Latvian Team eO Prepping 400-kW Monster for Pikes Peak

MAY 14 2013 BY MARK KANE 2

eO PP01 carbon fibre body kit

eO PP01 carbon fiber body kit

Alternative motorsport company eO from Latvia is creating a fully electric supercar, PP01, to attempt a record-breaking ascent to the Pikes Peak summit in Colorado.

The Latvian company, which became famous in 2012 by way of completion of the Dakar rally as the first team to field a plug-in hybrid, announced that at this year’s Pikes Peak International Hill Climb, the eO team will join the grid with a purpose-built, four-motor, carbon fiber-framed electric monster of a machine that cranks out 400 kW.

works at eO PP01

Work on eO PP01

eO chief engineer Andris Dambis stated:

“We know our technology is capable of breaking the current Pikes Peak record, but there is an incredibly tight field battling it out this year. We therefore acknowledge the unpredictable nature of the event but nevertheless aim to showcase previously unseen electric vehicle capabilities. That is the spirit at eO.”

The others main contenders are an upgraded Toyota TMG EV P002 and last year’s bad luck favorite Monster Sport E-RUNNER Pikes Peak Special.

All of the true Pikes Peak contenders have at least two electric motors and pour out tons of power.  That’s what it takes to tackle the world’s most challenging hill.  How ’bout we call it what it really is: a mountain.

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Make sure to press CC (Captions) in the Youtube video progress bar for English subtitles

Sveiks!!! I have lived in Colorado Springs all of my live since i immigrated from Germany where i was born, and would like to meet with Andris Dambis and all of the other members of the Latvian Team.

Please contact me at my email–, or call me on my cell phone:719.433.4566.