Latest Tesla Supercharger Station Goes Live in Port St. Lucie, Florida


It took less than two months from groundbreaking to completion and now it’s online.

According to Tesla, “We’ve expanded I-95; Florida Superchargers are live! Model S owners travel free between Miami, Orlando & Daytona Beach.”Tesla Model S sunset

Those were the words of Tesla Motors in celebrating the launch of its latest Supercharger station.

This station offers 8 charging points and is located in Port St. Lucie Florida.  This is the first of several (at least 3 in the very near future and then more after that) planned Superchargers for the state.

The opening of the Supercharger site brings Tesla’s total up to 16.

We’ve confirmed that Tesla pulled permits for construction of dozens of additional Superchargers and since we now know that these can be whipped into action in less than two month’s time, we expect to see several more Superchargers functional in the coming weeks.

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2 months isn’t bad, but this L2 solar charger only took a couple days. 🙂

“First U.S. Municipality Owned Solar EV Charger Installed”

Here’s another story with no attribution. Is that just the norm here?

The image and the quote appear to be just lifted from Tesla’s facebook page:

“We’ve confirmed that Tesla pulled permits for construction of dozens of additional Superchargers”
Confirmed where, with whom?

I understand there was an article the other day that did not have the 3rd party hotlink identifying the point of origin (the BBC). We have a policy to always, always credit any original reporting…we missed that one, that was our mistake and we went back and posted the source.

The quote in question you mention here is from Tesla…and the source is Tesla. The story quote and photo is the entire breadth of the content that originated from Tesla. As a rule, media does not direct-link source press releases/original content from an OEM meant to promote their product…we just write the story if it is of interest to our readers.

We will continue to do our best to always give credit when and where it is due, and thanks drawing attention to any articles that may need further credit given.

Even though this photo is posted on Tesla’s FB page it is the actual picture from the Port St. Lucie Supercharger ribbon cutting. I know this because I was there. This story may be more significant to Model S owners like myself.

Could it be that Tesla’s plan with their Supercharger Stations, is to become the Shell of EV charging?

If we look how Tesla is installing more charging stations, along freeways, with more capacity than Tesla could build cars or use. Nothing keeps Tesla from adding SAE Combo or Chademo lanes to the Supercharger Station, and charging those customers for the charge, while Tesla customers charge for free.

But right now, the competition stuck at 80EV miles does not compete with the Tesla Models at 160 – 300 EV miles with the ability to take long road trips, and would be a waste to install the units.

But as the next generation of EV come from GM, Cadillac, Ford, Lincoln, VW, Audi, etc with 200 – 300EV miles with SAE Combo Chargers, those could be prime paying customers for the Tesla Supercharger Station along freeways.

Tesla could be planning to become the largest Interstate DC Quick Charger provider in the nation.

I checked the Supercharger website map, and there are more than I saw last time I looked. When did Tesla open the two sites in the northwest? I must have missed that!

(google tells me they opened them last week – July 18)

This SuperCharger is about 15 min North of where I grew up. I will have to stop by and take a peak next time I am back in the area.

port st lucie appraiser

Awesome! Now I just need to get the car!