LEAF Starts 2014 in Japan With Strong Sales of 1,241 in January

Nissan LEAF


Nissan LEAF sales in Japan

Nissan LEAF sales in Japan

According to our latest data, Nissan in Japan almost beat the U.S. in terms of LEAF sales number.

In January, 1,241 LEAFs were delivered in Japan, which is just 11 behind the U.S. where sales fell after the December tax credit rush.

Last month in Japan, sales were over 9% higher than in January 2013, so this is stable growth.  However, it’s below the total automotive market surge of 27% up year over year in Japan.  Last month, to 292,446 passenger vehicles (excluding kei) were sold in Japan.

At this current level, LEAF in Japan has only 0.4% of passenger vehicle sales (excluding kei).

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2 responses to "LEAF Starts 2014 in Japan With Strong Sales of 1,241 in January"
  1. Kevin says:

    Wonder if there is any info on the aero version shown on the Japanese website for the Leaf?

  2. Suprise Cat says:

    Japan is currently in a buying boom for durable and expensive goods, because on 1st April the consumer sale tax will be increased from 5% to 8%.
    Nissans hasn’t said anything yet, whether they are going to increase the price of the Leaf or keep it at the current level, which means decreasing the net price by about 2%.