Launch Of Indianapolis’ BlueIndy Electric Car Sharing Program Delayed Indefinitely


BlueIndy Bluecar in Indianapolis

BlueIndy Bluecar in Indianapolis

BlueIndy Bluecars

BlueIndy Bluecars

The much-touted electric car sharing program planned for the city of Indianapolis appears to have ground to a halt.

According to a local Fox 59 report:

“The city’s new electric car service is still waiting for the green light.”

“Back in the spring, city officials unveiled the new all-electric car-sharing service called blueindy, with several cars unveiled and stationed Downtown along Washington Street.”

“Bolloré, the company launching the program, had planned to establish 25 stations with 125 cars throughout the Circle City by the end of the 2014.”

“But now it’s 2015, and the cars are still just sitting there on Washington street, with hopes to get the program up and running by the spring.”

What’s the hold up?

“The city is partnering with the company and with IPL to set up the charging stations. IPL has asked for a temporary rate hike to help pay for these charging stations. They’re hoping the system will soon make a profit so that it’s only a short-term solution. In the meantime, they’re still waiting of approval from the Indiana Utility Regulatory Commission.”

A city-wide rate hike on electric, even for those who won’t ever use the program, isn’t going over well.

Regardless, the city of Indianapolis remains confident that the program and rate hike will be approved, but as of right now, tons of BlueIndy electric cars are occupying “valuable real estate” and can’t be used:

“They are sitting right in the middle of some of the most valuable real estate in the city and the parking spaces that should be left for consumers who are patronizing some of the business that are downtown.”

Source: Fox 59

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6 Comments on "Launch Of Indianapolis’ BlueIndy Electric Car Sharing Program Delayed Indefinitely"

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Always comes down to money. Sad :/

What a clusterF.

I have not taken public transportation since I got my first car in 12th grade and yet I still contribute tax dollars to funding it.

Sitting there at what SOC? What a travesty of execution.

Honestly I think this is a good decision. The problem with the cars from Boloré is that their special kind of batteries need to be kept at 70 degrees Celcius. That costs a lot of electricity. So much, that if the cars are not connected to the grid, their batteries are empty within 2 days.

These cars are not environment friendly!

In Paris, where AutoLib uses the same cars, the electricity for them is highly subsidized and the reason that the program isn’t cancelled is because Bolloré – who has very good connections to the French establishment – reasons like this: the cars are mostly on the move, so it doesn’t matter much that they lose energy when they are parked. But of course that is nonsense. If you look over a full 24 hours every car is not used for probably half of the time. And sucking electricity during that time. Therefore programms with other EVs, like car2go with Smarts or the many other services, use much less energy: yes, for the drive, but not for standing still.

So please, Indianapolis, have a car sharing programm, just not with Bluecars.

Paul, you are perfectly right !