LAX to End Free Electric Vehicle Parking


For 10-plus years, electric vehicle owners enjoyed a perk at LAX airport: free parking.

But starting on March 1,2013, electric vehicle owners will be treated no differently than others as free parking will come to an end.

Unlike Monopoly, there's soon to be no free parking at LAX.

The city of Los Angeles cites financial hardship as the reason for which it will make the change and points out that if all the free parking spaces at LAX were occupied, the airport could lose a staggering $120,000 per day or up to $44 million annually.

LAX is announcing the change in two ways: by leaving notices on vehicles parked in the now-fee-free spaces and by posting on its website.

The story behind the story here is that plug-in vehicles have become commonplace in Los Angeles.  And what was once a perk for a few individuals is now openly used by thousands per year.  LAX can no longer sustain fee-free parking at today’s volume of plug-in vehicles in the Los Angeles area.

Will disappearing incentives and perks become the norm as adoption of plug-in vehicles grows?  We think so.

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As I understand it, the charging will still be free; that is, you have to pay to park like any other car, but there’s no additional cost to charge your vehicle.

While I’m sure free parking was a nice perk, no additional cost for charging is still pretty nice.

That’s how parking at DTW (Detroit) is, pay to park, free charging. Also, all of the parking decks in Michigan I have parked at are set up this way. Another perk is that the EV spots are usually the best/closest ones.

Is LAX really “losing” money from this? I.e. is it costing them money for each car that parks there? Or is it just that they could be making that much more money if those cars paid? (IOW, is it really an expense, or a lack of revenue?). Overall, I’m going to take this as a good sign.

I agree that we will start to see disappearing perks. In general, they seem incompatible with large-scale adoption of EVs. My hope is that those of us who have taken advantage of them, but are now losing them, don’t go around acting like we’re entitled.

It would be foolish to think that the money squeezed outta EVs parking at LAX is of any significant amount or ends up being reinvested at LAWA Airports…. The city of LA pilfers as much money as it can from airport revenues. This is just the latest brainchild idea from a city dripping with waste and fraud…. I wonder how many EVs will be chased away from parking at LAX, leaving the EVSEs unused…. As far as I’m concerned, I’m not gonna pay $$$$ to park, just to get ¢¢ in my battery…

That number seems off… $120,000 per day? Just how many spots do they have? According to the LAX website, they typically charge $30/day… so they have 4000 EV spots? Wow and cool if so, but if not… huh?

I’d never used it before this Christmas, and parked at lot 7. (There are two lots that offer charging.) It was an absolute sea of Volts and Leafs. I’ve never seen so many in my life, at least 30 of each on the lower level. The garage was almost nothing but those cars. You are allowed to park there free whether you charge or not. I had only heard about it from a friend a few months back, wish I’d known sooner. Sad to see it go, parking is so expensive at LAX because it is the only major airport that lacks light rail…must have been an oversight in the original design…