado brings it down to $16,500. My daughter just turned 16 and the POS Pacifica needs about $500 of repairs. If I dump that for a couple thousand then my net cost could drop to about $15,000. Not a bad deal at all.

I live in Denver and work in Los Angeles. I pay taxes to both states. I wonder if that means I can keep it here in L.A. and use it on the HOV lanes but still get the CO tax credit for $6,000.

I don’t drive a ton of miles here but I put premium gas into my Corvette and it doesn’t get much in the way of MPG.

Problem is finding a place to charge it. I park on the street. I will need to convince my employer to allow me to plug it in at work. Good for our sustainability efforts though!