LEAF Sales to Triple In Europe. US Sales to See Boost In September

JUN 1 2012 BY JAY COLE 11

2013 Nissan LEAF and 2016 Opel Ampera...Built with 180 miles of Each Other in the UK

For 2011, Nissan sold just under 3,000 LEAFs throughout Europe, and having passed that at just about the mid-point of 2012, the company says they will eclipse 9,000 total units sold by year’s end.

And all of that has been done with the brakes on.

With the Sunderland UK production facility coming online in under a year, production capacity will expand greatly for the Eurozone,  and as a result sales are projected to “significantly”  increase again for 2013.   In an interview with Automotive News Europe, Paul Willcox, (Nissan Europe’s sales and marketing chief) said:

“This year in Europe we’re looking to sell around 9,000, up from around 3,000 last year.  As we localize and bring Leaf to production in Sunderland, we’ll then start ramping up supply,” Willcox said. “From next year we’ll start seeing more product.”

Indeed, by February of next year, the Sunderland plant will be capable of producing up to 60,000 LEAFs per season, provided demand is present.  These 2013 Euro-LEAFs will also see the first styling updates and tweaks in the car’s brief history.  (HuZZah for new interior colors…I really dislike biege)

With the easing of European production demand by Sunderland, and along with a strong commitment from Nissan to bring supply to the US for the start of the 2013 model year,  sales of the LEAF are expected to explode in a few months time, as was also confirmed by Nissan CEO Carlos Ghosn recently, “…you can expect to see the sales move up dramatically starting in September”

"Hey, Your Steering Wheel Is On The Wrong %&#@$ Side!"

Source: Automotive News Europe
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Good on both GM & Nissan for producing cars where they make them. That is good for making money on the cars and good for the local ecomomies.

I wish them all good luck.
I just don’t see the Leaf or any other fully electric vehicle working in a country as vast
as the USA. I don’t know anyone who wants to be tied to a leash.

Hey Rashiid, nice to see you around these parts.

…and I’m not going to say “I want to be tied to a leash”, hehe, but I’m pretty ok with using an electric car to commute back and forth and zip around town, (=

I do think that EV adoption, at least at first, is going to come from the 2-3-4 car households. I would not choose a pure electric vehicle if I only had one car, but the Volt would still be ideal.

I am curious to see what the car will sell like once dealers across the country have deep inventories. Probably something around the Volt levels or better

Limited numbers aren’t what’s hurting the Leaf.
Limited range is what’s hurting the Leaf.
A price approaching $40K is hurting the Leaf.

The Leaf is the perfect second car for the states… They need to use more of the available battery space and add a few more cells to boost the range up for next year’s model…..


Why not think of the Leaf as the primary car, and your existing ICE car the one you use when you have to

This is an interesting point. We often refer to the pure electric car as the secondary car, even though it does the bulk of the driving. How often do people really go 80-90 miles in a day? for most, not much.

Even if you look at extended range car statistics from GM. So many people are getting 100 mpg+ and are only using a few gallons of gasoline every month, which indicates they are mostly driving under 40 miles.

I already do that. My ICE stays on a maintenance charger to keep the battery charged up. The only time I use it is when I take a long trip out of town. Last time I was at the gas station was when I went out of town at Christmas.

Exactly!, we need a mindset change in this country. The full EV car for 90% of you’re driving (listen up soccer Mom’s) and a hybrid for road trips. An EV would be perfect for me as I only make long road trips on my M/C, almost never in the car.

I bet Nissan’s sales predictions will be approximately correct, so long as the global economy doesn’t falter. Let’s hope the economists are wrong about the predicted economic collapse that is looming over Europe and the US, not just for plug-in sales but for everybody.