Learn How to Dance Like Kia Hamsters – Video

SEP 15 2014 BY MARK KANE 5

Kia Motors' Iconic Hamsters Turn Science Lab Into Hotbed Of Innovation - Video

Kia Motors’ Iconic Hamsters Turn Science Lab Into Hotbed Of Innovation – Video

So, you like the Kia Soul EV ad with hamsters, right?

Good, because Kia released a dance tutorial, which according to instructor is easy enough that even we could do it.

Maybe we should refer to it as the official plug-in dance of 2014?

“How to dance like the Kia Hamsters: Dance tutorial #HamstarDance”

“Check out the exclusive Hamster Dance tutorial from the latest Kia Soul commercial—featuring “Animals” by Maroon 5. Follow this step-by-step instructional video, and learn cool dance moves from critically acclaimed choreographer Hi-Hat and the Kia Hamsters. Then, show us your moves on Instagram or Vine by tagging it #HamstarDance.”

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That’s a bit easier than the Volt Llama-Dance.


All I have to say… it must stink inside those Souls.

If your Soul stinks, it may simply be time to change the cedar chips… 😛

One of those related YouTube videos, this one of the Soul EV introducton:

I specifically liked the bit about the exclusive HVAC designed to minimize the driving range… 😉

Queue to 4m 50s and enjoy hearing about the minimized driving range.

Turn on closed-captions; they are also pretty hilarious….
4m 48s “handsfree scant connectivity”
5m 01s “specifically tailored for Nick” — hahah!