Leaked Audi Roadmap Shows Q7 e-tron Launching In October 2017 Followed By Compact BEV In 2018

FEB 26 2016 BY MARK KANE 5

Audi Q7 e-tron quattro

Audi Q7 e-tron quattro

Autobahn.eu recently revealed an apparently leaked Audi roadmap, probably for North America.

It indicates two plug-ins:

  • Audi Q7 e-tron plug-in hybrid assigned to October 2017 (in Europe it will be launched 2016)
  • all-new Audi C-BEV, which we believe could be codename for pure-electric Audi A6 e-tron quattro assigned for 2018¬†(or possibly the Q6 e-tron)¬†unlike some suggestions about C-segment electric car.

European version of Q7 e-tron will be slightly different than US version due 3.0 diesel engine instead of 2.0 petrol engine.

source: autobahn.eu via autoblog.com

As a bonus here is Audi Q7 e-tron review from Germany:

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The 2018 C-BEV is the Q6 e-tron, they showed as a concept at the IAA this year.

And before you say, but its a sedan under the cover! Every model got the same picture, from the R8 V6, to the A6 and also the SUV Q8.

If crude prices remains that low for long I am affraid car makers will not hurry on that segment more that they need to. It is true that Model S hurts A8 and BMW 7 series sales in some countries but yet those models sales are anyway so tiny as compared to their total sales that incentive to compete with Tesla is probably not a top priority. All this will change the second Tesla makes a profit I believe. I looked at Tesla 10K form, basically their Dec. 31st 2015 annual accounts and I do not know where you guys see that thing about Tesla making losses because of capex. Total losses for 2015 is $888M and total R&D spending is $718M. So loss making even if 0 R&D spendings. If I am wrong please let me know but I read financial stmts all day, its my work. As long as Tesla makes losses other car makers will hardly take note so for the sake of quick car electrification lets hope Tesla soon makes profits, real ones, ones that people like me can see. No “EV enthusiast” profits or profits that will materialize in 2025.

Gross margins, at 25%, tease at the potential for profit, after costs for the items taking them negative are brought under control. Maybe some of those items go down with scale.

Audi is making no effort to atone for V6 TDI’s, if the Q7-etron is more than 1.5 years away. We learned about its 17.3kwh battery more than a year ago.

I’m glad VW people seem to follow this website more, and would point to this spoiler as evidence of the maker’s foot dragging. It’ll be almost two years after you can pickup one of the newer Q7’s, before this car might show up.

I don’t think the TDI version will be coming to America. America has sort of soured on diesel engines. Can’t seem to figure out why.

I think you are right and it is good as the smaller the market for TDI’s the largest the incentive for that group to develop EV’s. Actually what I read on this site about TDI’s is at time a bit harsch in my opinion but as VW group is one of the best specialist of efficient diesel it would be good if they could divert some of their R&D billions to EV’s instead.