Leaning Electric Toyota i-Road Enters Limited Production


Shown as purely a concept at the 2013 Geneva Motor Show, the Toyota i-Road is now bound for production.

 Toyota i-Road Concept

Toyota i-Road Concept

Toyota says that up to 100 of these leaning i-Roads will be made publicly available in Toyota City as part of a car sharing program.

The innovative three-wheeler is unique in several ways.  Features found on the concept i-Road include:

  • It seats two – a driver and passenger in tandem
  • i-Road has three wheels – two up front and one out back.

    Electric Toyota COMS

    Electric Toyota COMS

  • There’s a single cyclops-like headlight.
  • Driving range is 31 miles
  • Max speed is 28 mph
  • Curb weight is 661 pounds
  • Horsepower maxes out at 5.4

The electric i-Roads will be offered alongside other car sharing vehicles, including the Toyota COMS EV.

We still are doubtful on the mass-production possibility of the i-Road, but 100 or so units is relatively decent.

While we won’t hold our breath for the leaning electric’s arrival in the US, we’re thrilled to see Toyota give something this unusual and unique a go, even if it’s only on a limited production level.

Source: Motor Pasion Futuro

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My recumbent e-assist bicycle will go 28 mph on the level, with my help. A single track vehicle deals with traffic much better, at these speeds. My average trip distance is 40 miles for the last 11,195 miles. Multi-track vehicles need to keep up with traffic. Car companies will never get it.