Lazareth & NTN-SNR Unveil Funky Electric Microcar Too’In (w/video)

4 years ago by Mark Kane 3

say hello to Too'In

Say Hello to Too’In



French tuner Lazareth, along with automotive parts manufacturer NTN-SNR, unveiled a prototype a electric quadricycle called the Too’In.



This neat looking microcar falls into the L7e category in Europe, which means that it weighs less then 400 kg (882 lbs).

Its powertrain consist of two in-wheel motors developed by well known ball bearings manufacturer NTN-SNR. Total power of 8 kW on the rear wheels allows the Too’In to top out at 75 kph (about 47 mph).

Range isn’t high – about 50 km (32 miles), but it’s unclear what type of batteries Too’In employs (maybe only lead-acid for now)

We also don’t know if there’s any production plans for Too’In, but it’s funky enough that we bet it would make for a head-turning urban runabout.

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3 responses to "Lazareth & NTN-SNR Unveil Funky Electric Microcar Too’In (w/video)"

  1. Looks very nice! The range will hopefully improve with a better pack.

    There is a typo: 400kg = ~881lbs.


    1. Mark Kane says:

      Thank you.

  2. Dan Frederiksen says:

    I like the weight but why not aerodynamics too